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Chapter 30

"Oh, your hotel's nice, too. You know, we're staying at the Marriot down the street."

"Dad?" Andy could tell he was nervous. It wasn't like him to babble.

"I apologize for my late appearance, but we really need to talk." He didn't continue, but just stood in the door-frame.

Andy frowned. "If you think I'll send Miranda away, you're wrong. She stays. She can hear all the things you have to say to me. In fact, I won't speak with you without her by my side."

Her father looked at Miranda, who by this time had taken a seat on the sofa. He sighed.

"Very well then, I…," but Miranda interrupted him: "Would you like to come in and sit with us?"

Richard Sachs slowly walked over to the seating area and sat down on one of the chairs that was furthest from Miranda's position.

Andrea felt ridiculously uncomfortable. She was wearing only her thin summer dress and it still felt sticky and wet between her thighs from her encounter with Miranda and their new toy. She tried to push the thoughts of what might come that night to the back of her head and wore a straight face. Now wasn't the time for being distracted with fantasies about having role-play sex with Miranda. They'd have plenty of time when their issues with her father were solved. At least she hoped he'd be reasonable. If he'd still been mad, he wouldn't be with her and Miranda right now. Andrea pulled on the hem of her dress, trying to cover her thighs and knees with the thin fabric.

Miranda seemed to be unusually relaxed regarding their current situation. Her mouth was pressed into a thin line, but it looked more like she was waiting in anticipation than that she was afraid of the confrontation or that Andy could fold or something. Andrea decided to sit down next to Miranda on the sofa and took her hand in her own. She did that a lot lately. Andy had learned that being physically close to Miranda calmed her down.

Suddenly Richard said: "Okay Andy, maybe I'm influenced by everything what happened last year while you worked for Miranda and all the things you told me about her…unusual way of treating her employers. I do hope that you're not like this when it comes to personal relationships, Miranda, because the last thing I want to see's my daughter getting hurt."

Richard took a deep breath before he continued: "Andrea, I really hope you know what you're doing. I'm concerned your feelings are clouding your judgment. I may be wrong, though. Be that as it may, I don't want lie. I do not appreciate your relationship. I think it isn't right. The age difference doesn't help either. I don't care about the gay thing. You know I don't give a damn, but Miranda has two kids and three failed marriages, whereas your only experience with having a relationship is with Nate."

Her father's revelation of Andy's lack of experience made her blush. Nate was the only man she'd ever had sex with apart from Christian Thompson and he was the only one with whom she'd shared her life and intimate thoughts until now.

"I just wish you were older, more experienced. I mean, a family means so many responsibilities and I don't know if you've any idea how many strength it will cost you to make it work. The press and all the people around you will judge you harder than other couples. Have you thought about any of those things yet?"

Andy sat up straight. "Of course we haven't reflected yet on every detail and problem that might come up in the future, but it's not like I haven't thought about the obstacles either. We'll deal with it, dad. Miranda, as you already put it, isn't exactly a newcomer anymore when it comes to relationships and family. She'll help me to grow into my new role. Am I right?"

Andy watched every change of Miranda's expression very carefully. Miranda still seemed calm and thoughtful.

Suddenly she just nodded. "Your father has a point. It won't be easy, Andrea. We should add to consideration that you're very young and that there will be times when you'll probably be overwhelmed with me and having kids around and all that you'll think of is how you could possibly get out of it. But I tend to think that our feelings are strong enough to take the risk and try to make it work."

Miranda slightly smiled when she used the same words that Andrea had only days ago in her limousine.

"Get out of it? No way! I'll stay with you, Miranda. I'm not like Stephen or the others."

Andy didn't want to bring up Stephen Tomlinson or Miranda's other ex-husbands, but she had the urge to defend herself. She wasn't one of them. She knew exactly who Miranda was. She had known it from the very beginning, even before she had fallen in love with her.

"I'm aware of your flaws," she went on. "I know about you and not only the good stuff. I won't abandon you because you're going to act like …yourself at some point."

Miranda blinked. It wasn't a discussion between Andrea's father and them any longer, but a relationship-talk between her and Andrea in front of Richard Sachs.

"It's not like Stephen never tried to save our marriage, but I know, sweetheart. You don't have to convince me. Mr. Sachs, I'm well aware you're worried and that you came with the best of intentions to protect your daughter, but I must disagree with you. Andrea knows precisely what she's doing. In fact, I've seldom gotten to know someone who was more convinced and confident in herself when it comes to what she wants in life."

