Title: Masquerade

Pairings: TMR/FemHP, DM/LL, HG/BZ, SB/OC, RL/NT, NL/DG, dubious TN/OC, AG/OC

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the quotes. I also kind of took the quote idea from another story. I don't own the language Druhir. I also don't own the Ancient Language from Eragon nor do I own the language of Quenya from Lord of the Rings. I just need them for my story to work and I don't fancy making up a language. I'm dedicated but not that dedicated.

Most of this language will not be mine and will be taken from various sources. The list goes on and on so I will not list them but as previously stated and now reiterated, the Elvish language is not mine. See…that rhymed.


By: Sistersgrimmlover

Chapter XV

One Hyde Park, London, England, Great Britain

Friday the 24th of December 1998

12:00 PM

She was bent over the white grand piano, plucking the keys softly, her brow furrowed. Her fingers ghosted over the keys, brushing over the stainless ivory with feather-light touches. She ignored her quietly waiting audience, completely enamoured with what she was seeing, or what she wasn't seeing. She began to play, slowly, her lips twisted into a mixture of a frown and a smile.

As she added her right hand, a sombre look appeared on her face, but it was not full of sorrow. She looked at peace and calm as she played the piece. It wasn't a long one, but it was beautiful all the same. As she came to an end, she was met with a burst of applause and she grinned at her audience. Her eyes fell on the young woman, her head leaning against the Elvish woman's shoulder.

"Astoria, will you play with me?" Bella asked, softly and the young woman's lips curled into a smile and she gave a sharp nod, pulling away from Luna and standing, lugging her cello case towards the chair sitting besides the piano.

"What do you want to play? Requests?" Astoria asked with a smile and Lalita leaned forward, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Something Christmas-like. An old Christmas hymn," Lalita declared and Astoria's lips curled into a wide smile and she nodded in agreement.

"Do you think you can keep up, Bella?" Astoria grinned as she pulled out her cello and the bow that went along with it and Bella snorted, amusement in her eyes as she heard Astoria's words.

"Of course."

With those words, Astoria pulled her bow along the strings, a beautiful strong sound emptying into the quiet room. Her head was bent over the cello, an intense look on her face as she played. Bella joined in, her face serious once more. The two played, not quite as in sync as it would be if Bella was playing with Daphne, but quite close. It was clear that the two women were playing for the missing link that they felt in their hearts and it was that one woman that connected them in such a profound way.

The two look at each other and there was a spark in their eyes. Bella looked deep into Astoria's blue-grey eyes and in them, she could see the reflection of a young woman that was so far and yet so close.

Astoria began to pluck the strings as Bella got her solo and Astoria began to play once more, harmony ringing out in everything that they played. The pure simple beauty of it all was overwhelming and as they came to the end of the piece, Bella couldn't help but smile blindingly at the young woman whose head was still bowed over the neck of her bow, her hair falling into her face.

Bella stood from the bench and she placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I miss her too."

Slowly, Astoria turned to look at the woman, her eyes glazed over with tears. There was a long moment of silence when the two young women simply stared into each other's eyes before Astoria launched herself at her, wrapping her arms around her. Bella stared down at her stunned for a moment, slowly looking over the girl's head at Luna. Luna gave a soft smile that caused Bella to smile. The Potter looked down at Astoria and wrapped her tight in a hug even as tiny sobs wracked the sixth year's body.

"It's not fair…why did…why did she have to go?" Astoria sobbed, softly and Bella sighed as she ran her fingers through Astoria's hair.

"I asked her to. She wanted to. She wanted to explore the world before the war got any more serious. But, also, she did it so she could be stronger for you. That's why she's fighting with him. Maybe somewhat she believes in the same ideology as me, but in the end, everything she does it to make the world a better place for you," Bella explained gently even as Astoria sniffled and pulled back, wiping her tears away furiously.

"But…it's not fair."

Bella smiled, sadly. "I know, sweetheart, but life isn't fair. That's the point of it."

Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London, England, Great Britain

Saturday the 25th of December 1998

10:00 AM

"Good morning!" Bella crowed after she almost tumbled out of the fireplace and onto the ground. Sirius laughed as she dusted herself off and jumped up, rushing to press a quick kiss to his cheek and then to Maya's. She turned around, looking at the fireplace that had turned green again in their distraction and she rolled her eyes at the tall figure that stood in the fireplace hesitated.

