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A three year old Tsuki ran to her clearing to escape the mobs that were looking for her stayed in the village, she had never been to the abandoned temple at night before and was a little scared as she approached the building. She wandered inside just as it started to pour outside, Tsuki shivered in the cold and hurried to the room she usually slept in since she was kicked out of the orphanage and hoped her Papas were there tonight. She knew they wouldn't show themselves right away so she settled down on the bed she had made and snuggled under the thin, somewhat warm blanket she had found and placed in her hide out. The three year old was soon asleep as a white wolf and a 6 tailed silver fox came into the room and noticed her, the wolf growled when he saw a shiner on her right eye and came over to lick his adopted daughter's cheek as she shivered in the cold.

Aizen sighed as he looked at Gin who nodded and worked his fox magic to change the room in to something warmer for the night, the room shifted into a warm bedroom and the makeshift bed became a soft round feather bed with warm comforters and fluffy pillows as Gin panted from the effort. Aizen then looked outside as the moon rose above the horizon and they felt their bodies shift to human form; Aizen sat on the bed and stroked the small child's light blonde hair from her face as he gave her a gentle smile, Gin chucked as the toddler stirred and woke up and she squealed happily at seeing them. Tsuki crawled into Aizen's lap to cuddle as she shivered from the slight chill in the room, leftover from before the transformation. Aizen smiled as he asked how her day was and she told him everything including how the one shopkeeper nailed her in the eye with a frozen solid, moldy orange.

Aizen hugged her as he asked if she could describe the shopkeeper that did this to her, Tsuki looked up at him with innocent eyes as she told him what the man looked like then yawned as she snuggled up to him. Gin gently took her as Aizen stood and slipped out of the room, the brown haired man felt his body transform back into a wolf's body as he ran out of the temple and began the hunt for the man that dare hurt THEIR little one.

Keigo Hoshi was closing up shop when he heard a low throaty growl from behind him, he turned to see as flash of white as he was attacked and had his throat ripped out by the white wolf that attacked him. Aizen snarled as he left the body in plain view then ran back into the woods as he was spotted by a nearby ninja who raised the alarm that the white wolf had struck again…

Aizen headed deep into the woods a little ways from the temple where there was a stream, he washed his muzzle the best he could and sighed at his reflection as he stared into the water. Him and Gin had been cursed by Yamamoto when they were supposed to be put to death because of their rebellion to over throw him, everyone they cared about thought them dead when in reality they were trapped as animals except for in that abandoned temple on moonlit nights. Aizen then hurried back to the temple as he heard the dogs of the Inuzuka clan following his scent, for some reason the ninja avoided the temple like the plague thus why he had never been caught after his killings of those that hurt Tsuki. He turned and watched the dogs stop outside the clearing the temple was in and the ninja joining them, he saw them make signs against evil and he tilted his head back and let out an eerie howl that had them running back towards the village. He wagged his tail happily as he trotted inside and Gin greeted him softly as he cuddled a sleeping Tsuki, he changed back as he entered the room and they gently placed Tsuki in the bed for the rest of the night.

The three year old woke to yelling in the distance for her and sat up under the ratty blanket she had first fallen asleep under when she had arrived at the temple, she quickly grabbed the change of clothes she always kept here and hurried out into the sunshine where a familiar Ninja she always got along with was walking by. She called out to him and he turned as he paled when he saw where she was, he called for her to look out as Aizen came up behind her and nudged her in his wolf form. She turned and squealed as the other Ninja including the Hokage came to the edge of the clearing, The Hokage watched in fear as Tsuki tackled the wolf with a cry of joy and then watched in amazement as the wolf's tail wagged happily and it licked her face causing the toddler to giggle. She cuddled into its side causing the Hokage to wonder why the wolf wasn't attacking her, Tsuki was then nudged towards the ninjas by the wolf and she said loud enough for the ninja to hear "Do I have to, Daddy Sousuke?"

The wolf seemed to sigh and stood to take her hand gently in his mouth and lead her to the ninja then backed away with a final lick to the cheek and turned to run back into the woods. The Hokage stepped forward and scooped Tsuki up who squealed in delight as he checked her over for injuries, she hugged him as she chirped good morning and he was about to ask her if she was hurt or anything when her tummy growled loudly. Sarutobi sighed as she looked up at him with pleading eyes and then smiled as he told her they would go eat soon but he wanted her to go to Inu so he could talk with the Ninja. Tsuki nodded happily and reached for her big brother as he gently took her and walked out of hearing distance while the Hokage gave the order that the wolf was to be captured NOT killed.

