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Take Flight

Chapter 11: Epilog

'Mt. Justice Infirmary'

After waking up, they moved Dick to the Mt. Justice Infirmary. He was still weak but he no longer had a risk of death. The team was telling him how terrified they were when his heart started going crazy.

"It was horrible, you and M'Gann were screaming in pain! And your heart was going insane, Dick!" Wally said sadly.

Dick let out a weak cackle, "So that's why my chest hurt." He said simply.

They all started laughing.

Dick looked at them all, seeing how worried they were. It really made him think about what would happen if he really did pass away. How would the team react? Would they morn? Or would they try and kill Zucco? He guessed it didn't really madder. As long as he was ok now, and everything was slowly going back to normal; he once again let out a cackle.

They all started asking questions. Like why he had slipped into a coma. And what he and M'Gann saw. They answered their questions as best as they could; without telling everything.

"So what did you see in there?" Artemis asked.

"Well, we saw his greatest fear." M'Gann said.

"So what is the boy wonders greatest fear?" Wally asked curiously.

M'Gann looked at where Dick laid on the infirmary bed. He had fallen asleep. His breath fogging up the oxygen mask a little, "Maybe some other time, Dick needs his rest."

They all turned to the boy that was asleep; they silently left. Not wanting to disturb the small boy.


Bruce walked in the infirmary. Dick was staring at him. "Hey Bruce," the boy smiled.

"Hey Dick, how you feeling?" Bruce said lovingly. Sitting by the young boy.

"Like crap," the boy said. Hey, at least he was speaking the truth.

"Then I have the cure." Bruce said simply and handed a container to Dick.

Dick's eyes widened, after a few seconds he had a devilish smirk on his face. He took the container and opened it. Revealing hot cookies, thank you Alfred! "You'll have to thank Alfred for me." The boy said closing the container.

"No need, young Master." Dick looked towards the door. Where an old British man was standing.

"Alfred!" Alfred walked in and gave Dick a hug.

"Master Bruce told me everything that happened. That man deserves more then to simply be put in jail."

"Alf, it's OK, everything is fine now. Who knows? Maybe in a few weeks I'll be hanging out with Wally again or facing a random Gotham villain. Like, Mad Hatter or something." He said with a smile as Alfred and Bruce laughed.

His parents had fallen. Taking away everything he had. Everything he ever wanted. Everything he ever needed. He was alone. Zucco had clipped his wings, making it so he could never fly again. He never thought that a man such as Bruce would come into his life. And be his second father. He never thought he would see Alfred as a grandfather. Or the team as older brothers and sisters; he hadn't even thought he would see Barbra as more than just a friend. Even more than a sisterly figure; not that he would ever admit it.

But with them; every single last one of them. He had regained his ability to fly. And with that he could and would Take Flight.

~Robin Fan Forever