"Come out," Bella called and Sirius frowned as Tom Riddle stepped forward, looking stiffer than he ever had before.

There was a long moment of silence as Sirius stared at Tom Riddle with an expression of long-suffering that the other man returned. Bella pretended not to notice the awkwardness in the air, dragging her fiancé towards the dining table and shoving him into the seat next to the one that she usually occupied. Throughout the exchange, Riddle hadn't removed his glare from Sirius and Sirius glowered back, daring the man to say something.

"Oh, stop it, Sirius," Maya snapped, smacking his arm as he sat down and she turned to Bella, a smile upon her face once more. "Now, do you know if Hermione is coming this morning, or will it only be us?" she asked and Bella frowned, shaking her head slowly.

"I think she's with Blaise and his family this morning. But, they'll be joining us for dinner," Bella said and she began to pile her plate high of meat even as Riddle leaned back in his seat, his gaze directed onto his empty plate.

"Professor Riddle, won't you eat?" Maya asked through clenched teeth and Sirius snorted at her forced politeness. Maya glared at him, her lips pursed. He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not particularly hungry. Thank you. Perhaps later," Riddle said, stiffly, his eyes piercing. Slowly, he turned his gaze over to Bella whom was pointedly ignoring the whole exchange, digging into her meal with an abnormal amount of gusto.

Maya looked down at her own meal, swallowing hard as a stiff, awkward silence descended on the table. She wished that Hermione had been there to get her through this. Sirius liked Blaise, mostly because Blaise had pulled him out of a coma. There was also the fact that Blaise was a nice boy with a strange sense of humour that was actually slightly endearing. Riddle was a jackass that was older than Sirius and was planning to get married to his goddaughter. That did nothing to endear the older man to the man that had raised Bella Potter.

"How are your classes going?" Maya asked with false enthusiasm.

Bella looked up, and her eyes were piercing, as if she could through Maya. Thankfully, an empty grin spread across her face.

"Pretty well, actually. A little hard with all the distractions happening, but Hermione harasses me nearly every day to make sure I've done my homework, whether that means coming to me herself or sending Augustus or Blaise to annoy me," Bella griped, before a small smile crossed her face and she sighed, leaning back in her chair. "Only four more weeks of my Political Theory class. Then I can take Contemporary Political Philosophy in junction with Jurisprudence. Poli Theory was really time-consuming, whole day classes and everything. But, Poli-Philosophy is a two-hour class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Jurisprudent is an afternoon class on Tuesdays and an early morning class on Saturdays."

Maya nodded, taking into account all of things. Sirius looked over at her, his eyes narrowed.

"Do you think you'll have your Mastery before…the wedding?" he asked, reluctantly and Bella frowned, shrugging.

"I…probably not, but I mean, I can finish my classes by then, I think. I want to take a few weeks before the exams to study, so after the wedding and everything. I'll take my Mastery in July," Bella said, softly and Sirius cleared his throat roughly.

"I had wanted you to at least be a licensed attorney before you thought about settling down," Sirius commented and Bella snorted as she looked over at Tom. Sirius' eyes narrowed when the man smirked over at his fiancée.

"Do you honestly think that simply me getting married means…settling down?" Bella asked and she leaned back in her chair, a grin spreading across her face. "Tom's a teacher, Uncle Sirius. I'll probably see him on the weekends and in battles. Me getting married doesn't mean I'm giving my life away. Merlin, Sirius!"

Sirius leaned back, looking almost satisfied with her answer. Maya hid a smile behind her hand, attempting to mask her approval of Bella's words, and the smug feeling that came with them. Maya had known Bella had felt that way, and had tried to tell Sirius, but Sirius was a stubborn man that was sure that he was always right.

"So, what do you plan to do?" Maya asked and Bella paused.

She grimaced. "Fight a war. Win a war."

Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London, England, Great Britain

Saturday the 25th of December 1998

8:00 PM

Blaise watched, silently as Luna told her insane story of dragging Draco and her father through the Welsh countryside looking for another one of her bizarre creatures that only she could see. He was too busy staring at Bella and Tom to really pay attention. The two were listening to the conversation, but they seemed wrapped up in their own little world as well. Bella rested in her fiancé's lap, her head tucked in his neck.

