Title: Masquerade

Pairing: TMR/FemHP, DM/LL, HG/BZ, SB/OC, RL/NT, NL/DG, dubious TN/OC, AG/OC

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the quotes. I also kind of took the quote idea from another story. I don't own the language Druhir. I also don't own the Ancient Language from Eragon nor do I own the language of Quenya from Lord of the Rings. I just need them for my story to work and I don't fancy making up a language. I'm dedicated but not that dedicated.

Most of this language will not be mine and will be taken from various sources. The list goes on and on so I will not list them but as previously stated and now reiterated, the Elvish language is not mine. See…that rhymed.


By: Sistersgrimmlover


London, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom

Tuesday the 8th of August 2000

1:00 AM

He was watching, unable to say anything as he watched the woman stand in front of a long mirror, admiring her visage. The man could not deny that he was admiring her curvy body as well, because she was a thing of beauty even if he could not quite see her face.

She sported a form-fitting crimson battle robe. A porcelain pale mask painted with red lips covered her face. Black eyes stared out of the holes and she tilted her head as she looked in the mirror. Suddenly, she clapped her hands together and pulled them apart, a stone staff appearing between her hands and she pulled away. It hovered for just a moment before she grabbed it out of the air.

He could have sworn that he head a clap of thunder when she touched it.

As soon as her gloved fingers touched the stone, marks along the long staff glowed brightly before it slowly dimmed down to look just as it had before, yet slightly pronounced. He watched in fascination as she turned around and grabbed a cloak off a large bed and threw it around her shoulders. She walked quickly from the room and he was quick to follow her, somehow well aware that she wouldn't be able to see him.

The woman was turning sharp corners and such and he didn't make an effort to remember anything. He only watched and followed as he finally came into a large, open space. She stood in the doorway and he watched in surprise at the group of characters that stood in the room.

It was a small group of people though they all wore the strangest masks and costumes of sort.

The nearest woman was dressed in all black and a frightening mask. It had three long horns sticking and curving up at the top and she had on a black feathered headdress. She had on black fur around the collar of long black and brown tattered robes and what looked like a katana was strapped to her back. The mask looked almost tribal and had bared teeth and a black tongue lolling out of an open mouth.

"Very theatrical, Jabberwocky," the woman said and though he could not see her face, he could hear the obvious amusement in her voice.

"I try, my Lady," Jabberwocky commented in a distinctly feminine and wicked sounding voice. She gave a little cackle though sounded quite monstrous if he was being honest. Jabberwocky cleared her throat and turned to the man standing next to her.

He wasn't sporting a true mask but an intense mask of make-up. His face was caked with white and there were deep circles of purple around his eyes. On top of his head was a large top hat that was half-falling of his head. He was wearing a long velvet coat over leather trousers and a dark top. He could see the hilt of two knives just sticking out of his sleeves.

"My Lady…when do we go?"

"Patience, Hatter. We wait for my siblings. This is as much their mission as ours," the Lady said, patiently and Hatter nodded, slowly. He looked over to the two other people that were dressed in various costumes as well.

"It's too bad that Pa—" Hatter started.

"Careful, Hatter. You do not know who eavesdrops. Codenames alone," the Lady chastised, sternly and Hatter blushed underneath his caked on make-up. He nodded in understanding before looking stern and resolute once more.

"It's too bad that Alice, Dodo, Caterpillar, White Rabbit, and the Tweedles can't be here," Hatter said, reluctantly and the Lady gave him a soft look with her eyes alone as her face stayed frozen. She tilted her head.

"They are intelligence and special operations. I shall save them until they are needed. And in this particular instance, they are not," the Lady said, calmly. Suddenly, she stiffened and glanced to the doorway just as it swung open to reveal two figures.

The first wore a white mask with a square jaw line, a large nose, and no mouth. He had on a thick black hood over his head, revealing nothing but the mask. His black cloak wrapped around his body completely and only his hands were distinguishable from his body, being wrapped in silver. His left hand was grasping the staff of a large double-bladed scythe.

The man next to him wore a large black hat, a long black cloak, and plague doctor mask. He had what at first appeared to be a staff but then he saw that it was in fact a spear. He had white gloves and he remained unmoving as the one with the white mask moved forward.

