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About Last Night

Chapter 23


We don't really talk much on the ride to Port Angeles, I feel somewhat shy around him, and I think he is feeling the same – but the silence isn't uncomfortable; in fact it's electric. His hand remains on my thigh throughout the trip; only moving when he needs to shift.

Much to his dismay, I manage to jump out of the car before Edward can get around to the passenger side. He pouts at me but wraps his arm around me and holds me close as we walk into the movie theatre together. Much begrudgingly to me, he gets his own back once we arrive at the ticket booth and pushes his debit card over to the kid behind the counter before I've even gotten the chance to reach for my purse. Bella 1 – Edward 1. I cross my arms and huff in exasperation because I don't want him paying for stuff. I'm so used to splitting it with him.

"Get used to it, Isabella, I'm allowed to do this from now on. Tonight is about you – so please just shut the hell up and let me take you out."

I playfully stick my tongue out at him. "Well, you'd think you'd at least let me have the choice of movie," I jest, "I don't even know what is we're coming to see. It had better not be some shitty guy thing."

Edward chuckles and flings his arm around my shoulders. "You'd think I'd do that to you? I know how you'd react – Bella, I'd end up with that damn pout from you and I'll have to sit in the corner or something. I know better than that." He smiles and guides me to our screen. "Also, you have seen this movie before and I happen to know that you love it."

"Edward, I'm messing with you."

He grins at me and I know that he knows I was kidding. It takes all of my power and self control not to press him up against the sticky red wall of the movie theater.

I love this place; it's a small screen, usually reserved for special screenings and smaller movies. The seats are set out in pairs and scattered around the room. The center arm rests can be raised to make the seats into a couch of sorts – perfect for snuggling. Edward leads the way towards the back and we shrug off our jackets and place them across the back. Edward lifts the arm rest and pulls me down beside him.

Only a few more couples enter the screen, I note that they are a little older than the two of us, so I figure we must be watching a classic, rather than something recent that I've seen before. Edward gets up and says he's going to use the bathroom and comes back five minutes later with a large diet soda, some popcorn and my favorite movie snack: Cherry Twizzlers. One more point for Cullen. He's in the lead so far. I just roll my eyes at him though, he's being so sweet and… well, boyfriend-y. I can't keep getting on at him like that.

He teases me as he hands over the Twizzlers, yanking them away as I reach for them. After the third time he smirks at me and shakes his head. "Nah uh, you gotta pay for these, "

"Name your price, Cullen,"

Edward leans closer and I feel his breath tickle my ear. "A kiss,"

I pull away and turn in my seat to face him. "Oh, okay, well I guess we can come to some sort of arrangement. Did you want me to pay in full, or will you accept installments?"

"I'll take whatever you are able to afford." He tells me. My GOD he's so cheesy, but I love it. My whole body is on fire being this close to him. In the last two hours since he picked me up he hasn't stopped touching me. There is such a huge pull between us.

I lean back into him and kiss him gently on the lips. Once, twice and then again. After I pull away, Edward brings me back to him and kisses me. His tongue probes at my lips and I sign happily as I let him in. It's heated, yet slow. His hands move to my face and around to the back of my head. I'm glad I wore my hair down today as the feeling of his nimble feelings tangling into my hair and gently massaging my scalp is amazing. Edward's tongue is soft as it mingles with my own. Our mouths move fluidly, dancing together for a while until we reluctantly pull apart, flushed and panting.

Edward blushes and licks his lips slowly which makes me die a little inside.

"So," I begin, breaking the silence, "am I paid in full, or will we need to carry this on later?"

"Oh, I think that will suffice… for now."

"Oh, well, you know, I would have given you movie head or something."

I feel his eyes on me again as the lights dim for the movie.

"W…w…what are you…." He stutters. "What did you just say?"

I blush furiously. There is no way in hell I'm going to repeat that sentence again.

"Me? Nothing. Didn't say a word." I tell him and snuggle into his side as the opening credits start to roll, and a rather familiar song which is accompanied by a set of lips and teeth.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Fucking win. I remember the first time that Edward and I discovered this movie. We actually hid it from our parents as we thought that they wouldn't approve. Charlie probably would have freaked but Carlisle caught us watching it and singing along one time and laughed and shook his head.

Unfortunately that was during a rather loud rendition of Touch Me. It was fucking mortifying. Needless to say that it was watched in silence from then on, and then a couple of years later I actually discovered exactly what Susan Sarandon was actually singing about. We've not watched this movie in a couple of years. It seemed to have a totally different meaning after that.

Rocky was awesome. It's been Edward's best idea ever and this has to be one of my life. He's made our first official date perfect – I couldn't ask for anything better. We snuggled the whole time and yet still managed to watch the entire movie.

We have a little spare time after so Edward takes a slow (for him) drive to the restaurant. I am pretty excited. El Charro is a new Mexican place in town and there has been nothing but rave reviews from critics and townsfolk alike.

Edward tells me that Esme had called in a few tables to get us in here tonight as she remembered a conversation we had recently. I love that woman. She's epic. I struggle to pick what to eat and we end up ordering a selection of food and sharing it. It's so ambient with a small candle in the middle of the table. Things have shifted between us, massively, but it feels so right and so easy.

I never want this to end. But it's going to lessen when Edward goes off to college. It's something we are going to have to deal with and talk in depth more about, but not tonight. I can't bear to ruin the perfection.

The food comes and we stuff ourselves full of Enchiladas, Fajitas and rice. It's delicious and the service is awesome. I had been worried that we might be rushed but it was really leisurely.

Alas we finish our meal too quickly and after Edward has picked up the check… which I let him without too much fuss. I still don't feel great about him paying for everything tonight, but I'm going to let him have it just this once. I make a mental note to make sure he lets me at least pay some of the way next time. I'll put up a fight if I have to.

