Starr Manning stood on her toes to reach the top shelf and put the last of the dishes away. She rubbed her back as she came down. That was the last of them. It was two in the afternoon and so far she had done the dishes, scrubbed the floors, and dusted the rental house. She should have a couple hours before she started dinner. She would love to go outside with her daughter, but Patrick had said she wasn't allowed to go outside without him or Cole. It was one of the many rules he laid down when she and Cole arrived in Ireland, along with you must do all the cooking, cleaning, and you can't contact anyone outside these walls. Starr wondered if her father could have guessed this would have happened after they helped Cole escape from prison. They had arranged for them to meet in L.A. From there, it would be announced her singing career was taking off, and she had booked a world tour. In reality, it gave her, Hope and Cole a chance to leave the country and meet up with his parents. She had been happy to go along after Cole told her how much well his parents were doing. In reality, she suspected Patrick had gotten his son back into dealing and doing drugs to support Patrick's activities with the new IRA. Patrick appeared to have grown violent during the time Irene had imprisoned him. He never failed to remind Starr that Irene was her grandmother. While the sins of the father may be passed onto the son, Patrick would see to it that the punishment for the sins of the grandmother would be visited on the granddaughter. Then there was Marty,

"Starr, do you have the tea ready? Liam, Hope and I are ready for our tea time," Marty called.

That was the problem with Marty, she was convinced that a doll was her baby with John McBain. It disturbed Starr that Marty kept insisting that Hope call the baby Uncle Liam and had even slapped Hope when she referred to "doll." Marty and Patrick regularly had fights where the flung Todd, Blair, and Brendan at each other. It usually ended with them agreeing it must be Starr's fault as she was Todd and Blair's child.

Patrick had made sure Starr knew that her father had been arrested and couldn't help her and that without Todd, her mother could do nothing. Starr knew that if he was free one call to her father would have him sending a plane for her and Hope. No one was there to call now, if she could sneak a phone call. She wasn't sure how to devise a plan that accounted for Hope, and Starr was not going to leave her baby behind. There just had to be a way out of Ireland somehow or someone to help her.