He was murmuring something in her ear and she laughed softly, her eyes dancing with happiness.

Blaise looked over at Hermione, the young woman leaning into her mother who sat on the other side of her. She glanced back at him and her lips curled into a wide grin. Her face was thin, her eyes darker than they used to be, and her teeth yellowed, but Blaise knew the toll took on her. She didn't leave Azkaban unless she had plans, and she rarely did. The dementors were not forgiving creatures.

The song on the radio suddenly changed and there was a sharp gasp.

Everyone paused, turning to Bella, all except for Luna who continued with her story. Bella laughed and she stood up, looking down at Tom. He looked up at her, unimpressed and shook his head. Bella murmured something to him in French and he gave a small smile before grabbing her hand and pulling himself up. Blaise watched as Tom crowded in on Bella, towering over her.

"No PDA!" Sirius barked and Bella snorted.

Tom rolled his eyes and leaned down to kiss Bella anyway. Bella leaned up and returned the kiss before she pulled away and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"My favourite song," Bella whispered and Tom nodded.

"I know. You're much too short, you know," Tom murmured and Blaise knew that to be true.

Without her now typical heels, she just reached Tom's shoulder. She stepped onto his feet and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Dance with me," she commanded.

Blaise watched as a tender look entered Tom's eyes and his lips twitched. The tall man seemed to forget that anyone else was there as he looked down at Bella, slowly turning with her still standing on his feet. He paused in his movement, frowning for just a moment. He pushed Bella off of him, gently before bowing, offering his hand to her. Bella looked delighted by the fact that her fiancé was playing along.

"May I have this dance?" Tom murmured and Bella giggled. She dropped into a short curtsey before placing her hand in his.

"Of course."

As soon as she spoke the words, Tom gathered her close and they began to waltz across the room, as easily as if they were once more at the Yule Ball. Blaise glanced at Hermione, but she seemed entranced by the duo, much like Sirius was. Maya caught his eye and winked at him. Blaise looked at her, surprised, but the woman only grinned even as she leaned in to whisper something in Sirius' eyes once more.

Blaise turned back to look at Bella and Tom. The song slowly sped up and Tom spun her out. Bella's lips curled into a blinding grin as they danced across the room. Tom dipped Bella and she let out a raucous laugh that was entirely her own, something Blaise hadn't heard in a long while. Tom pulled her back up and she shook her hair out of her face.

"Very dashing, Mr. Riddle," Bella complimented, sounding only slightly teasing, and Tom dipped his head.

"Well, that's a given, Miss Potter," he retorted.

Bella snorted. She pulled away from him and spun around, dancing to the music and Tom let out an honest to God laugh. Hermione turned to Blaise and smiled. He smiled back.

"I love you," she whispered in his ear and Blaise brushed a brittle curl from her face, pressing kisses to her hollow cheek before one caught on the corner of her cracked lips.

"And I love you," he whispered against her skin and he could feel her smile widen. The two turned back to gaze at the future newlyweds.

Tom spun her around and Bella threw her head back and laughed. She reached for his face and he tilted his head down until their foreheads touched. All signs of laughter and joy were gone, replaced by a quiet emotion that was just as intense as their happiness. Blaise swallowed, attempting to process the pure emotion in Tom's eyes.

"Mon ami. Mon partenaire. Mon amour. Tojours," Bella promised and Tom nodded as he stroked her cheek with just the tips of his fingers, looking at her especially reverent.

"My beautiful monster. I will never let you go," Tom said, quietly and Bella laughed.

"I would kill you before I let you leave me, monster."

Blaise watched as Sirius flinched at Bella's words, turning away from the two beautiful monsters. Oh, how Blaise knew they were monsters. Monsters saw in black and white, and no matter how much Bella tried to see in shades of grey, she would wear her white hat in the end, fighting what she thought was right as much as Tom would wander into the darkness. Yes, monsters saw only black and white, joy and grief, hate and love. Only monsters could love as unconditionally as them.