It doesn't take long for me to notice that he is once again driving uncharacteristically slowly on the way back to Forks. His hand is resting on my knee and my hand is on his. I give him a gentle squeeze and he glances over at me.

"What's on your mind?" I ask.

"Nothing, why?" Edward replies.

I chuckle and squeeze his hand again. "It's just that you're driving at ten below the speed limit and not twenty over."

"You noticed that?"

I nod and he grins at me shyly. "I just don't want the night to end. I've had a really good time. It was so nice just being able to be with you how I have always wanted to be. "

"It's been perfect," I whisper. My voice only just audible above the purr of the engine.

"You really had a good time?" He asks me sounding nervous.

"Of course, seriously, Edward. As far as first dates go – and I don't really have much to go on here, you pretty much hit the nail on the head. My favorite movie? Mexican? Damnit Edward, even down to the freaking Twizzlers. You knew exactly what I'd see as a great date. It was amazing. I had the best time. You have a lot to live up to, Mr."

Suddenly, Edward veers the car off the road and down a track into the woods. Once we're out of sight of the road he pulls over and takes off his seatbelt before launching himself out of his seat and over the center console. He kisses me hard until I'm breathless. It isn't as careful and relaxed as before when we were in the theatre. This time it's hard and needy. His hands fumble, almost as though he isn't sure where to put them.

"E…Edward, hold on… wait," I manage to get out between kisses and gentle pushes.

Edward is back in his own seat once again. "Shit, I'm so sorry, Bella, I wasn't thinking."

I mock glare at him and take my seatbelt off and reach under my chair and shift it back before I pull on his jacket. "Shut up. I couldn't move, it was a little one sided. Now fucking get back over here and kiss me, please," I pant.

He doesn't move for a moment, he just sits here with his sexy swollen lips gaping at me like a goldfish. I grab him and pull him over and onto me. He doesn't relent this time and his lips meet mine once again. I pull him closer and on top of me. Somehow, in this small and pokey Volvo, I manage to wrap a leg around him and hold him closer. We kiss hungrily for several minutes and his hands roam my head, neck and shoulders until I grab his right hand and place it over my breast. I needed to feel more of him. I flexed my hips upwards and came in contact with the lovely bulge in his pants. He groaned in response and his lower body responded by jerking back into mine. I want to be closer to him and I need and crave that physical connection.

Our heated bodies gyrate together and Edward's hand moves under my shirt and gropes my breasts over my bra. His fingers are firm but gentle as they nip and pluck my sensitive flesh. His lips are on my neck and throat as I move my hands down to the waistband of his jeans. I pop open the button but Edward stops me before I manage to dip my hand inside.

"No, Bella, not here… the next time we're together it needs to be perfect…"

"I want you now," I pout. "I'm so wet."

His eyes look tortured and I thrust my hips up towards him, showing him my need.

"No, please, Bella, I want you too, so much, but I want to worship you… not have an uncomfortable fumble in my car. I want to be able to see all of you and… well, make love to you. "

I see his blush in the darkness. Ugh, he's just so hot… and sexy and one million percent the sweetest person in the whole wide world… and I want to do filthy things to him. And vice versa.

I nod, somewhat reluctantly and remove my hand and place is over his heart. "Ok, sorry for pouncing. I want it to be perfect too… although, just so you know, I wouldn't regret anything that happens between us from now on. "

Edward swallows and kisses me softly. "And if I took you here, in the car, I would regret not treating you right… so please, can we wait?"

I sigh, but so happily. "Of course we can. I'll wait as long as you want, Edward, as long as it takes." Although I'm secretly hoping it won't be too long, seeing that I'm as horny as hell right now.

"It won't be long, I can promise you that."

"Good," I murmur and kiss him again. "Now you'd better get me home before Charlie sends out a search party and finds us sitting in the woods with steamed up windows."

Edward blanches at the thought of it and adjusts himself and buckles his seat belt back up. I do the same, but I can't stop watching him. He is mine. He's really mine.

It's a little after eleven when we arrive back at my house. We have a quick make out session, hands strictly on shoulders and above, much to my distaste, and then Edward insists on walking me to the door, which is followed by more kissing. The porch light is on for me – good old Charlie, but I can also see the light flowing from the kitchen, so I know that daddy dearest is waiting up for me.

"So, I'll see you tomorrow?" Edward asks when we break apart.

"Mmmm, wish you could come in tonight."

He shakes his head. "Please, don't tempt me. I'll never leave."

I kiss him again. "Is that a bad thing?"

"No, but Charlie will shoot me."

"Mkay… tomorrow… but you'll call me when you get home? So I know you got there safe and sound?" I press.

"Of course, I'll call you when I'm in bed."

"Okay… Edward, thank you so much… for… for everything. Tonight was utterly perfect."

"I'm glad," he whispers and caresses my cheek gently. He tips his head down and kisses my nose and then rests his forehead on mine. "I love you."

"I love you too… I'd better get in… talk to you later."

We kiss again, for several minutes before the light in the hallway flickers on and we are forced apart before Charlie catches us macking on each other again.

With one last smile and a touch of the hand, I go back in the house.

Everything is great. Charlie is casually leaning against the door frame with his arms folded.

"I take it that look on your face means you had a good time?"

"Uh huh! I grin as I practically skip towards the stairs. "I'm beat. Going to bed! Night Dad!" I manage to get up the staircase unscathed and before he can ask me any awkward questions or try and talk to me further.

I am so happy right now, I can't let anything get in the way of it. And I can't bring myself to think of Edward's move in a few short weeks.

No, I'm not going to let anything ruin this.


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