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Cheating At Slots and Midnight Heat

Lake cheered with joy as the slot game she was playing dinged in a win again. She didn't know what it was, but her luck was seriously good tonight! Well, really well when it came to the mechanical gambling side of things, she still sucked at poker. Her poker face was horrible!

Mary grumbled as she sat beside her. While Lake may have been getting lucky, Mary didn't have such luck. So far she had spent more than she had won. They had agreed in a joint decision that all of their gambling money would go to Lake from that point on; hopefully they could monopolize on her luck.

They had a goal that night; a worthy goal, a fool's goal, a winner's goal.

They were going to win the jackpot and drive that beautiful, yellow, prize Lamborghini home.

After all, go big or not at all, right?

Lake cheered again as she got three sevens, again.

Mary growled in jealousy.

"How the hell are you doing that?"

Lake shrugged and put the chips in her bucket with a huge smile on her face. She had good luck, but she knew it wasn't just that. She didn't know the reason, but whenever she focused really hard on the machine, it would come out with the slots she wanted. She didn't feel guilty though, even if it was cheating.

There was nothing wrong with cheating money out of the biggest cheaters of all time right? At least there wasn't in her mind.

And it's not like they could prove it either. 'Oooooo she's using her psychic powers to cheat the numbers!' As if they could prove it. Lake found herself laughing against her will. This was just too awesome!

Lake handed Mary one of the full buckets, deciding that they had gambled enough for the night. Now it was time to cash in the chips and get a nice hotel room; maybe she'd even try out the forbidden room service? Why was it forbidden? Because it was expensive! But now she had money!

They reached the exchange and Lake found herself exchanging smiles with the hostess on the other side; one large, giddy smile in exchange for a practiced, cookie cutter smile.

"There you go $50,000. Will you be returning to try and win the Lamborghini on display?"

A thousand watt smile lit up Lake's face.

"You bet! Go big or go home, right?"


Lake gave half of the money to Mary and then stuck her half in her purse. Didn't want to lose all of the money if one of them got robbed after all. Plus she would just sweat bullets if she had that much money in her purse all at once. Seriously, that kind of thing was nerve wracking.

After stashing most of the money they had won in various places in their hotel room, Lake and Mary headed out to nearby club to dance the night away. They didn't usually go dancing at clubs, but there was just something about the night life in Las Vegas that brought out the party animals in them.

Lake was enjoying herself immensely; there was just something about gyrating with random strangers that got her going. She had been worried at first that her small baby bulge would make her less attractive, but a few tricks with a black dress and Mary's help, it had been successfully disguised. And hopefully she might even get lucky tonight.

She may have been a virgin, but that didn't mean it wasn't for not trying. All her previous relationships just ended badly. And now, getting hot and bothered by all the bodies around her, she didn't think she would feel too badly if she lost it while in Las Vegas. In her opinion, it was the best place to lose it.

She groaned when a hot mouth closed around her neck. She gyrated into the body behind her and moaned when he grabbed her hips roughly.

"What do you say to getting out of here?"

The way he whispered it sent chills down her spine and the idea of sneaking off with this mysterious man looked really appealing to her lust fogged brain. She turned around in his arms and was met with hooded sharp blue eyes that stared down at her with lust. He had a blonde hair slicked back in a messy style and metal earrings hanging from his ears.

She didn't think twice when she let him pull her out of the building.

He brought her to a familiar looking yellow Lamborghini and her eyes widened in surprise.

"That's your car?"

He glanced at her before opening the door and moving the passenger seat forward so they could slide into the back.

"Yeah, beautiful isn't it?"

She nodded and blushed when he climbed in over her, the door closing shut behind him without him touching it.

"Is the door automatic or something?"

She felt him hum against her neck and she moaned as he sucked on just the right spot on her shoulder. Her hands moved to roam his sculpted chest and started to get lost at the things he was doing to her body. She gasped and closed her eyes when she felt the seat beneath her warm up and start vibrating.

