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Chapter 4

Damien and I had spent the past few hours staring into each other's eyes. Our bodies were intertwined and we were still naked. We made no sounds, for we had little use for them now that we could hear each other's thoughts. My hands lay on Damien's chest, stroking or motionless at random intervals and Damien's hands were, of course, on my ass. It was his favorite part of my body. I could remember when he'd first told me. I could remember everything he'd ever told me.

It wasn't until much later that we actually got up, still silent, and gathered our clothes for a bath. Somewhere in the back of my mind I noted that I had to be late afternoon but I didn't really care what time it was.

I washed him, he washed me and it felt so intimate that my heart sped up, as though it were trying to tell him how much he meant to me. I knew he could feel its fevered beating and hear my thoughts, so heartfelt and filled with love that he would never be able to doubt us again. I would never forget us again.

His thoughts were a mess of love, relief, and incredulity. He couldn't believe that I had remembered. It was obvious he had resigned himself to the fact (or what he had thought was a fact) that I wouldn't ever remember. As though I could ever completely forget him. Even when my mind hadn't recalled our love my heart and soul had.

I held him tighter knowing that he still needed reassurance that this was truly real. The water felt cleansing, as though it were slowly but surely washing away the pain, loss, and grief that had plagued him. When the water lost some of its heat we turned it off and dried each other gently exchanging soft and tender kisses.

Jack, my sweet Jack. His soft thoughts were accompanied by his sigh of contentment.

Always so possessive. My mouth quirked up into a small smirk as I teased him, he was constantly calling me his. Something I didn't mind (in fact I enjoyed it) but loved to tease him about.

Dry and wrapped in our towels, we padded down the hall back to our room. Now that I had my memory back I could lead us down the familiar hall. It felt like home here. We passed several paintings and wall fixtures that Zoey and Aphrodite had added so that "it wouldn't look so dang (which Aphrodite quickly corrected to damn) creepy down here."

We arrived at our room and quickly dressed before heading to the room everyone had selected as the dining and conference room. Everyone was already there, chatting and eating. When Damien and I walked into the room they all looked up and stared, at me. I was on the verge of freaking out before Damien's soothing thought rang in my head. They're staring at your marks, hun.

I had honestly forgotten about them and tried to think of something to say but my thoughts were interrupted by Aphrodite's blunt question. "When in the hell did you get marks?"

That seemed to snap everyone out of their trances. Zoey stood and stepped forward, forever the leader, and shot a look at Aphrodite but nodded in agreement. "When did you get marks, Jack? I think we would've noticed them before." Her face, along with the face of every other person in the room, was a mask of confusion.

They were all still staring at me like I'd grown a second head. Their scrutiny made me stutter. "I-I had a dream." Damien's hand came to gently rest on the back of my neck soothing me so that I could tell the rest of the story. "Before I died Neferet was trying to talk me into joining her. I-" I stopped quickly at the look of astonishment on everyone's face.

They don't know you have your memory back, honey. Damien thought to me gently, with a touch of amusement. Oh yeah, I guess that that was important knowledge.

"You have your memory back?" Stevie Rae's shout was the loudest. They all had the biggest smiles on their faces and it was infectious. It was nice to know that I was truly missed, that they actually considered me a part of the "group". I had always thought they only let me hang around so long because I was dating Damien. It appeared that they actually considered me someone whose presence mattered.

"Yes. I got it back last night." My smile was a large as everyone else's and I felt Damien love and happiness seep into me through our bond. Goddess, he was so happy.

Aphrodite had a small smile on her face (I knew she'd always loved me despite what she showed) but, apparently her curiosity was too great for her to allow us more than a second to bask in the happiness of my full return. "Continue your story," she said hiding her eagerness. Everyone sobered at that and curiosity overtook their features.

"Neferet was trying to talk me into joining her and I said no, of course. She told someone or something standing in the shadows that she had found one she couldn't taint for her sacrifice. I remember being held in place and then I was with Nyx. She told me that I was dead and that I would see Damien again. That's when I woke up on Grandma Redbird's farm. Last night I had a dream. Nyx came to me. She told me that I should help Zoey and Damien in the upcoming battle. I had no idea what she was talking about but I said of course. She then said she would reward me with my memory. I thought she was leaving but right before she faded out completely she told me that the beast inside of me wouldn't hurt, but help. Oh, and that everyone would always know what side I was on." I had to catch my breath a bit after all of the talking and everyone sat stunned. Even Damien was shocked, as he hadn't known about the dream.

Shaunee was the first to speak up. "What did she mean 'the beast inside of you'?" Erin nodded her agreement with her twin's question.

"I have no idea. Nyx is kinda freaking cryptic." I said honestly. I was completely mystified Nyx's statement.

Zoey laughed and I remembered that she out of everybody would understand. "Yeah, Nyx isn't exactly straight-forward. The answer to your questions will become clear in time. It always does."

I huffed a bit at her equally as cryptic answer. As I looked her over with her raven hair and kind but fierce features I realized that she reminded me of Nyx. It was obvious that Zoey had the favor of Nyx just by looking at her. Her marks were a stark contrast against her pale skin. Oblivious to my scrutiny, Zoey walked back to where she was sitting before and everyone went back to eating while discussing what they had just heard.

Damien was still looking down at me, a small smile on his lips as he silently listened to my thoughts. "You hungry hun?" He thought to me. I nodded with a smile on my face. As he led me over to the kitchen only one feeling was radiating through my body, contentment.

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