Clary takes a deep breath. Looking solemnly, into Jace's eyes she explains her deep feelings for Alec, choking back tears. Jace sits unperturbed, scratching his nipples tenderly.

"And so, that's why…I just think…it's best we go our separate ways. I want you to know it's not you it's me…A-and there's a bright side to this, you know? Now you and Simon can be together?" Clary says, clutching her turkey necklace with fear. Jace is still unstable and she has no idea how he will react.

Jace sits quietly for a long while, Clary gazing patiently up at him before he removes his earphones and grunts "did you say something?"

Clary groans with frustration as Jace makes a comment about ham and leaves. What's the use?She thinks,He doesn't care either way.

Laying her head down on the crusty café table, she thinks as she often does often does of Alec's smile, his eyes, his curly hair but it isn't long till her train of thought swivels to the topic of his sexuality. He could never love her. Clary clenches her fists in fury and digs into her pockets to find her phone. Her hand meets a hard piece of metal which turns out to be Sebastian's cheap costume bracelet, found in his hideout. Clary looks at it for a long time, and at closer inspections, discovers a small compartment at the back. She moves to reveal the contents when someone elbows her in the face and screeches like a baby gazebo.

"Hay soul sistahh!" squeaks Jordan excitedly, plopping himself on the chair opposite Clary who hurriedly stuffs the bracelet into her pocket.

Jordan begins listing off the many ways Maia had managed to abuse him before breakfast and how many other ways she would abuse him when it becomes known to her how Jordan had failed to catch a baby deer for her.

Clary doesn't care if she's quite frankly honest. Jordan's squeaky voice and abnormally large head aggravates her to no end. She suggests a walk deep into the forest where she could secretly euthanize him however guessing the inevitable pain, Jordon refuses. Instead they walk to the institute to visit Sebastian.

Sebastian's rehabilitation had been a long process, 4 and a half hours to be precise. During which he had lost all his excess cellulite gained from months of binging. He had considerably improved upon his personal hygiene and disposed of all his porn. He was a new man. He had shed his evil disposition and had adopted a kinder more genuine smile; still Clary couldn't shake the nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right. Oh well she shrugsprobably my beaver fever acting up again.

Clary and Jordan enter the Institute drawing room to find all the Shadowhunters gathered round the large oak table. Maryse stands at the head rapping aggressively in Italian. Jace is staring longingly at a picture of a surprised Simon sitting on the toilet; Isabelle is texting her most recent downworlder boyfriend, Luke and Jocelyn are dirty talking about corn syrup, Maia is sharpening her butt-torture equipment and Magnus is sitting as far from Alec as he can, while nervously licking his elbows.

"Ah, Clary, Jordan; you're just in time." Maryse exclaims "Take a seat!"

Clary lets out a squeal of excitement before racing toward the seat beside Alec who rolls his eyes in response. Clary had spent the day with Simon and his band-mates who had taught her their best pickup lines, she had practiced and practiced and now she was ready. As Maryse starts her long winded speech, Clary seizes her opportunity.

"uh, hey Alec." She stammers.

"yo." Alec grumbles.

"s-so do you like dragons?"


"b-because I'll be dragon my balls across your face tonight."

"I-I what" Alec turns beet red but this does not discourage Clary.

"you know, if I w-were and astronaut my first stop would be Uranus."

"are you... trying to be racist..or?"

"do you work at Subway?"

"what is subway?"

"because you just gave me a footlong!" Clary produces several gnomes and starts juggling to demonstrate her passion.

"are you high?"

"Are you Irish, Alec?

"What is even happening?"

"because when I look at you my penis be Dublin" Clary does the worm.

Alec silently rocks back and forth in the corner of the room, his arms around his knees like a scarred child as several antelopes gallop around him in sorrow.

"Enough!" Maryse strikes her fist against the table to call everyone to order. "The main reason I have gathered you here is because I have some excellent news. The New York Shadow hunter institute is about to welcome two new residents, I expect you to treat them with the upmost care and respect as they are widely revered shadowhunters."

" But aren't we widely revered shadowhunters, Maryse?" Jace mutters.

"Yes but these people are prodigies. They don't pretend to be pregnant and glue bagels to my wall, Jonathan." Maryse yells.

Jace and Alec high five in response while doing their secret handshake which involved several crotch movements and a tree.

Maryse opens a bottle of vodka just as the institute bell rang. "that's them" Maryse squeals in an animalistic fashion.

She races downstairs to greet her guests while everyone else impersonates various sea creatures back in the drawing room. This, however, is called to halt as they lay eyes on the new shadowhunters.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Falin and Cristopher Hallows". Clary hears a sharp intake of breath from Alec's direction, glancing over, she sees him staring star-struck at the honey-haired boy at the drawing-room door. Openly seething, her eyes wander over to the girl who is quite obviously his sister; if their matching hair and catlike eyes were any indication.

Clary's immediate hostility towards anyone remotely more attractive than her leaves her with very few female friends however she vows to herself that she would befriend this girl. "hey I'm Clary but all my friends call me ball-breaker—"

"No one calls you that shitdick"

"Shut up Luke at least I have a dick" Clary flicks her hair with an air of superiority that no one dares challenge "Want me to give you a tour of the institute?"

Before any of the newbies have time to reply, Jace summersaults onto the table with a tribal shriek, rains chocolate sprinkles onto the newcomers and speaks in a menacing tone "If you two are so prestige how come we've never heard of you?"

"Because we weren't buttfucked by moonlit hobos on the eve of Jesus-day." murmers the girl, Falin. Jace bows his head in defeat and sprouts wings.

Clary proceeds her tour of the institute after which she shows them to their designated rooms to settle in.

While unpacking her belongings, Falin spots her antique trinket box in which she stores her demon narcotics. So entranced by the shimmering blue powder, she does not hear the heavy door fly open and a certain shadowhunter stroll in.

"watcha got there, homeskillet?"

Falin shrieks and tries to conceal the box behind her "It wasn't me it was the gypsies I swear!" she thrusts a haddock in his face and retreats further into her bare room.

"the sparrows fly south for the winter, child."

Falin quickly regains her composure as she regards the boy before her with uncertainty. He gazes back steadily and reveals a small box of his own with an assortment of demon drugs to which Falin grins widely in response.

"I'm Sebastian." He slouches down beside Falin's bed and gestures for her to join him as he cuts the greyish blue powder into lines.

"You're pretty" she takes the first sniff and sighs with pleasure.

"Thanks. My hands are big enough to cure typhoid."

Impressed, Sebastian glances at his own hands and realises that his bracelet is missing from his wrist. The only other place it could be is in the secret compartment of the crack house he was hiding out in. Ice cold fear pumps through his veins

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