Consequences of Confessing your Fantasy

This story is based on an idea I had a while back when I realized there are many women reading slash who keep it a secret from their boyfriends/husbands because they are afraid of their reaction. This is what I wish would happen to them if they 'came out'.

Thank you Malice Slashlover for pre-reading and Sue273 for betaing. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

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Chapter 1 – A Fantasy Confessed

Emmett takes my hand in a death grip, dragging me upstairs, as if I wouldn't willingly follow him anywhere. Doesn't he realize I'm completely desperate for him after all this time of him teasing and flirting with me? Finally, we're alone in his bedroom, and now I won't let anything come in the way of having his dick in my ass.

He flings me to his bed, his scent hitting my nose as I bounce up and down on his mattress and I breathe him in deeply. Then he's on me with all of his weight, kissing me hard and moaning into my mouth, "Fuck, Seth, I want you! I'm tired of trying to stay away from you. I want you so much!"

All I can do is groan as his lips attack my neck.

I'm panting along with Seth. After all these chapters of the author teasing us readers with the character's strong attraction and their friends interfering every time they try to get alone, finally they're going to have sex.

I, and a lot of other readers, have begged the author to please find a way to keep Alice out of the boys' business so we can all finally get some relief, and this morning the chapter we all have been longing for was in our inboxes. I've tried to save it until lunch but it was screaming at me to read it, and I just couldn't wait any longer.

Emmett's dick is in Seth's ass, and I love reading about it. For a long time now, I have secretly been reading about gay men having sex and it's so hot! It excites me on a completely different level than a male and a female together. Squeezing my thighs together, I wish I was there with them in the room, observing them, with or without their knowledge, it doesn't matter, I just want to watch.

I wish I had the guts to tell my husband about this, that the nights I attack him in bed and he finds me wet without him doing anything, it's because I've fantasized about two guys together. I wonder what he would think of me if he found me watching gay porn.

Later in the evening, everything is ready for dinner when my husband comes home from work. I've been looking forward to seeing him all day and pull him by his tie to me for a kiss before he has even taken off his jacket.

"Ew, gross!" I hear our youngest child say. We both start smiling and kissing each other is hard when we start laughing into each other's mouths. I look over at Rose; she's so cute pretending she doesn't like seeing that Jasper and I love each other. He picks her up, making her squeal when he swings her around. I guess he gets in a good mood when I kiss him enthusiastically when he arrives home.

Taking her hand, I lead Rose into the kitchen. "Let's fix you a plate, baby. Daddy and I can kiss more later," I say, winking at Jasper where he stands grinning from ear to ear.

Our oldest child has gone to his room for the night, and everything has quietened down when I stand by the kitchen counter making lunches for next day's school. Humming to myself, I suddenly feel a hand on my ass, slapping me hard.

"You are so sexy, standing here, wriggling your behind like that." Jasper playfully tugs on my hair and kisses me with warm, soft lips.

"Mmm," I moan softly, feeling it deep down in my belly. "I like it when you pull my hair like that," I whisper to him.

"Like this?" he asks. I feel his warm breath on my neck as he carefully pulls my hair again, this time a little harder.

"Ugh, I'm just going to put these in the refrigerator. Maybe it's time to go to bed?" Smiling at each other, I can see warmth and happiness in his beautiful eyes, we both know what my question means. "You go get ready first," I tell him.

I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and go to our bedroom with just a towel around me. He's there, waiting for me with the reading lights on, but he isn't reading. He's lying on his back with one leg over the other and his hands behind his head; he's still so attractive to me, after all this time we've been together. I think I won't ever get tired of seeing him naked.

Rising up, he grabs my towel and pulls me to him. "Come here, Bella, I want to look at you." I fall into his arms, stroking his warm, soft skin and hard muscles. Maybe I should tell him of my fantasies tonight. I really want to share them with him, but I'm also afraid he won't like it.

"I have been waiting to feel you all day," I whisper and kiss him softly on his lips.

"What have you been reading today?" Jasper says, his stubble scratching my neck as he smiles against my throat.

"I read a little bit at lunch," I admit, kissing his chest. "I read about something I would like to try someday, if it's okay with you." I peek up at him.

Looking down at me, he's smiling. "What did you read about?"

"Um, it's a really well-written story about a gay couple." Holding my breath, waiting for his reaction, I let my finger glide down to the hair below his navel.

"I read about them having sex, and it got me so worked up." I feel my cheeks warming. "When I read about them, I pretended that one of them was you."

I hear him moan softly and look up to his face. He has red spots on his cheeks and his normally blue eyes are almost black, staring at me. Maybe he isn't repulsed by the thought of what I had read. "What are you thinking?" I whisper.

"I like that you think about me when you read those stories. Do you ..." he swallows, "... do you like to think about me with another man?" His breathing is as hard as mine is.

"Yes!" My voice is hoarse. We need to talk more about this, but I need him right now. Kissing from his chest down to his dick, I see it's standing erect, waiting for my mouth. At least some part of him likes the same as me. I grip him firmly at the base, licking along his shaft and up through the slit before wetting my lips with my tongue to get more moisture.

He grunts and pushes his hips up. "Oh, more please!" he moans and places a pillow behind his head to have a better view over what I'm doing to him. Wasting no time, I take him in my mouth and suck.

"What were you thinking about that you wanted to try with me?" he asks me softly when we're both spent and not in a hurry anymore.

His earlier positive response gives me courage to tell him more about it. "I was thinking that..." I swallow hard. "...maybe I could try to find your prostate with my finger? I would like to see if the stories are true. If it's as good as it often is described." I quickly add, "But only if you want to."

Biting my lip, I wait for him to answer, and it comes suddenly when he kisses me hard on my mouth.

"I love that those stories gives you ideas that you would like to try with me. I thought you read about men and women having sex. I had no idea men having sex with men turned you on."

"I wasn't sure what you thought about it, so I was afraid to tell you. I know that you're mostly open-minded, but I guess I was afraid you would be negative about something I like very much. I would love it if it was something we both liked and could share. Slash is all I ever read now after I discovered it, actually."

His face is relaxed and he's only smiling at me, not frowning or disgusted, as I feared.

"I'm not afraid of us playing with my ass, if that's what you're wondering," he says to me.

I'm almost asleep when I feel him stroking my back. "I'm so lucky to have you!" I mumble. His hand moves to my hair, his fingers softly scratching my scalp. "No, I'm the lucky one," I hear him say.

A/N: I wrote a small part of this first chapter as one of my assignments in PTB's Smut University Summer of 2011.

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