The Ministry of Magic, London, England, Great Britain

Friday the 31st of December 1998

11:00 PM

"If I may cut in," the man said and Tom's eyes widened in shock before they narrowed once more. Bella stared at the man, and the man only gave roguish smile back at her. Her eyes narrowed as his grin grew even wider.

"Who are you?" Tom asked between clenched teeth and Bella settled hand on his shoulder. Tom relaxed under her touch and Bella shook her head.

"It's all right, Tom. By the time I'm finished with this I'll be thirsty. Go get me some Firewhiskey," she commanded as she took Eddie Carmichael's hand. He jerked her close until their chests were touching and Tom growled. Bella glanced over her shoulder and gave a reassuring smile. Tom nodded, sharply before storming off, his robes billowing as he went.

Bella turned back to look at Eddie and his lips curled into a devilish smirk as her eyes turned green-brown and her face flickered into something that wasn't Bella for just a moment.

"You look ravishing, Nikki," Eddie complimented.

Bella sneered, and all of her facial expressions and body language suddenly did not belong to her.

Sharply, in a voice that wasn't her own, she snarled, "Let's dance."

With those words, he spun her out and back in so that was clinging to him. They moved across the dance floor, cutting a path through the dancing crowd. They moved with grace, but it was clearly a battle. Bella was dipped once more and when she was pulled back up, she lifted one leg parallel to her body. Eddie's hand trailed from her waist up the long limb until he grasped her ankle. He brushed his cheek against her ankle and Bella jerked back, spinning away. Eddie moved forward, looking like a predator.

"Dance with me," Eddie said. Bella stepped closer, draping her arm over his shoulder, keeping an arms' length between them.

"I'm danced with you," she murmured.

Eddie reached for her face, ignoring the looks on everybody's faces. "My darling, just dance with me. Just for this night, can you forget everyone and just remember me? You remember me, Nikki. Remember me, Sister."

Bella's eyes narrowed at the moniker and she shoved him away, scurrying back.

"Fuck you. Don't call me that."

She spun away, ignoring all the looks that she was getting and she almost tumbled when a hard shoulder bumped into hers. Bella spun around, baring her teeth. Cho Chang stood there, staring at her with strange eyes. Bella growled at her, but Cho's lips only curled into a half-smile before she drifted past her and grabbed Eddie's hand. She pressed herself to him and he brushed a kiss to the top of her head, never taking his eyes off of Bella.

Bella hissed and spun around, storming off towards Tom.

"What was that?" he asked as she came to his side and Bella looked up at him with brown-green eyes that slowly returned to green. An eyebrow raised as Bella swooned, looking slightly lethargic before she took a deep breath of air.

"There's something…Eddie Carmichael knew her before. He knew Nikolai. He's like us. He's a…he's a Charity, Tom," Bella hissed as her eyes scanned the crowd for the man, but Eddie Carmichael had already disappeared. She shuddered as Nikolai's presence seemed to exorcise itself from her body almost completely, but for a tiny spot in the back of her mind.

"A Charity?" Tom asked and Bella blanched. Tom looked at her, almost uncertain. Bella turned away, and stared across the ballroom.

Blaise lifted his glass towards her. Bella nodded at him and he nodded back. Bella turned away from her brother and she stared up at Tom. He looked worried. It was not a characteristic Bella was accustomed to in any way. Bella frowned before she forced a smile onto her face. She leaned up, pressing a chaste kiss against his lips. The man relaxed, just slightly.

"Happy birthday, my love," she said, teasingly and Tom nodded.

"Happy, never?"

"Oh, you aren't happy with me, then?" Bella asked, snarky and Tom snorted, looking down at her as he shook his head.

"Not when you drive me crazy like you do."

"Glad I'm doing my job right, love," Bella smirked and she spun around blowing a kiss at Tom and she held her hand out, waiting for her Firewhiskey. She snatched it from his hand, taking a long swig from it.

"You're so uncultured."

"You love it."

Tom hesitated. "I supposed I do."

Bella grinned.

Emrys' Cyrchfan, Unplottable Location, Paimpoint Forest, Britanny, France

Saturday the 1st of January 1999

4:00 AM

Bella leaned back in her chair, her eyes on the unassuming book. She brushed a hand over it, her eyes falling on the three crystal vials that sat at the front of the desk. Bella stood from her chair and picked up the two vials full of blood, slowly crossing to the cabinet that she had spelled into the room. She pulled it open to reveal a million empty crystal vials and she smiled as she placed the vials behind two locks of hair. She turned around, closed the cabinet before quickly spelling it closed.