Was that a compliment out of Miranda Priestly's mouth? Wow. Andy grinned.

"And it's not like we're rushing things, dad, we…we haven't even spoken to the twins yet, or made any plans to come out of the closet, for that matter."

Richards Sachs didn't seem pleased. He cleared his throat. "I see. So as I take it, you expect my daughter to act discreetly, Miranda? Do you even have any intentions to make it public at some point?"

Miranda felt overwhelmed. Of course when they'd tell the twins they couldn't expect them to keep quiet and Andrea's family already knew. Did it even matter? If Irv wanted to fire her – she was on the downgrade for a while now – he'd find a way. Ravitz would do everything to dispose of her. Wouldn't it be much easier to survive those hard times with someone on her side – someone who was known to everyone as her official significant other?

"I don't see what speaks against the idea of going public," Miranda eventually stated to Andrea's surprise.

"So…it's settled? We're officially going to be a couple?" Andy gulped.

Richard looked back and forth between the two women.

Miranda squeezed Andrea's hand. "Of course, only if you want to."

Andrea looked at her. Miranda's lips went thinner than before and her hand was…sweating? Was Miranda afraid Andy would refuse her offer and embarrass her in front of her father now that she had raised her head above the parapet? Or did she feel pressured? Andy knew how much Miranda hated it when someone tried to push her into a direction she didn't want to go.

But as she already told Miranda, Andy was not one of those people who would let her down. She had only started to make promises and emotional confessions and Andy knew there would be even more in the future. Miranda Priestly was the one.

"Wait, wait, Miranda, I don't want you to do that. You don't have to make any concessions right now only because my dad wants you to. We've got time…there's no need to make those decisions now."

Miranda straightened herself. "Andrea, you know as well as I do that I'm not the kind of person who lets others pressure her into some imprudent action. I've made my decision. If you're ready, I'll call Leslie tomorrow and we'll come to an agreement about the way we'll handle the upcoming media circus in our lives."

"But…but the twins and your divorce?" Andrea pointed out.

"What about the divorce? It's final. It doesn't matter if I'm in a relationship or not. Stephen has a new girlfriend, in case you didn't know and the twins knew about this Susan before I did. I don't think it will be an issue if I do the same. Caroline and Cassidy are fond of you and they like the idea of me being happy. They will adjust to the situation."

The twins liked her? Everything went so fast. Only two days ago she wasn't even certain if she'd ever see Miranda again and now they were in a relationship and soon everyone would know about them and she'd have to be a parent to the twins and a full responsible partner to Miranda. And – and did that mean that she'd move into Miranda's townhouse? Wow.

"Andrea?" Miranda's voice sounded pressing.

Richard Sachs shook his head. "I don't want you to decide so fast. I mean, honey, just take your time and think it over, will you?"

Andy looked at Miranda, whose red lips were pursed. Her icy-blue eyes fixed Richard Sachs. Miranda was tense now. Andrea imagined having Miranda in her life every single day and walking the streets while other people knew that they were together. She pictured herself with Miranda and the twins on shopping tours and in restaurants, on vacations and at home.


Miranda Priestly's townhouse would be her home. Miranda's living room would be a place of shelter and relaxation for all of them every evening. Miranda's bed would be hers, too. Miranda would be her love and her life. Miranda was already her life.

The smart, fat girl had hit the jackpot. Wow.

Wait. Maybe Miranda didn't want her to move in? She hadn't said so. Maybe she preferred a more open relationship with separate housing? But anyway, she wanted her around. Miranda wanted her to be her official lover.

"Yes, I will," Andrea suddenly blurted out and giggled, because she sounded like she had just walked down the aisle.

"What? Do you want to think it over?" Miranda asked indignantly.

"Oh my God, no, I want to be with you. Officially. I'm ready…so ready." Andy smiled brightly at Miranda and gave her a kiss on her still pursed lips.

Richard sighed: "I guess if I'm not able to talk you out of it there's nothing else for me to do but be the supportive dad I always was."


Relief washed over Andy, even when she thought that her father messed with her personal life far too much. She'd never dared to interfere like that with her parents' relationship, not even when she had still lived at home and they had experienced a serious marital crisis.

