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Futuretake – 6 months later

Jasper and I have been to the city many times together, but never to visit Edward and Riley or to go to a gay club. This weekend we're doing both.

A couple of pre-club drinks in Edward and Riley's apartment make me more relaxed. I'm almost giddy when we enter the club, and introduced to some of their friends. I didn't know exactly what to expect of a gay club. Stupid, vague images of big, muscular men with shaved heads, leather vests and skinny young boys in their laps are soon replaced with an understanding of the reality. There are all kinds of people here, just like in any other club, and most of them look just like our little group.

Well—maybe not quite like our group. Watching Jasper drinking and laughing with Edward and Riley, I realize that at least Edward stands out here, and he gets a lot of lingering looks from people. Then I notice a man stare at Jasper from head to toe and I send him a stern look and put my arm around Jasper's waist when he sees me watching him. The man just winks at me and smiles before he turns away and disappears into the crowd.

Riley elbows me. "Afraid of a little competition there, Bella?" he chuckles at me. "Afraid that Garrett will make a move on your handsome man?" I look up at Jasper, trying to see him the way others might see him. We've been together for such a long time and even though I find him very attractive, it's kind of hard for me to see what he must look like to others, he's just 'Jasper' to me.

Riley takes my hand. "Come on, B. Let's do what we came here to do!"

I finish my drink in a few gulps, take his hand and follow him out to the dance floor.

Dancing with Riley is so much fun, and the drinks I've had might have made me a little uninhibited, because when I feel someone put their arms around me, I lean back without hesitation. I feel Jasper's chest. He hugs me, his hot breath against my ear as he whispers how sexy we look, moving like this and it makes me gasp.

Edward mimics Jasper's stance and hugs his boyfriend as we all follow the rhythm of the thumping beat. Pressing my ass against Jasper's crotch is so natural; his tight grip at my hips holding me against him and letting me feel how this affects him, all of our touching is familiar.

Soon Riley and Edward's eyes are dark with lust in front of me as they move against each other, grinding in a hugely arousing way. They give each other a look before moving past me and pressing themselves against Jasper, making him gasp into my ear. I turn around in his arms, needing to watch them all together as they rub and grind against each other seductively.

Riley and Edward squeeze Jasper in between them and touch him all over for everybody to see. We all know by now how much Jasper likes it when Edward takes charge. The way they both handle him now makes Jasper's eyes roll in their sockets. They hold all of my attention, making me hardly notice when the man from before suddenly squeezes in front me and tries to get my attention.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I say, trying to move past him, not wanting to break my eye contact with my men, but he holds me lightly, smiling down at me. "Your man is busy. Why don't you dance with me instead?"

Riley called this man Garrett before, and since they know each other, I try to be polite to him. "But ..." I say, trying to watch my three men grinding sweatily together.

Garrett puts his hand under my chin, forcing me to watch his face instead. "But what?" My eyes flick over to the others. They seem to be in their own world over there. Garrett lets go of my face and turns to look at them, too.

"They are sexy to watch," he says, moving behind me to watch them with me. "You don't get jealous watching him like that?" he asks me against my ear.

"Oh no," I say. "He's mine. This is just for fun, like a sex toy I hold and use on him?" I have no idea how well Riley knows Garrett or what he would think of our arrangement if he knew.

He leans a little closer to my ear. "Yeah, I can see it on your face; you love watching him like that. So turned on by Riley and Edward touching him in front of you. It's almost like they're having sex with their clothes on."

I gasp at his words.

He leans even closer to me, making sure I hear him over the music. "I like watching them, too. It's like a live porn movie."

I turn around and stare at him. "You like watching, too?" I would never have admitted this, or asked him this if I had been completely clear in my head, but he just shrugs nonchalantly at me.

"Yeah, so? What's not to like?" He looks at me. "You're Bella, right?"

"Yes," I say slowly, wondering what will follow his question. "How well do you know Riley, really?"

"Let's just say I know him well enough to know who you are and how well you all know each other."

I gasp at him in shock—Riley. He must have told him. His smile is friendly enough, though. I'm not sure what to say to him, but luckily, Riley comes to my rescue when he puts his arm around my shoulders.

"Garrett, I told you to stay away tonight, didn't I?" he says annoyed.

Garrett only laughs at him, blows me a kiss and when he turns around and walks away, he smiles at me again, one eyebrow raised. I think he mouths "Later" before he turns around and disappears in the crowd.

"Come on, baby." Jasper's there by my side, too. "We want to go now." He's almost panting in my ear, reminding me quickly of our other reason for this visit. I'm going to need to have a serious conversation with Riley later, though.

"Yeah, let's go," I say and take his hand, following them outside to hail a taxi to Edward and Riley's apartment. In the cab, we're eager and excited for what we all know is going to come. We don't talk about it for the sake of the driver, but we sit and send each other looks and knowing smiles.

Finally there, Edward pays our driver and we hurry up the stairs and walk straight to Edward and Riley's bedroom. They've placed a chair there for me, right by the end of the bed and I immediately sit down.

For a few seconds they stand watching each other before Edward breaks the silence. It's been a couple of months since we last saw each other up at our cabins and tonight Jasper and I don't know what they'll be doing yet.

"Jasper, I want you to strip," Edward starts his instructions. "Get completely naked. Riley and I are going to kiss you all over."

Jasper's eyes get impossible darker at Edward's words, but he has a little worried wrinkle on his forehead. "Uhm, maybe I should go take a shower first?" he asks, taking a small step towards the door, but Edward's hand shoots out, stopping him with a hand on his chest.

"Why?" he demands.

"Well ..." Jasper's eyes flick between them. "I must stink after all that dancing and sweating tonight."

