Set after Vexed, but before season 2.

Lost Girl was created by Michelle Lovretta and is Copyright © Canwest Global and Prodigy Pictures.

We're all at the Dal having drinks. Well, everyone being myself, Bo, Kenzi, Dyson and Hale.

I offered to buy the next round, so I'm waiting patiently at the bar while Trick serves another patron.

While I wait I watch our little group. Well truthfully, I watch Bo. Dyson reaches for her hand and their fingers interlace before he gently kisses the back of it. I have to look away.

I know I had my chance with Bo, I had it and I blew it. Since then the only time she's talked to me is to do with a case. I try and be happy for her and Dyson for giving it another try, but really, I just can't be around them.

It hurts too much.

Truth be told, I'm not even sure what I'm doing here tonight. No matter what I do, I just don't seem to fit. I don't mean just now, it's always been that way.

I'm suddenly tired. All the fight has gone out of me and I want to be alone.

"Same again Lauren?"

I nod and then change my mind, "actually Trick, just make it one shot and three beers."

"Sure thing."

I lay my money on the bar as I plan my escape, "can you please have someone deliver them to the table."

I can feel his eyes on me, "sure."

As I get up from the barstool Trick takes my hand, "Lauren, are you ok?"

"Yeah Trick, I will be. Just need to get out of here, that's all."

He seems satisfied and lets me go. Without looking back I slip through the crowd to the door.

As Dom swings the door open for me, I'm hit with a cold blast of air. I decide against a cab and turn towards home.

I've been hyper aware of Lauren tonight, but that's nothing new. I'm always hyper aware of Lauren, it's like she's got some kind of damn tracking beacon that I'm tuned in to.

I'm still mad at what she did to me about the whole Vex situation. Mad and hurt, so I've been keeping things strictly business between us. But I know my resistance is futile and eventually I'll let her try and explain.

I watch her as she waits to be served at the bar. Something seems off, but I can't put my finger on it. I look at Dyson when he takes my hand and kisses the back of it, his desire burning bright. I gently remove my hand from his grip and when I glance back at Lauren I realise what's bothering me.

Normally Lauren is lit up like a Christmas tree. But as she sits at the bar talking to Trick, her energy is dull, there isn't even a flicker of brightness and it worries me.

Trick seems concerned too, but Lauren says something to him and he seems satisfied. As she steps away from the bar it takes a second for me to realise that she isn't heading back our way, but towards the door.

It pisses me off that she would leave without saying goodbye. I excuse myself and head out after her.

I nod to Dom as he opens the door for me and as I step outside all hell breaks loose.

I hear the screeching of car tires and several loud bangs, followed by screaming as people begin to panic.

Fighting my way through the crowd, I desperately look for Lauren. I figure she would have been heading towards her place so I follow in that direction.

Scanning the area as I go I stop dead in my tracks when I see her. She's laying on the pavement about ten feet in front of me, motionless.

I shove people out of the way as I run to her. Falling to my knees, I gently roll her onto her back and gasp. She's barely conscious and there is blood everywhere.

I gently shake her, "Lauren, can you hear me?"

Ripping a piece of my shirt, I ball it up and hold it to one of her wounds. As I press down firmly Lauren grunts and her eyes fly open.

The next thing I know, Trick and Kenzi are beside me. I always did have a knack for stating the obvious, "we need to stop the bleeding."

Trick pulls her shirt up to look at the damage, "Dyson and Hale have gone to get the car, we'll take her to the Ash." He looks worried, which isn't doing much to stop my sudden urge to freak out.

No sooner are the words out of his mouth than Hale pulls the car to a screeching halt next to where we are.

Without hesitation, I pick Lauren up and we all scramble for the car.

Hale is driving like a maniac with Dyson and Trick in the front, Kenzi, Lauren and I are in the back.

Lauren is leaning heavily against me, basically laying on my lap as Kenzi and I put pressure on the worst of her injuries.

Her eyes are unfocused and she is trying to talk. "Too. Much. Blood."

Her body begins to tremble as she goes into shock. As we speed through a red light, Lauren gently squeezes my hand. I look down at her and for a moment her eyes are clear and focused and I can she her love for me.

She smiles up at me before her eyes roll back in her head and her body goes limp.