"I'm glad and to some point I appreciate it," she continued. "But I also want to say that I don't want you to intervene as strongly as you did today in my personal matters ever again. I'm not a child anymore and I expect you to respect my decisions, dad. I make my own choices and if necessary my own mistakes. I'll be the one who has to deal with the consequences either way."

Thereupon she turned to Miranda and smiled. "Well, from now on you're going to have to deal with them, too!"

"And I will, sweetheart," Miranda assured her. She was pleased that Andrea finally stood up against her father. And if Andrea ever needed to be protected, it would be Miranda's job from now on to provide exactly that and hopefully vice versa.

Richard Sachs' eyes went wide. He obviously hadn't expected his daughter to be so tough all at once.

"And now if you'd excuse us, it's been a long day and we'd like having some…erm… alone-time, dad," Andrea added and couldn't prevent herself from smirking.

Richard Sachs blushed. "Um…of course, Andy. I guess we'll see you two in Cincinnati for your mom's birthday?"

Andy smiled. "Sure, we'll be there." Andrea finally took pity on her father and walked over to him.

"Care for a hug?" she teased.

Richard's expression relaxed and he took her in his arms, Andy sighed. "I love you, dad."

"I love you, too, honey," Richard whispered. He looked at Miranda, who nodded at him and gave him a small smile. Richard nodded back at her.

Andy closed the door behind her, sighing deeply. "Oh gosh…finally alone again."

"You handled the situation well. I must say I'm impressed, Andrea." Miranda gave her an appreciative look.

"And that doesn't happen very often, huh?" Andrea smirked.

Andy took her time while walking closer to where Miranda was still sitting on the sofa. Miranda raised one eyebrow when Andy slowly pulled down the straps of her dress and let the thin garment slide down until it dangled around her hips. She straddled Miranda's lap and whispered: "Are you by any chance interested in continuing what we started until we were so rudely interrupted?"

Miranda leaned lightly forward and let her lips very softly brush against one of Andrea's nipples that hardened immediately in response.

Andy hissed: "I take that as a 'yes'."

She didn't know exactly why, but Andy was easily turned on when she herself was almost naked while Miranda was still fully clothed – maybe because it mirrored how vulnerable and exposed she felt towards the older woman while Miranda often enough still wore her poker face and rarely allowed Andy to take a look at what lay behind the façade. It was certainly also because she liked Miranda to be in charge, but not for long and positively not tonight. Andy would turn the tables soon enough.

Andrea's body was in flames by the time they both finally reached the bed. She couldn't wait any longer to strip Miranda naked. She wanted to see everything, lick and touch every part of her – and not to forget the far more thrilling new experience of trying out their new toy.

Miranda's thousand dollar Chanel blouse landed unceremoniously on the floor as well as her Donna Karan skirt. The only pieces of clothing that – so Andy had decided – had to stay on were Miranda's stockings and her black Christian Louboutin heels with red soles.

"I love black Stella McCartney lace lingerie, but in this case, it's just superfluous." Andy ripped off Miranda's panties in one abrupt motion.

Miranda gasped at the sound of the tearing fabric. Andy buried her face in the valley between Miranda's breasts and moaned helplessly with the throbbing desire between her own legs while one of her hands explored the woman's wet silky folds.

Miranda stroked over Andrea's bare back and whispered: "Please, put it on. I want to see you. Show me your cock."

Andrea groaned against Miranda's velvet skin, pressing her face even closer. She wanted nothing more than to comply with Miranda's wishes.

It was as easy as the first time to take the ending of the artificial penis inside. It stretched her only slightly at some point. The ending was thick enough to not slide out of her, but fitted and was fixed so that she had the feeling the cock was really a part of her own body. Her PC- muscles hopefully did the rest.

Andy first looked shyly at her woman, but gained self-confidence when she saw Miranda licking her lips in anticipation while her eyes were dark with desire.

Thereupon Andrea lowered herself down to Miranda until she was lying on top of her. Miranda spread her legs further apart so that Andrea's waist settled between Miranda's thighs. Andrea was nervous and aroused at the same time. The moment she moved slightly to kiss Miranda's neck, the tip of her cock brushed against Miranda's entrance.

Miranda closed her eyes while a soft sigh left her half-parted lips.

