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Pairings: ?/Kagome/?

New York City, New York, USA

Hazy. Clouded. Perhaps even murky.

When she finally came to her senses, as muddled as they were, she decided she felt like she was stuck within a deep fog that had no end, 'What... happened?' She thought slowly, barely able to pull together and form the thought coherently.

It took a few moments for her disoriented mind to actually realise she could not move; not completely, that is. She commanded her arm to move upwards, though only found that her fingers barely even twitched in response.

'What's... going on?' Her daze didn't allow her to fall into a full panic (for which, she was glad) and she could only lie there, staring at the ceiling with dull and bewildered eyes and she wondered when she had been drugged and with what for it to feel this strong.

It had to be about five minutes later (or maybe even as long as an hour, there was just no way for her to tell with such a foggy mind) that she heard a noise that sounded much like a door was being opened and then footsteps were coming closer and closer.

It took another full minute to comprehend that a man was standing over and staring down at her in what appeared to be an eerie fascination.

"Are you up?" His voice was hoarse and awkward and he licked his lips in a nervous manner, "Err, awake, I mean?" He almost sounded like an eager little boy and he was speaking in English (which wasn't too surprising since she was in America).

Kagome narrowed her glazed blue eyes, trying to move again, though her body disobeyed her once more, "W-what..." She swallowed dryly, barely comprehensible to human ears as she tried to piece together a simple sentence, "Who are... you?" She finally managed to get out, her accent standing out quite prominently since she could not control it at the moment.

"It doesn't matter," The man said far too quickly, "It doesn't matter who I am. Everything is about you," His voice lowered too much, "I've been dreaming of this moment for a long time now," He admitted, his eyes gazing down upon her hungrily and she vaguely noticed that she was more disturbed by his stare than the ones she had received from the most powerful demons she had encountered in the past, "You are the perfect one I have been waiting for."

And he stroked her numb arm like she was the most precious thing in the universe...


Federal Bureau of Investigation - Quantico, Virginia, USA

Many pairs of eyes looked towards the door as a stern-looking man walked in with a business-like stride while holding a file underneath his arm and Aaron Hotcher looked at his team with grim and serious eyes.

"We've just been assigned another case."