"Thanatos," the Lady spoke with a smile.

"Nikolai," Thanatos greeted and the Lady Nikolai looked over to the unmoving man.

"Apollo, are you all right?"

"Quite fine," Apollo said, softly and he nodded towards the Lady Nikolai before moving fully into the room and closing the thick wooden door behind him.

Lady Nikolai looked around at the small group that stood in the room before she turned to look towards the door. Her dark eyes flashed though not in any type of anger, as far as he could see. She looked almost cautious as the door swung open once more.

He barely restrained his gasp and came out at quiet strangled sound instead.

There, standing in all his Dark glory, was the terror that was currently threatening to take over the Wizarding World of Britain.

Lord Voldemort.

Even though he did not say them aloud, he shuddered in fear.

And by his side, was Gellert Grindelwald, looking younger than he had in any of the pictures and photos that he had seen at his job. The young man had wavy blonde hair, navy eyes, and he appeared to be in his mid-thirties at the moment, which was disconcerting, as he could clearly remember an interview long ago from Bella Potter about him. He had looked like he was in the twenties, he was sure.

The Dark Lord walked up to Lady Nikolai in all of his snake-like magnificence. His slitted crimson eyes stared upon Lady Nikolai's mask and she did not move from her stop as she stared up at the tall man. His bald head shined dimly in the low light and his lipless mouth was set in a hard line.

"Are you quite certain you want to do this?" the Dark Lord asked, carefully.

Lady Nikolai tilted her head.

"He's coming awake. They all are. The Virtues, I mean. It'll be unbalanced if we don't get her. We can't…we need her. We're losing," Lady Nikolai insisted and he was inclined to disagree with her.

Unfortunately, the Light was quickly running out of resources since Bella had once more denied them access to her fortune for war support. They were running low on funds and now, everyone was using their own money to have new wand holsters and such finished. Plus, they had already spent quite a bit on permits for newly created spells from those two genius Unspeakables.

"I'd like to disagree—" Grindelwald started and Lady Nikolai spun to glare at him in annoyance and anger.

"No one asked you. Refrain from speaking to me."

"Temper, temper, Nikolai. I could quite easily kill you in your sleep. I have years on you," Grindelwald sneered at her and the Dark Lord turned to glare at the man.

"If you wake me up with your foolish murder attempt of my wife, I shall murder you," the Dark Lord spat and he reared back as he fully processed He-Wh-Must-Not-Be-Named's words.

You-Know-Who was married and married to this woman whom sounded young, only slightly younger than him, really. It was quite a surprise. And she seemed to have her own followers, which meant that she must be just as charismatic as her…husband.

"I do tire of your threats," Grindelwald said, nonchalantly though he looked like he took the Dark Lord's threat quite seriously, which he should.

"You would not hear them if you minded your business. What are you doing here? If you have nothing constructive to contribute, I advise you to leave. No one wants you here, least of all me," Lady Nikolai spat, angrily and Grindelwald snorted, leaning forward.

"You want to break her out of prison. I'm an expert in that. I did build a prison. And you dare…you a mere slip of a girl dare to speak to me that way?" Grindelwald spat and Lady Nikolai walked up to him, her steps concise and purposeful in all ways as she made her way towards the man.


She was not directly in front of him and though she was shorter than him, he could tell she was more powerful.

"Listen here and listen well, Grindelwald. You may be older physically. But I…I have existed since the conception of humanity. With the Seed of Humanity came Virtue and then came Sin. I am Sin personified…you forget what I am. Who I am. At this point in time, I am without humanity and it shall remain so until this mask leaves my face. Do not forget yourself, boy," Lady Nikolai spat and she spun around, leaving Grindelwald staring at her, his face demonstrating all of the shock that he felt towards the woman's outburst.

"Are you going now?" the Dark Lord asked and Lady Nikolai smirked.

"Yes…I'm ready," Lady Nikolai said, softly and the Dark Lord nodded before directing her towards the center and the others followed.

"Chant the chant," the Dark Lord instructed and the Lady Nikolai nodded.

