Hello, everyone. So this is the prologue of the fanfic I'm writing for obsessed-naruhina-fangirl. It was her idea and I appreciate her letting me use it. The first chapter will be up in two to three days. Hopefully it will be good because I worked pretty hard on it. This whole prologue is from Awakened.

Disclaimer: We know P.C. and Kristen Cast wrote this. I know that I, for one, am very thankful to them for doing it


"Nyx?" Jack whispered awestruck.

Like a veil lifting, the woman was suddenly fully visible. She raised her head and smiled up at Jack, as exquisitely lovely as she was evil.

"Yes, little Jack. You may call me Nyx."

"Neferet! What are you doing here?" The question burst from him before he could think.

"Actually, at this moment, I'm here because of you."


Jack looked at Neferet-really looked at her. She'd changed, and in his heart he knew why. She'd accepted evil. Utterly, completely, totally. He'd understood it before without really knowing it. There is nothing of Light or me left in her. The voice in his mind was gentle and loving, and it gave him the courage to clear the dryness from his throat and look Neferet squarely in her cold, emerald eyes. "Not to be mean or anything but I don't want what your offering. I can't help you. You and I, well, we're not on the same side." He started to climb down the ladder.

"Stay where you are!"

He didn't know how, but Neferet's words commanded his body. It felt like he was suddenly wrapped tightly, frozen in place by an invisible cage of ice.

""You've made this almost too easy for me, boy, with your honorable refusal of my offer." She made a throwing motion at the sword. Wide-eyed, Jack was sure he saw something black wrap around the hilt. The sword turned, turned, turned, until the upraised point was aimed directly at him.

"There is your sacrifice. He is one I have been unable to taint. Take him, and my debt to your master has been fulfilled, but wait until the clock chimes twelve. Hold him until then." Without another look at Jack, Neferet slithered out of his sight and into the building.

When the clock began chiming, Jack knew what was going to happen. He knew he couldn't stop it-knew his fate couldn't be changed. Instead of pointless struggle, last minute regrets, useless tears, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then-joyously –joined Rachel and Kurt in the chorus:

I'd sooner buy

Defying gravity

Kiss me goodbye

I'm defying gravity

I think I'll try

Defying gravity

And you won't bring me down!

He fell gruesomely, horribly, onto the waiting claymore, but as the blade pierced his neck, before pain and death and Darkness could touch him, his spirit exploded from his body.

He opened his eyes to find himself standing in an amazing meadow at the base of a tree that looked exactly like the one Kalona had shattered, only this tree was whole and green, and beside it was a woman dressed in glowing silver robes. She was so lovely Jack thought he could stare at her forever.

He knew her instantly. He'd always known her.

"Hello, Nyx," he said softly.

The Goddess smiled. "Hello, Jack."

"I'm dead aren't I?"

Nyx's smile didn't waver. "You are, my wonderful, loving, untaintable child."

"I'll miss Damien."

"You'll be with him again. Some souls find each other again and again. Yours will; you have my oath on it."

So, yeah. There it is. I think it came out pretty well. I am working diligently to finish the first chapter and get it up. I hope you'll like it.

Music for Fanfic: Pretty much the whole "Ceremonials" album by Florence + the Machine.