A/N: This story is brought to you by three insane ladies who cannot let go of certain characters we love to write. Just for clarity sake, in case you're reading this and are unfamiliar (I don't know why you're reading this if you're unfamiliar, but regardless...) THEA = Little One, from "There is a Light" by belladonnacullen, FAITH = Pennylove from "Fridays at Noon" by Troublefollows1017 and HANNA = The Dick's kid from "Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire" by FictionFreak95.

OK, that being said, here's one small FYI for everyone: When we wrote the Play Date, it seemed as though, as a "one-shot", it confused some with the influx of changing POV's throughout, so we've decided to break this one up and post it as separate chapters. We'll be updating daily until it's complete. There are 23 short chapters so you have a couple of options here... you can come back daily, take the ride along with us, or come back in 23 days and read it as a whole. Either way, we hope you enjoy this one as much as we have.

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Chapter 1 - The GChat

Sunday, August 19th 10:15 PM PST


THEA_JEEBER212: I love him so much!


HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: I think it's romantic.

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: you know he's like 80, right?

THEA_JEEBER212: Hanna. Please. He's 31.

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: And cute. Not as cute as Nico Janus, but cute.

THEA_JEEBER212: The Janus Brothers are cute, but they aren't manly like Dustin.

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: Speaking of old men, you do know all the creepy old guys in the world are probably stalking you, right Faith?

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: What do you mean?

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: "have a little Faith"? Really?

THEA_JEEBER212: *snicker*

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: I don't get it.

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: Which part do you want them to have exactly?



HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: seriously Thea, I heard he got that Brazilian chick pregnant last month

THEA_JEEBER212: He did not. Edward says you can't believe those gossip magazines, Hanna... seriously.

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: He couldn't have gotten her pregnant, they're not even married. Duh.




HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: *smh* Nothing. So what are you planning on doing about this crush you have, Thea?

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: I could ask Daddy to get him to play at my birthday party.

THEA_JEEBER212: That's in like 8 months! Way too far away. No, here's the thing: MTV wants to give Edward the lifetime achievement award. He doesn't really want to go, but maybe if I beg...


HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: That's so cool!

THEA_JEEBER212: IKR? And Dustin's going to perform, and if I can just get backstage when he's backstage, and then we meet and he sees me. *Sigh*

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: *blank stare*

THEA_JEEBER212: What now, Hanna?

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: Re-living someone else's life much?

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: Be nice. If you were in love with someone, we would be supportive.

THEA_JEEBER212: I know he'll feel the same once he meets me. He has to.

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: I just don't wanna see you get your hopes up about this...

HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: I think it's sweet. How can we help?

THEA_JEEBER212: I need to get backstage WITHOUT my mom.


HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: Her hmmms scare me.

THEA_JEEBER212: Her hmmms give me hope.



THEA_JEEBER212: Hanna! Hellooooooo...

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: I think I have an idea.


HAVE_A_LITTLE_FAITH: I forgot her ideas scare me more than her hmmms.

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: Faith, we're gonna need some money for greasing palms. Thea, you need to go shopping...think sexy.

THEA_JEEBER212: I was already thinking sexy, but what's the plan? And how are you gonna get here? Faith can get her dad to take her anywhere, but YOUR dad... ?

HANNA_F_DA_POHPOH: Got it covered girls. No worries. :)