Amy was with Ty again and decided that she needed to talk to him. She found him in the loft folding some of his clothes, he smiled at her and she smiled back. Amy wanted to talk to him so he went and sat on his bed with her.

"What did you want to tell me the other day?" He asked as he wrapped his arm around her gently.

"You know the customer I saw about a week ago?" Amy reminded him.

"Yeah, what about them?" Ty questioned as he looked down into her eyes, she gave a half-hearted smile.

"Well, the horse I was working with, it was Zabadago, I don't think the owner knew he said that he picked the horse up from a sale yard for his niece and after he bought him he realised that he wasn't a good horse for his niece so he wanted to sell him again but he had a biting problem so…"Amy trailed off taking a breath, she knew it wasn't the whole truth, she couldn't tell Ty the whole truth.

"So he didn't hurt you or anything?" Ty checked to ensure Amy's safety.

"No, he was a really nice guy", Amy lied.

"Okay, well, I suppose we should let someone in authority know", Ty told her, Amy nodded her head in agreement.

Ty had his hand in the pocket of his jacket and fumbled with the ring, he was going to ask her. Today, maybe, he loved her so much but he wasn't sure if she would be willing to settle down and get married just yet.

:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:

"I can't believe my parents!" Mallory complained as she sat next to Badger.

"Why?" Badger queried as he grabbed her hand.

"They want me to come to Nashville to visit them these coming holidays!" Mallory wined as she played with her hair.

"Well, why don't you just go, I mean it'll only be two weeks right?" Badger explained in a calm almost soothing voice.

"I don't want to go, I just met up with you for the first time in I have no idea how long and now they want me to leave, for two weeks!" She elaborated.

"I'll still be here when you get back if that's what you're worried about", Badger told her with a slight smirk.

:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:

Lou got out of the car and walked into the house, she was so tired and just wanted to see her daughter. Peter came out to greet her and she smiled, for the second time today.

"So, how did court go", Peter asked, Lou looked at him as she cradled her daughter and allowing a moment of tension to arise before replying to his question.

"We won! The judge said he saw no need to file a law suit against us as we had clearly stated that we would not be able to take in the horse, I was actually kind of surprised, but I am just so glad!" Lou responded, with a beaming smile as she gently pressed her lips to her now sleeping daughter's forehead and placed her in the bed.

"That's great honey", Peter said as he wrapped his arms around her.

:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:

Ashley was so happy with the news she had been told the other day, she couldn't contain her excitement, she was going to get Blair's foal, Blair had wanted to keep the mare as she needed it for her autistic son. He found a connection with the horse. But agreed that Ashley could keep the foal considering it had been rejected by her mother anyway.

She looked in the mirror and her stomach was starting to form the smallest bump, 'that's my baby in there', she thought, 'Our baby.'

:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:

Amy cradled Amber in her arms, she had just roused from her sleep but Amy was doing a good job of soothing her. She smiled as the baby began to allow her eyelids to slowly close forcing her back into a peaceful slumber.

"I've never seen a baby sleep that much", Jack told his granddaughter.

"Well, you've never seen a baby like Amber before", Amy said before handing the sleeping baby to Jack as Ty walked in the door, "What's the news?"

"The authorities said that they found the horse last night after someone had tried to sell him", Ty answered as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

"That's great news Ty", Amy said with much enthusiasm.

"Yeah, I thought so", Ty replied smiling at Amy, "Do you want to go for a ride?"

"Yes! You don't mind grandpa?" Amy checked, Grandpa shook his head to say that she would be fine and he would look after Amber, Amy walked out of the house with Ty, it was mid-afternoon and the sun gave the land a golden haze.

Amy walked past Sundance and gave him a cookie before going to see Spartan. The pony whinnied at her, trying to compete for her time and affection but Amy rode and jumped him yesterday so it was Spartan's turn today, still, she couldn't help but feel guilty about not bringing the cheeky little buckskin pony with her so she grabbed a leadrope and decided Sundance could walk alongside them.

Ty tacked up Harley and double checked that the ring was in his pocket before mounting him. Ty smiled when he saw Amy walk out of the barn with Spartan and Sundance.

"What? I couldn't help it! He was giving me his puppy dog eyes!" Amy said with a smile, referring to Sundance

Amy and Ty along with the two horse (and pony) walked to a creek, not far from the jump set that Ty built for Amy all those years ago. They dismounted and Ty unpacked the small picnic basket he had brought, the sky had turned into a golden colour and they both smiled, enjoying the moment.

"So, what caused this spontaneous date Ty?" Amy asked cheekily.

"Well, it's not as Spontaneous as you might think", Ty replied as he reached over and started tickling Amy who started giggling.

"Ty", Amy managed to say between out bursts of laughter, "No, seriously Ty."

"Oh, I just remembered I left something in Harley's saddle bag, could you quickly grab it for me?" Ty said, hoping not to sound too demanding, he needed her to look away for a second and it was now or never.

"Yeah sure", Amy said, almost sounding a slightly confused, she went to look in the saddle bag and found nothing in there, "Ty there's nothing in-" Amy stopped midsentence when she turned around to see Ty on one knee holding a ring, she gasped.

"I forgot that I already grabbed it", Ty said with a cheeky smile, "Amy Fleming, I have loved you for years now and through all the hardships we've been through I know that nothing could ever change our relationship or how we feel for each other, in just the past few years I've known you, you changed my life so much and my world, everything I am is better because of you and that is why I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Amy, will you marry me?"

"YES!" Amy squealed and got on her knees to kiss and embrace Ty, she couldn't imagine her life without him and she would gladly be his bride.

:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:

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