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Setting: SPN: General Season 1

Description: Semi-AU Reincarnation Drabble Series — Inseparable. Two sides of the same coin. Destiny. It was inevitable that history would one day write them back into its course as brothers. Arthur and Merlin have been reincarnated numerous times throughout history, this time as Dean and Sam Winchester. However, fate has taken a darker turn and as their previous lives intersect and reflect into their present ones, the brothers must fight, not for, but against their destiny.

A/N: This was originally a revisited idea in my other drabble series, "You Can't Explain That," but I've decided to give it its own space in a separate fic. There will be a variety of styles, non-chronolgical order, and consist of a whole range of genres, from angst to humor. The nature of this fic is automatically AU, but I will be attempting to keep it mostly canon-compliant as far as events are concerned. Usually, I do not warn for minor language, but because Merlin contains no language, I will do so for this fic. (Don't forget to refer to individualized chapter warnings in case of violence and strong language.) As I'm devoting much of my time to reaching my goal of a drabble-a-day for YCET, updates are going to be very irregular, added as they come to me. For those who are following YCET, the first three chapters will be reposts. Hope ya'll enjoy!

Dean remembered first and, for once, it was Sam looking incredulously at his brother, wondering if he had lost his mind.

"You think you're who from where during what time period?"

"Oh c'mon. Don't tell me your idiot ass can't remember."

"Dean, man, I mean, we've got hit upside the head a couple of times and said some pretty wacky stuff...but Camelot?"

"I'm serious, Sammy. I'm Arthur and you're Merlin."

Sam sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Gimme sec. Here. You'll remember this."

"Dean, what-"

"Don't be an idiot, Merlin."

"You're kidding, right?"

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