Andy's gaze shot down between their two bodies. The view looked almost authentic. Andy bit her lip and moved again, letting the cock brush against Miranda's folds for a second time, which made Miranda whimper. Andrea had to pause and close her eyes for a moment to not get off right away at the sight of the sensual expression on Miranda's face. When Andrea opened her eyes again, she looked into the woman's glassy blue orbs. Miranda's look softened and she smiled lovingly at her. Andy's heart skipped a beat. Miranda was displaying her beauty and fragility so very openly to her. Andy had to swallow. She had a hard time not getting completely overwhelmed by all those strong emotions the closeness to the woman unleashed inside of her. Andy placed tender kisses all over Miranda's face.

"You're my everything, baby."

"I want to feel you inside of me, Andy." Miranda whispered, emphasizing the nickname as if it were the most sublime word in the world.

'Everybody calls me Andy.' But Miranda had never been 'everybody' and would never be.

In that exact moment, Miranda filled the nickname with new meaning, not only adopting it into her vocabulary and their relationship, but making it her own, like something precious and unique that was exclusively connected with their closeness from then on. Andrea didn't say a thing. While her lips brushed against Miranda's half-open mouth, she carefully moved her hips forward and inch by inch guided the shaft inside. Her eyes never left Miranda's face, whose eyes fell at half-mast. After a moment Miranda's fingers clasped Andrea's waist and held her in place.

"Ah, please slow down."

Andy froze, but tried not to panic. "Oh, oh have, have I hurt you?" She wanted to draw back, but Miranda's hands averted her attempt.

"No, just stay still, sweetheart."

Miranda smiled encouragingly at Andy and added: "I only need to adjust. It's a bit more to take than your fingers."

Andrea blushed slightly and smiled back at her before she bent over to lick one of Miranda's hard nipples. In response Miranda cocked her head back and made that strange guttural sound which always drove Andy crazy. Miranda's grip around her hips tightened, but then her hands wandered slowly around Andrea's waist until her fingers dug into Andy's buttocks, pressing her body forward and the cock deeper into Miranda.

"Oh, oh god," Andrea moaned when it was fully inserted. The ridges which rubbed against her clit and the sight of Miranda little by little losing control made it hard for her not to come instantly. Now she knew how a premature boy must feel when he wasn't able to hold himself off any longer. She paused, keeping her eyes closed and waited until the first huge wave of arousal receded. Only then she slowly withdrew and thrust back inside, feeling her own motions manipulate the ending inside of her. It really felt like she was physically connected to Miranda. Andy could even imagine being actually inside of her which aroused her so much that she groaned. She looked down again, watching in fascination how her cock, glistening with Miranda's moisture, slid in and out of her pussy.

"Does it feel good, Andy?" Miranda whispered.

Andrea kept moving while she looked into Miranda's eyes. "Oh baby, yes, I feel so very close to you. Do you like it?"

Miranda breathed heavily, nodding. "Look at me…and fuck me."

"Oh Jesus, Miranda, I dunno how much longer I…I can last," Andy whimpered.

It was true, if she looked at Miranda's ecstatic face: the slightly parted red lips, those barely visible lines around her mouth, her oh so familiar and distinctive nose, her enraptured eyes – too much to take in and not explode like a firecracker.

"Look at me, sweetheart," Miranda repeated while one of her hands reached for Andrea's face, caressing her heated cheeks.

"That's all I've ever wanted. Just to see and feel you like this…," Andrea leaned down and kissed Miranda's mouth, slowly and sensually. Her tongue emulated the motions of her hips, entirely taking possession of Miranda like she never had before. Her hands wandered up and down Miranda's warm and so soft body, caressing every single part, stroking over the silky stockings that covered Miranda's legs and back up, her thighs and her curvy waist until she reached those two perfectly shaped mounds. It felt so good to fuck Miranda and being able to touch and kiss and caress her at the same time.

Looking into those deep blue eyes, Andy wanted to give Miranda all her love and passion – all of it and at the same time consume everything the woman had to offer. It seemed as if Andrea's body had a mind of its own. Her hips moved faster and even more rhythmically back and forth while Miranda twined her legs around her waist to press her yet deeper into her. One of Andrea's hands slipped between their two bodies, groping for the sensual nub of Miranda's clit. Andrea let her fingers wander over the soaked shaft, feeling it sliding in and out of Miranda's body. It was hot and sticky between their thighs, smelling sweet and musky. She let her index finger slightly brush over the hard little button.

