Previously On Heartland…

'Hey, careful', I looked around and saw Ty there.

'What happened?' I asked wearily.

'Remember, Chase shot you', Ty reminded me.

'How long have I been asleep for?' I asked again.

'We're so glad you're back', Lou said as she came and gave me a hug.

'I'm glad to be back', I replied.

'How to say what?' Jack asked.

'Well, Amy's pregnant', I told him.

'Ty!' I yelled, as he slowly awoke from his sleep, my hair had been messed up from the wind blowing on it and my eyes were a bit wide.

'What is it?' he asked anxiously and came to me, 'is there something wrong?'

'Not with me', I replied, 'Someone dumped a horse at the end of our driveway and she's really thin.'

'I'll go take a look', Ty said, 'you go tell Lou that we have another customer and see if Scott's available.'

'Ty, this is my son, Beau', Blair told Ty.

'Blair you never told me you had a son', Ty said to her.

'Well, he was staying with my parents before but Ty, this isn't just my son, he's yours too', Blair explained, I felt a tear fall down my cheek before I wiped it away with my wrist.

'Come on Beau, we have to', Blair stopped and looked at the horse in the arena, 'Where did you get her from?'

'Oh, she was dumped at Heartland about a week ago', I informed Blair.

'Beau, we have to leave, Now!' Blair yelled as she just about dragged her son to the car.

'Wonder what that was about', I thought out loud.

'Ty, I'm sorry for being an overemotional wreck and for being so jealous', I said, it was kind of out of the blue but I realised then that maybe Ty having a kid with Blair wouldn't be that bad.

'Amy, I'm the one who should be sorry', Ty told me, 'Amy, I love you.'

'It can't be, that's not right, I was so sure that, Ty I'm sorry, I should have been more understanding but I was just so sure that the result would be different but I guess I was wrong, will you forgive me?' Blair asked, 'I was just so sure that the result would be positive.'

'Blair, you and I both know that we never did that, so why did you say that I was his dad?' Ty asked when I noticed a tear in the corner of Blair's eye.

'He's the one who dumped the mare here', Blair responded, 'She actually belongs to me, I got her for Beau when we were living with him, we kept her in a pasture down the road, everything was good for the first four or five years and then everything went downhill, he started drinking- a lot and he wouldn't leave Beau and I alone, I had to get us out of there but I couldn't take Penelope with me and I wanted Beau to have a good father but I didn't know that Ty was back with you, he knew I was coming here, that's why he dumped Penelope here, to scare us.'

'Amy?' I heard Ty's familiar voice but obviously he couldn't see me in the corner.

'Ty', I answered as he rushed to my aid.

'Ty, the baby's coming and I'm not even due for another five and a half weeks', I said with tears streaming from my eyes.

Amy strained herself and with a little more effort she was able to give one last push and with that our baby was born. I noticed something wasn't right when I saw that the nurses were carrying a blue baby and she wasn't crying, they ran off to take her somewhere and no one told me what was going on.

'Ty', Amy caught my attention, 'What's going on? Where's my baby?'