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Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone, become independent, explore the unknown...

I've lived in Australia with my mother, Renee, since I was 10 years old. We moved overseas from the U.S. for a change of scenery, a change of climate, hell, so many reasons. We just wanted to start fresh.

My mother and father, Charlie, were high school sweethearts and blissfully in love, or so they seemed to be. They were planning to travel the world together after their high school graduation. They were so excited, especially Renee. She has always had an itch to travel and see the world.

Unfortunately, there was a hitch in their plans. That being me: Isabella... or Bella, as most people call me. I hate being called Isabella. I only get called that when I'm in trouble.

I was an unplanned baby, of course. What young couple would want to have a baby so early on in life? They were upset initially, but they didn't have the courage to abort. So here I am, 25 years later. We were a happy family up until I was 5. Renee divorced Charlie after being verbally abused by him for 3 years ... but really, the catalyst for the divorce was the physical abuse that he inflicted upon me.

Since their divorce, I've seen Charlie a couple of times a year, mainly in during the holidays. Although in the last few years, we've only kept in contact via the Internet, you know, thanks to the mighty Facebook. We Skype at least once every couple of months. We aren't really close, not as close as Renee and I me ... but we try our best to get on. Charlie and I have never seen eye to eye, but I know he loves me in his own way, I guess. He tries to reach out to me and I try to give him the benefit of a the doubt.

Renee and I have resided in Sydney since we first arrived in Australia. I love Sydney. I've had so many good times here. I made some close friends at in high school, I went to parties, etc., etc. I had one boyfriend but that didn't last long. Not when I found out he was seeing other chicks behind my back. Loser!

Renee found love again after have some short-lived relationships with men that were arrogant, egotistical, self-centered assholes. But not Phil ... he's nothing like her ex-boyfriends. He's lovely, treats her like she's a princess. He'd do anything to make her happy. Oh, how I'd love to find a man like that. Someone who would sweep me off my feet, someone who I'd fall deeply and desperately in love with.

2011 will be my year. I know it will be. I'm going to go on a 6-month holiday in California. Catch up with Ange, my bestie (we went to primary school together), relax, let my hair down, have the time of my life. Maybe have a harmless flirt or two.

I've just landed at Los Angeles International Airport and have been waiting out the front of the airport for Ange to pick me up. She's running late by 15 minutes. I'm so tired. My flight here was awful. I couldn't sleep at all, maybe around 8 hours, but that's it. I blame that on the freaking babies that were crying, not to mention the couple beside me were making out like they weren't in public ... ew.


I feel my body literally jump out of my skin.

I turn around and take in the gorgeous girl in front of me. I run and jump into my best friend's embrace.

"Oh, how I've missed you, my girl." Ange hugs me tighter and sways us from side to side.

"You know I've missed you, girlfriend. I'm so glad I'm here! Thanks for letting me stay with you! Are you still okay with it? Six months is a long time to put up with me and my annoying habits!" I wink at her and she rolls her eyes at me.

"Don't be so ridiculous! You're staying with me. It will just be us," Ange smiles at me softly.


One hour later, we pull up out the front of Ange's place... 3 bedroom red brick house with a picket fence, nice big front yard with a cute fish pond ... sweet.

We walk up to the front door and Ange pulls out the house keys, unlocks the door and gestures for me to walk in first.

I can't get enough of the living room and dining area. They are huge ... and the kitchen. A chef's dream! I can see us having some fun in here.

"So, what do you think?" Ange asks.

"What? What do I think of the house?"

"No, Bella... what else would I referring to? Omg..."

I chuckle. "I love it. You have a beautiful home, Ange. How long have you lived here for now?"

"Only for about 6 months. My father helped me move, and Ben as well, of course," Ange sighs.

I haven't seen Ben in many years. He and Ange have been together since high school. They are soul mates. They and are perfect for each other.

"Oh, wow, Ben! When will I see him? Has he put a rock on your finger yet?"

Ange sighs and looks down. "No, not yet. But we've talked about marriage ... and children too ... he said that he wants them, so maybe in the next few years or something. I'd say yes if he asked me tomorrow if I'd marry him, though," Angela sighs and smiles.

"When will he grace us with his presence? I'd love to see him!"

"He's hanging out with his cop buddies tonight. He thinks we should throw you a "welcome back" party though, by the way. You like?" Ange grins at me like a fool.

I mirror her expression. "Shit, yeah! Why not? Just don't invite too many people along, especially if I don't really know them."

"Don't worry, sweet thing. I'll just invite a few of my girls from work and some of Ben's work buddies. How does that sound?"

"It sounds perfect." I give Ange a hug and my stomach growls. She cracks up laughing.

"I'm craving some pizza. What do ya reckon?"

I nod my head frantically. "Oh, yes please."

"Lots of veg, extra mushroom, pineapple and olive? Hold the meat and cheese?" Ange winks.

"Great memory there, my friend. Sounds good. Hurry up, chop chop!" I giggle.

2 hours later, we are lying down on the loungeroom floor, complaining of how full our bellies are, mine of veg pizza and Ange's of seafood pizza … not to mention the garlic bread as well.

Ange stands up and shows me the room that I'll be living in for the next 6 months.

"Here you go, Madam! Your towels are in the hallway cupboard. I've also got a stack of razors in the bathroom, so feel free to have a shower before you go to bed. I'm so glad you are here, Bella."

We hug each other tightly before Ange goes to bed.

I quickly unpack one of my suitcases and collect my pajamas, underwear and towel and go to take a hot shower.

20 minutes later, feeling refreshed, I go to bed, looking forward to my 'welcome back' party. I have a feeling this party will be the start of something wonderful...

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