Unlike every other expression or utterance Miranda usually made, the noises she made when she was aroused were unrestrained and unbridled. She wasn't able to control herself any longer, but groaned into Andrea's mouth, sucking her bottom lip before she bit down, still moaning and pressing her heels against Andy's ass. Andrea felt the leather of the Louboutins on her bare skin as well as Miranda's erratic breathing in her face when she finally couldn't hold back any longer.

"Miranda…I…", but she paused when Miranda suddenly cried out while her body went stiff and her legs held Andrea in place like a vise.

"Ah…yes…Andy…oh god."

That was when Andrea's own body began to tremble hard and she came, moaning and repeating Miranda's name over and over again. It took Andrea a while until her heavy breathing stopped and went back to normal. Miranda's piercing blue eyes smiled at Andrea while she licked her wet lips.

"I…I think I like to be on top." Andy stroked a strand of white hair out of Miranda's sweaty face.

"I believe you do," Miranda breathed while her eyes twinkled.

Andrea didn't want to move. They were sticky and sweaty and she was warm, but she didn't want to lose their closeness. So she just placed her head on the other woman's chest, listening to the sound of a heart that was still beating wild and fast.

"Are you hungry?" Andy eventually asked.

"Not really. Are you?" Miranda whispered while her fingertips drew invisible circles over Andrea's back.

"No, I'm not…I'm just asking because I intend to do this again very soon." Andrea shifted her weight a little – this time on purpose.

"Oh, oh you do?"

Andrea looked up and into Miranda's eyes. "Yeah, but maybe we should give my PC-muscles a break and squeeze in another exercise instead…um… one of my favorite exercises, to be exact."

Andrea kissed the woman on the lips while she withdrew very carefully and then pulled the device out of herself. She crawled back on Miranda's side and whispered to her: "Do you wanna know what it is?"

Miranda only nodded, licking her lips again.

"I want to taste your pussy."

Contrary to Andrea's plans, she and Miranda fell asleep and only awakened shortly before midnight. Both then decided to take a chance and went down to the hotel's restaurant, which was fortunately still open and, to their luck, still offered some finger food and dessert.

Andrea asked Miranda about their future again and she in return asked Andrea what expectations the young woman had. Andy thought a little while, until she very openly stated that she would be forced to move out of her apartment sooner or later because she couldn't afford to pay the high rent any longer. Andrea further explained to her that the money from Runway would last for another three months to live in her apartment. She of course didn't suggest moving in with her, but Miranda was no fool. She knew what it meant. She and Andrea decided to take it slow. First they had to introduce her to the twins. The girls had to grow accustomed to Andrea and the new situation. A quarter of a year seemed too short, but they would have to see how things would turn out.

Miranda had also received a short message from Stephen, who had only written to her to take a look into the Herald Tribune first thing Monday morning. She didn't write back to find out more about the mysterious news, because Andrea expressed having different plans with her. The second time with their new toy didn't go so smoothly in the beginning. The young girl suggested trying a new position, which had brought unpleasant memories to Miranda. For a short moment she contemplated to tell Andrea about the night with Wayne, but she reconsidered and consented to Andrea's wish. She decided that it was a much better idea to overwrite the terrible memories with new ones.

It turned out that it wasn't so easy for Andy, considering their position, to hold the toy inside of her. When it happened the first time and the item slipped out of Andrea, falling down to the floor, she burst out laughing, rolling on the bed and holding her sides. She laughed herself to tears while Miranda just stared at her in irritation until she glanced at the ridiculously-looking item on the floor and consequently had to chime in the laughter.

They soon went over to using their fingers and tongues and made love to each other until dawn. Of course their plans for getting up early and renting a boat were quickly put aside when the alarm clock went off at 8:30, at a time when both had just fallen asleep two hours ago.

Andrea snuggled into her while Miranda looked at the brunette's soft features. The girl's hair was a mess and her lips were slightly sore from all the kissing and other things they had done.

"I luve u," the girl had mumbled before she had fallen asleep.

Miranda existed in that very moment. For the first time in years she didn't worry about the future. In fact, her head was pleasantly blank and her heart felt light – like before she knew about Stephen, Richard and James and, and yes, maybe even before Jacqueline. She felt like a fresh lover who had never spent her love before. It was a true moment of joy – quiet and not at all spectacular, but honest and deep.

The End