Two hours later…

Aizen was exhausted, the ninja had surrounded his and Gin's temple home and he and Gin were being hunted by the Inuzuka's dogs. They both ran as fast as their paws could carry them when the ground suddenly swallowed them up causing startled yelps as they fell into the hole, Aizen landed first then Gin as he collided with the Wolf's back and then hit the ground. Aizen frantically tried to jump out but the hole was too deep, Gin could see the panic in his friend's eye as Aizen was a bit claustrophobic and the hole being too deep to get out of was not helping. They then both felt something hit their neck as their vision became blurry and passed, when they came to, they were in separate cages inside an office as the Hokage came in and stopped in front of the cages with an unreadable expression.

Tsuki was worried as she headed back out the forest because of the mob chasing her, the temple laid just ahead and she put on a dash of speed and hid inside before they could see her and catch her. She ran to her room hoping her papas would be there but they weren't, she then tried to sneak out the back but was driven back inside by stones that the villagers were throwing as they had surrounded the old temple. Tsuki whimpered as she hid in the temple but never knew that the villagers were braving their fears of the clearing to places torches of fire in front of every exit and then ran as the temple caught fire. Inu arrived with his squad and apprehended the villagers as Inu tried to get to Tsuki who was crying out in fear as the fire approached her hiding spot, the flames were too high and too hot for Inu to get through and he yelled for Tsuki to run to the nearest exit when he heard screams of pain coming from Tsuki as the fire reached her…

Sarutobi, Aizen and Gin were running to the temple as they saw the flames reach higher and Inu's anguished cry echoed over the forest. Aizen realized why the temple was on fire and howled his rage as he surged forward and leapt over Inu's head into the flames, he howled as he kept low to the ground trying to catch Tsuki's scent. He then heard a very weak "Daddy! I'm over here!"

Aizen hurried to wear she was and snarled at her condition and then gently grabbed her blanket which was miraculously untouched and draped it over Tsuki's body as he licked her cheek , he then grabbed the collar of her shirt and dragged her inch by inch towards the exit. He howled as he got as close to the exit as he could and Sarutobi managed to use water Jutsu on the exit's flames so Inu could run in and grab Tsuki, Aizen ran out at his side as he prayed his and Gin's adoptive daughter would be ok. Aizen whined as he looked over his shoulder that their home which was almost done burning to the ground then focused his attention to his little moon, she was being examined for the burns on her body as she was limp in the doctor's arms but the doctor laid her on the ground sadly and told them there was nothing he could do for her except make her comfortable in her last moments. Aizen's eyes went wide as he felt something wake up inside his body and began to push its way out of his chest since the 12th division captain couldn't remove it when Yamamoto trapped them in their current forms, he whined in pain as the Hougyoku dropped to the ground pulsing with power.

Sarutobi looked at the small gem that had fallen out of the white wolf's chest and watched as the wolf gained a gleam of hope in its eyes, the wolf gently picked up the gem in its mouth and placed it on the centre of Tsuki's chest then placed a paw gently on the gem as he closed his eyes. The gem began to glow brightly as a brilliant light surrounded the fox, the wolf and child, the light soon died and revealed a fully healed Tsuki with some slight differences. Sarutobi gaped at the cute wolf/fox combo ears, claws and extremely fluffy wolf/fox tail that Tsuki now had and her hair was more of milk chocolate sand color with silver streaks. He looked at the wolf and fox that were wagging their tails when Sarutobi noticed the gem was missing, he looked for it and found it embedded in the centre of Tsuki's chest; he made to reach out for it when he got a low growl from both canines and quickly withdrew his hand from the gem. He looked at them and asked what the gem had done and Gin scratched out that the gem had saved Tsuki's life by acting on her deepest desires and would continue to help her as she grew.

Sarutobi had a pretty good idea why she had the new features and asked "she truly wanted to be related to you through blood…didn't she?"