He thought that the Dark Lord sounded a bit like a teacher now, instead of the woman's husband. Lady Nikolai grabbed the hands of Apollo and Thanatos. The man with a strange bird-like mask took the hand of Apollo and Hatter grabbed the hand of Jabberwocky. Finally, Jabberwocky grabbed the hand of a woman with a strange…rabbit-like mask though it was more gruesome than any rabbit he had ever seen.

"I've never done this. You don't say the words," Lady Nikolai said, quietly.

"With practice, the shadows become used to you and you no longer need to say the words."

"I see…"

And then Nikolai's eyes glowed and flashed a vivid Killing Curse green for just a moment.

"Speak to me, Darkness

Bend to my will, Shadows of the Night

With the power of Sin, I demand entrance

To the Shadow World

Dic mihi Tenebrae

Flecte consilium meum, tenebrae noctis,

Per virtutem Pelusium ostium quaero

Mundus Est Umbra!"

The staff in Nikolai's hand glowed and suddenly the shadows in the room warped and twisted around the group holding hands and formed a funnel. The Dark Lord watched as they disappeared right before his eyes and suddenly he felt himself falling away from the scene and reappearing somewhere else.

It was Dark and the darkness was consuming. He felt an unholy prescence right in front of him, though he couldn't make out what he was looking at. He heard whimpers and cries of emotional agony and he knew where he was when he finally connected the last cries to the feeling of…corruption.

It was Azkaban Prison.

"Hush, child

The darkness will rise from the deep

And carry you down into sleep

Child, the darkness will rise from the deep

And carry you down into sleep," a soft voice sang to him and he stiffened as he almost recognized the voice though it was older now.

The voice sent fury and hatred through him and he glared through the darkness towards the direction that the voice was coming from.

"Guileless son,

They'll shape your belief

And you'll always know that your brother's a thief

And you won't understand the cause of your grief

But you'll always follow the voices beneath," she continued and he moved forward, his eyes flashing.

Suddenly, he stopped as he came across a body.

The body had been run through with a sword and there was blood everywhere. It looked like someone had fired a Reductor Curse at his face, causing it explode. The man's nose was destroyed, cartilage spilling over tan cheeks and his eyes were glassy and red. He swallowed the bile rising in his throat and moved on.

He tried to ignore the other bodies and the red coloring the walls and he continued to move forward towards the voice that had sung the song.

"Loyalty loyalty loyalty loyalty

Loyalty loyalty loyalty only to them."

And finally, he saw the woman that had destroyed the men that surrounded them.

She wasn't facing him and was staring out of the barred window. The door to her prison had been blown open and a blood sword hung from her hands. Her hands were caked with drying blood and blood that was not hers dripped from the damp locks of her filthy brown hair. She turned ever so slightly so that he could see the glistening of blood upon her full lips.

"You shall die. And I shall laugh. How do you feel about that, Mister Diggory?" Hermione Granger asked, quietly and her lips had curled into a smile at the idea of him dying. He only stared at her, the fury and hatred in him growing and growing to epic proportions.

"I despise you. How could you do that to these people?"

"Mister Diggory…you fail to understand what happens when they try to cage wild things. Someone always ends up…hurt…in the process. I am not to be tamed and I don't like that they tried," Hermione Granger said, carefully and he glared at her in rage. She smiled at the heat of his vehemence.

"I will kill you."

"Many have tried. And you will not be the first to fail. As long as this war goes on, I shall grow stronger and you shall grow weaker."

She said this dispassionately and so matter-of-factly that he couldn't doubt that she was telling the complete truth. He glowered at her.

"I will find a way."

Sudenly, she looked at him sharply with a raised eyebrow.

"How can you stop war when you are so willing to engage in it? Leave, boy. You do not even fully realize what and who you are. You are not worthy to be my opponent and until you are…you shall be safe. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, Fortitudo."

And suddenly, he was fading away as he saw Lady Nikolai run through his faded body. He gasped as tendrils of darkness gripped his soul and threatened to strangle him. He swallowed and watched as she kicked an Auror whom had appeared out of nowhere in the jaw.

The door to Hermione's cell swung closed as if it had always been closed and the others that had appeared out of the shadows were fighting the Aurors. Hermione stood watching him as Lady Nikolai kicked the door down and there was silence.

"Took you long enough," Hermione said, quietly.

Lady Nikolai snorted.

"Don't be a fool and lets go."

"As you wish, my Lady."


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