Riley laughs and steps close to him. "Jasper, don't you know that Edward and I like that kind of smell?" His fingers start at Jasper's collarbone, stroking down his chest and lower to his jeans, tugging at the belt buckle. "Now, listen to Edward like a good boy and undress yourself!"

Jasper swallows almost as hard as I do with Riley talking like that. He glances briefly at Edward, who stares at him expectantly with his arms crossed in front of his chest, then starts unbuckling his belt slowly at first, then more determinedly. Soon he's standing naked in front of them, his dick half-hard between his thighs, twitching a little as Edward and Riley eye him from top to bottom and up again, slowly.

Riley licks his lips. "I think I'm going to like your plan for tonight, Edward," he says without taking his eyes off Jasper. "But we need to work on him." He points at Jasper's dick.

"Fuck," Jasper moans. "What have you planned? What are you going to do to me?"

"You'll see," Edward says. "Now, get on the bed and lie on your back."

"A little higher."

It's only when Jasper's head bumps into the headboard, Edward nods satisfied. "Perfect."

He and Riley are still fully clothed as Jasper lies still and stares expectantly at them. Riley pulls out a thin scarf from his back pocket and takes a step towards Jasper.

"What are you going to do?" Jasper asks again, eyeing the scarf. "Did you ..." he swallows. "Did you have that with you all this time?" His eyes have grown dark and his cheeks are flushed.

"Put your hands together over your head," Riley instructs him, crawling up on the bed beside him. Jasper does as he says without any hesitation at all. Riley secures his hands to the headboard and looks down at his face. "You all right?" he asks Jasper softly, pulling lightly at the knot and smiling when Jasper nods.

"I remember how turned on you were the time we caught your hands in your t-shirt," Edward says as they slowly undress before Jasper, who's lying there helpless and indisposed, his eyes following their every move.

"You were too frightened then, weren't you?" Riley asks.

Edward smacks his sock against Jasper's thigh. "Now you're so fucking ready," he says.

They crawl up the bed on either side of him and Riley leans close to Jasper's armpit, inhaling deeply. "Mm, oh yeah! Fuck you smell good," he moans and attacks Jasper's neck. They start kissing and licking him all over, just as they promised. Riley bites Jasper's nipple just as Edward pinches the other one, making Jasper's hips buck up, his cock now standing red and proud, pointing right up.

Riley stares at Jasper's cock, and the leaking drop at the tip. "No, Ri, remember our plan," Edward stops him.

"Ah, why not?" Jasper asks. "Let him suck me, Edward. I want it!"

Edward chuckles at him. "No, I don't think so. We'll follow my plan." He turns to Riley. "Find him a pillow."

Riley grabs one and places it under Jasper's hips. Edward has the bottle of lube in his hand, but places it at the bottom at the bed for now before they each take one of Jasper's knees and start biting and licking up his thighs and soon their faces meet in the middle by Jasper's balls.

Edward spreads Jasper's ass cheeks apart with his fingers as Riley licks and sucks around his sensitive groin. Jasper lifts his head, trying to see what they're doing to him, he's breathless and his face flushed. Edward leans in, takes one long lick over Jasper's opening and Jasper's head falls against the pillow as he groans, and arches his back. Edward smiles wickedly at Riley. "I think our boy likes it!"

"Oh fuck! More!" Jasper moans, pulling at the scarf.

"Well, all right then." Edward dives in, pressing his tongue inside and starts fucking him with it as Riley watches and grabs his own dick, pumping it.

"When is it my turn?" he wants to know.

Edward straightens up, his mouth glistening with spit, and opens the lube, spreading it between his fingertips as Riley takes over his job, opening Jasper's tight muscle. He pumps his own dick, just as Riley does, breathing heavily between Jasper's thighs.

"Here, take some of this," Edward says to Riley, offering him the lube but Riley shakes his head.

"No, I don't think I need to use it. He's open enough."

They both straighten up, pumping their own dicks over Jasper's stomach and find his hole with their other hands, both of them pushing fingers into him from between his wide open thighs. They're all breathing heavily. Edward and Riley fuck Jasper's hole and massage his prostate as their other hands furiously fly over their cocks.

"Ah, you need to slow down, Riley," Edward breathes when Riley throws his head back. "Remember our plan."

"Oh fuck," Jasper whines. "Please touch my dick!"

"No! You're going to come this way," Edward tells him.

"Come, Jasper!" Riley says, angling his fingers just right and Jasper's dick erupts white, long threads on his stomach, all the way up to his chin. Edward and Riley pump him through it, prolonging his orgasm the best they can before he goes all limp and they can concentrate fully on themselves, pumping their own come out of their balls all over Jasper, making a pool of come on his stomach.

It takes a few seconds for them to look up and see Jasper grinning widely at them. "Can you untie me now?" he asks.

Edward does it as Riley smears the come on Jasper's stomach. "You might want to take that shower now," he says as Jasper stretches his arms and looks up at me.

"Are you all right?" I ask him.

He grins at me. "Oh yes! How about you joining me in the shower?" he says sitting up slowly.

When we're back home again on Sunday night, I check my emails and Facebook as usual. Since I started posting my story, I have a lot of support from my readers and I feel surer in my own writing. During the next few days, I'll write a new chapter using our weekend as my inspiration.

To my surprise, I have a new friend request on my real life Facebook account from Riley's friend, Garrett. He's written me a message reminding me of who he is. At the bottom, he's added, "Riley's told me about you guys and your arrangement. He hasn't betrayed your trust by telling me. I promise you, your secret arrangement is safe with me. You see he knows you and I have many things in common, Bella, with what we like and enjoy. Riley suggested I contact you, because he thinks you and I would have a lot to talk about and could find support in each other. I hope you'll accept my request."

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