She plucked up the single crystal vial left and look into it, seeing a matter that was not liquid or gas and she knew that it was a memory. She smiled and walked slowly towards Tom's borrowed Pensieve.

Slowly, she emptied the memory into the gaseous matter and pressed her face right into the strange non-liquid. She felt herself being pulled into the memory, and suddenly it felt like a dream…

Daphne leaned against the bookcase, her eyes sultry as she stared at Igor Karkaroff. She wore a silver dress that dipped low, revealing creamy cleavage. Bella couldn't hear a single word. It was as if everything was taking place underwater, but she could get the gist of what was happening. Daphne moved forward, just barely pressing into Karkaroff's space. The man placed a hand on the small of Daphne's back.

He bent over something, a book maybe, pointing with one hand, as his other hand moved lower, his finger pressing against the curve of her bottom. Daphne smacked at Karkaroff's shoulder playfully even as she pressed her breasts against the man's arm. Karkaroff's eyes darted from Daphne's down to her cleavage again and Daphne seemed to force a blush as blood spread from her cheeks down her chest.

Karkaroff mouthed something and Daphne smiled as she leaned back and pulled from between her cleave a little tube. She said something, slow and seductive as she reapplied the lipstick. It was scarlet, the colour of fresh blood and the colour of Gryffindor. It was an odd comparison for Bella to make. She had never thought of blood in relation to Gryffindor in her seven years at Hogwarts.

Daphne nuzzled Karkroff's neck and when she pulled back, Karkaroff followed her. He pressed a kiss against her jaw line and kissed down to her neck. He traced kisses down the line of her breasts and Bella snorted as she saw Daphne roll her eyes even as she let out little pants of what probably sounded like pleasure. Daphne grabbed Karkaroff's face and brought his lips to hers. As soon as Karkaroff took her bottom lip between his teeth, his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he seized.

Blood rolled down Daphne's plump bottom lip from where he had bitten her and Karkaroff frothed at the mouth from whatever poison he had gotten from Daphne's kiss. Daphne kneeled down beside him, and pulled up her skirt to reveal a wand and a knife strapped to her thigh along with two tiny glass vials. She waved her wand sharply and Daphne did her work, carefully cutting large chunks of his hair and stuffing it in the vial before she ripped up his sleeve and slit his wrist. It was meticulous, the way Daphne received the evidence.

When all was said and done, Bella heard the snap of a neck and she was thrown into another memory rather abruptly.

She stared around at another unfamiliar room. A man was held to a wall by magical bindings, his head shaved completely clean. His head was bowed and the only thing that made him recognizable were the massive eyebrows. Bella stared at the broken body of Viktor Krum, mildly impressed by what she saw. Neville sat in the chair opposite him, his legs crossed, balancing a knife between his fingers.

He had a grimace on his face, almost as if he were about to throw up. The young man steeled himself and stood, holding his knife in front of him. He slowly pulled the knife through Krum's throat, cutting through flesh and muscle and windpipe and oesophagus until there was no way that the other man was alive. This time, Bella could hear steel against slick flesh and hot blood. Neville was grim as he held an open vial underneath Krum's neck. He looked up at the sky for a moment and shook his head before he bent his head to resume clean up.

Bella emerged from the memory, satisfied with what she saw and she can't help but smile. She protected Blaise, Hermione, and Draco, no matter what they believed of her now. They believed she couldn't take care of them as they took of her, and she had proved them wrong again. She would continue to prove them wrong if it meant saving her family. She sighed and looked down at her desk again.

Her eyes were drawn to the translated book once more and she cracked it open, her lips curled into a smile when she found Daphne's typical cursive, elegant, and elaborate script written on the opposite side of the Welsh writing. There were pieces of parchment sticking out and little strips of notes written on it, small comments that only made Bella miss the girl even more.

"Oh, Daphne," Bella sighed and she turned the page, looking at the beginning page once more, her lips pursed.