Aizen nodded as he nuzzled his pup and laid down beside her on her right while Gin laid on her left, Sarutobi smiled at his adoptive granddaughter's new fathers then sighed as the council would try to pin the deaths that the wolf had caused on Tsuki and he knew he had to take the reins back if he wanted her to live a normal life…

The next morning…

Tsuki woke up with a small headache as she felt funny for some reason; she looked around the room she usually stayed in when with her adopted grandfather and noticed both her papas cuddled up next to her on the bed sleeping. She smiled and reached out to scratch Gin's ears to wake him up when she noticed her reflection in the mirror and screamed as the two canines were up in a second and found her cowering under the covers, Gin and Aizen realized what must have happened and Gin crawled under the covers to lick at her face and asked what was wrong. Tsuki was scared half to death by the demon she had seen in the mirror when her daddy Gin urged her to come out as he nuzzled her lovingly, she crawled out as Aizen blocked the mirror for her causing her to shiver at the scary memory of the demon she saw. Aizen looked at her and nuzzled her as he softly said "Tsuki? Are you alright sweetie?"

Tsuki sat up in surprise as she realized she just understood her Daddy Sousuke like when he was human, she nodded as he licked her face then gently got her to lay down for a snuggle. Tsuki enjoyed the gentle licks her Papas were giving her when Aizen then licked her ear which felt different, her ear then twitched causing her to freeze. Aizen quickly nuzzled her then jumped off the bed and walked towards the mirror, Tsuki knew what he wanted and slowly lowered herself to the floor then headed for the mirror. She closed her eyes as she stepped in front to Aizen's amusement and she then opened one eye then the other as she stared at her reflection. She tried to back away whimpering at her new features but Aizen stood behind her as he nuzzled her hand and told her that she really was his and Gin's daughter now, that bit of news made her stop and look at her daddy Sousuke in surprise then she tackled the wolf in a hug with pure joy on her face.

Aizen smiled as she then went the mirror and looked closer at her reflection while she reached up and touched her new ears, she felt them twitch at her touch and giggled as she said "They're soft!"

Aizen smiled as Sarutobi came in and chuckled at seeing Tsuki playing with her ears gently, he then became serious as he told Aizen and Gin softy that the council was trying to blame Tsuki for what Aizen had done to the people that had hurt her causing Aizen to growl and Gin to snarl softly. Tsuki then toddled over to hug her papas, Aizen nuzzled her happily as he thought "NO ONE is ever going to take her from us….we won't allow it!"

Tsuki smiled as she was on Aizen's back and they were heading to the council room where they could hear arguing over Tsuki. Aizen growled in his throat as Tsuki slid off his back and pressed close to him while Gin was draped gently around her shoulders, she whimpered as Sarutobi patted her head then opened the door and roared at the two arguing groups to sit down and shut up. He then motioned for Tsuki, Aizen and Gin to come in and Tsuki pressed closer to Aizen as her cute little ears went down against her head, needless to say, she was hugged by Kanna Haruno and Tsume Inuzuka and cooed over how cute she was with her ears and tail. Aizen and Gin watched in amusement as their little one was hugged and cooed over by the two females while Sarutobi was trying hard not to laugh, he soon got his laughter under control and asked the two ladies if they could go back to their seats. They nodded as they gave Tsuki one last hug and then returned to their seats, Tsuki was a little scared and pressed up against Aizen as Gin twined around her ankles when they began to loudly argue about her. Tsuki whimpered in pain as the room became divided in a yelling match and caused her to burst into tears because her new ears were hurting from the volume in the room. Aizen whined as he licked her face and Tsuki whispered as she buried her head into his neck "I don't like this, it's scary and it hurts my ears Daddy!"

Aizen then told her softly to cover her ears and as she did as he said, Aizen let out a loud eerie howl causing everyone to look at them and notice the crying three year old as she covered her ears. Needless to say even Danzo felt bad when he saw the crying three year old, Sarutobi used the quiet to regain control as Aizen and Gin calmed Tsuki down. The three year then yawned causing Aizen to curl up in a corner and Gin led Tsuki over to him, she snuggled up to Aizen as she laid her head on his side and promptly fell asleep with Gin snuggled up near her tummy. The meeting took another hour to finish and Sarutobi chuckled at the adorable sight of the small family curled up together, he gently woke them and Aizen yawned as he turned his head to look at his daughter and couldn't help but wish she could take on an animal form so he could carry her without disturbing her sleep.

Suddenly a small flash from the Hougyoku had them looking at Tsuki as her body changed and shrank in the form of a wolf/fox pup, Aizen blinked in shock as his pup somewhat woke up with a sleepy yawn then snuggled closer to her papas and drifted back to sleep. Aizen's tail wagged as he gently picked Tsuki up by the scruff and Gin watched in amusement as they walked towards the door with Sarutobi, they were shown into his office and Aizen gently jumped up on a soft couch with Tsuki as he lay down with Gin and he placed Tsuki between his paws as she slept comfortably for the rest of the morning…

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