"You're…oh god…your car is awesome."

She felt his hands reach behind her to unzip her dress and didn't fight when he coaxed her to sit up so he could slide it down her. She lifted her hips as she struggled to get it off. Her heated breath's filled the car and she was distantly amused by the way the windows started to fog up. She reached forward to pull his shirt open when she noticed he was staring at her stomach.

"Don't worry about that, I'm not that far along that it'll mess with anything."

She scooted closer and hooked her legs around his hips.

"If anything I've become even hornier since I've gotten pregnant."

His lips twitched in what she thought was a smirk before he grabbed her arms and held them above her head.

"My name is Sunny. You'll be screaming it soon."

Her womanly regions grew wet at that and she squirmed in his arms.

"L-lake…my name's Lake."

She moaned when he descended on her uncovered chest and started sucking on her nipples. She slid her nails through his hair before slipping them under his shirt and sliding it down his back. God he was turning her on so hard. She arched her back and groaned when he ground his hips into hers.

Lake noticed distantly sounds coming from the club not far off that didn't sound like music. In fact it sounded like sirens. She blinked and sat up to look out the window. The club was surrounded by black SUV's with flashing lights on top.

Sunny got up grumpily from her chest and looked out the window as well.

"What's going on?"

She gasped when the blond man suddenly kissed her and stared her down with glaring eyes. Her eyes slid shut against her will at the things he was doing to her mouth. Oh god this man can kiss.

Her mind was stuck between being the things going on inside the club and the things Sunny was doing to him. She was about to give up and just fall under his spell when she saw Mary behind herded out of the club with many other patrons. Lake shrugged out from under Sunny and opened the door to his car.

"Mary, over here!"

Mary looked in her direction and hurried over to her with worry on her face. When she reached them she quickly pushed Lake back in before climbing in the passenger seat and quickly closing the door behind her.

Lake blinked and ignored the growl coming from Sunny at being cock blocked. She was more distracted by the look on Mary's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Lake…they were looking for you."


"They stormed into the club and started searching high and low for you. They didn't look all that nice either."

Mary and Lake moved over when Sunny moved to crawl into the driver's seat, grumbling about stupid bimbo's and cock blocking on his way. Mary scowled at him. She turned to Lake with a scowl as well.

"Okay, what is this?"

Lake blinked before realizing she was referring to the situation she was in, being caught trying to have sex in a car with a complete stranger. She gulped.

"At least he's hot?"

Mary stared at her, clearly not amused. Lake just grumbled at her before telling her to climb in the back seat so she could take the front and sit next to her hot boy for the night. Mary grumbled right back at her and pinched her as she was forced into the back seat.

"Ow, uncalled for!"

"Will both of you shut up, I'm trying to listen to them."

Both of them blinked and noticed that a pair of the people looking for Lake had drifted over near the car they were in and were discussing something.

"She was supposed to be here."

"Yes, but we could have just missed her. It's possible she's returned to her hotel for the night."

"Hmm…Wendigo's correct?"

"Yes, that's the one she checked in to a few days ago."

Lake gulped and was feeling really lucky that they had checked into a higher class hotel just before coming here. They had yet to check out of their older one. Mary and lake shared a nervous glance before looking at Sunny with pleading gazes. He noticed them looking at him and scowled.

"What the hell is that look for?"

Lake leaned over and drew slow circles across his chest.

"Would you be a doll and drive us to our hotel?"

Sunny glanced down at her finger before staring at her with indifferent eyes.

"What's in it for me?"

Lake leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"You can have me, all night long. I'll even do anything you want."

He smirked at her as he looked over her body. Lake was quite proud to say she had quite a nice figure, disregarding the slight baby bulge of course.

"I'll hold you to that."

And they were off, speeding toward a higher class hotel in the middle of Las Vegas. They never noticed the police car that followed behind them; a police car with the words 'to punish and enslave' on the side.

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