She read the beginning page once more before turning it and looking at Daphne's translation:

The Ambrosius family has persisted for generations, a predominantly male line from the very beginning. However, with the matriarch of the family being the infamous Nimue, Lady of the Lake, it is not a surprise that the women of the Ambrosius family have been given the extraordinary gift for creating Deals. Deals are binding contracts, infused with blood. To achieve the ability to create Deals, it takes much concentration and a Deal. There are enormous consequences if one tries to create a Deal without having the power or temperament to carry through, and that is why only the women of the Ambrosius family are blessed with this gift.

Bella leaned back in her seat, flipping through the pages as she scanned them quickly. Her eyes widened as she absorbed all of the information offered to her now that she had a translation. She turned away from the book and looked up, swallowing hard. Slowly, she lifted her wand and waved it, not even bothering to whisper the words. She threw her back, and screamed as something clicked inside of her.

It wasn't so very different from when Nikolai came into full consciousness, but this feeling of replacement felt like agony. Bella shuddered in the chair and she felt a spirit wash over her. Her magic flared around her and she snarled. Her back arched and her hands slammed down on the table. She looked down and could see magic twirling around her fingers. It pulled away from her, forming a shadowy figure with long flowing hair.

"Hello?" Bella asked through gritted teeth.

Would you like to make a Deal?

"Who are you?" Bella snarled and she jolted against the pain again.

Would you like to make a Deal?

"What's your name? Will this stop the pain?" Bella growled.

Would you like to make a Deal?

It sounded final. Bella let out a sigh and when she opened her mouth, a shriek escaped from her lips. Her nails dug into the wood, making blood well from her nail beds. She bit down on her lip and it split, blood flowing down her chin.


The pain suddenly stopped and the dark shadow was suddenly before her. Set in a dark, shadowy face were a single pair of hazel eyes, the same shade as her father's eyes. The shadowy hand lifted and pressed fingertips against her cheek. As soon as the shadows touched her, they became flesh and a naked woman stood before her with long wild black hair and a serious face.

"I am Nimue, Lady of the Lake. You wish to learn the art of Deals?" she asked and Bella nodded once. Niumeh leaned forward and Bella reared back, unaccustomed to the closeness of the naked woman. "Unto you, I shall impart much knowledge. In exchange, you will suffer a great price. You will not know the price, but it shall hang over your head until it is paid as each Deal is paid to you."

Bella frowned and she suddenly wondered if this so called gift was worth it.

"How do I know that this won't backfire on me?" she asked, quietly.

Nimue didn't smirk or smile or do anything of the sort. Very seriously, she said, "You do not."

"Then this could end horribly for me?"

"It could."

"Then, what makes this worth it? What is making Deals worth?" Bella snapped and Nimue brushed her fingers across her descendant's cheek.

"It is worth everything. With this Deal, you will have the ability to ancient a power lost to all but you and your descendants. You will have the ability to host within you the power of Viviane. The power of Nimue. The power of me," Nimue said and Bella huffed, shaking her head as she stared at the woman.

"I already have foreign magic in me, thanks."

"The power of Deals is your birthright. This foreign magic within you is an abomination done unto you by a vengeful witch that did not understand what she had wrought forth when she went to a young Dark Seer that had not a single idea of what she spoke into being. Deals are your birthright. My magic is your birthright," Nimue said and Bella stared at her for a long time. She lifted her hand and pressed it against Nimue's chest, right where her should have been.

She did not feel the drum of a heart, but she felt the thrumming of magic that felt as natural as her own. She took a deep breath and felt her own heart begin to beat in time with Nimue's magic. Nimue smiled, suddenly, as if she was home and Bella felt herself nod before she had even agreed.

"I see. Okay. I will do it. This price…"

"You will not know until it is time to be paid, and it will be paid in ashes. Do you understand the price?" Nimue asked and Bella nodded, slowly, though she wasn't really sure if she did completely understand.

Nimue didn't wait for her to change her mind again. The woman pressed her lips against Bella's forehead and the kiss felt so warm. Nimue felt as warm as her mother did and Bella melted into the intimate touch, a smile on her face. When she opened her eyes again, the woman was gone and all she had left was an old pack of tarot cards and magic dancing through the air.

She was alone again, and still Bella smiled.


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