YESSSSSS! I finally got the remake of Amnesia, or Something More? out!

I'd been rather distracted with my Disney-KHR mix fic, and my one-shots... ( - _ - ) Anyway, I rewrote the entire plot, so it's gonna be slightly, maybe a lot, different from the original one you guys have read... It's under the title- Mysteries of Tsuna - at the moment...

I'll try my best to explain some things that might be confusing as I'm starting to lose interest in this idea, since I had to plan it out (oh, the horror!) and the idea of trying my hand at drawing it into a doujin is so tempting :| Enjoy~~

Oh, I need a new title for this! I don't wanna go back to Amnesia, or Something More? :O Sorry, I'm being picky at the moment!

Yoshikuni Itoe :)