Chapter One: Junior Year, 1979

A 16 year old walks his way to the first day of school. The wind blows against his long black hair. He looks up to sniff the air, it is a sweet smell. As soon as his school comes into his sight, a voice gets his attention:

"Hey , Tsukamato!" The voice says.

The voice belongs to a slightly average dressed kid with short blonde hair.

"Yamashito, you're finally not late" The boy with long black hair said.

"Oh, shut up, i'm on a good schedule, what more can you want?" Yamashito said.

The boy with black hair (Tsukamato) laughs, "Stop making a big deal of things."

Yamashito stands in front of the boy, walking backwards, "Hey, Tsukamato, you have to remember, we're juniors now, that means we are part of the cultural festival.

Tsukamato stops in his tracks, "Holy crap, you're right."

"As I always am" Yamashito says sarcastically.

Tsukamato moves the hair blocking his eyes revealing his entire face, "I have to get ready for that. I'm in the play."

Yamashito stops walking too, "Play? What play?"

"The Sleeping Beauty one, I'm one of the heroes who has to kiss the princess."

"Oh yeah, you have to kiss that Mitsuki chick, huh?"

Tsukamato blushes, "Yeah"

"God, you're lucky," Yamahito says, "You get to kiss the hottest girl in all of Yagami High."

"Yamashito, please. It's just a play," Tsukamato retorted.

Yamashito makes his jealous face, "That doesn't matter, you still get to kiss her. Anybody, including me, would kill to be that role. And then they give it to you, Haru Tsukamato.

"Well, they only want to be the role just because they can kiss Mitsuki. I'm doing this so I can make my parents proud, as they never had."

Yamashito smiles, "You like her though, don't you?"

Haru Tsukamato blushes and says, "Yeah, I guess, as a person, that is."

"Oh come on, that's not why. I bet you think she's cute."

Haru snaps, "All right, all right! I guess she's cute. But so what? Who cares? Not me"

"Wow, you confessed fast," Yamashito said.

Haru, with his long hair blocking his eyes again, says, "Hey, its not like i love her, I just like her as a friend"

The two friends finally walk up to the entrance of Yagami High.

Yamashito sighs at the entrance, "Well, Haru, there's no going back, we are officially juniors"

"Ha! Who said I was going back?" Haru retorted, "I'm going to pass by this, and the play like its nothing."

The scene cuts to Haru and Yamashito looking at the class board for juniors to see what class they're in.

Yamashito puts his hands together praying with his eyes closed , whispering to himself.

"Why are you praying?"

Yamashito, with his eyes still closed, "I'm pleading to God to let me be in the same class as Mitsuki"

Haru rolls is eyes and then looks for his name, he scans down the class students list until he finds in class 3-E the names: Haru Tsukamato, Katashi Yamashito, and Mitsuki Takahashi.

"You can stop praying now, Yamashito. Me, you, and Mitsuki are in the same class.

Yamashito opens his eyes excitedly, "Really?"

Katashi Yamashito looks for his name and sees both his name, Haru's name, and Mitsukis name.

"YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Yamashito cheers, getting every bodies attention.

"Why are you so excited? The best you can do is just stare at her," Haru pointed out.

The school principle walked by, "Tsukamato, Yamashito, you two should get ready for class."

Tsukamato and Yamashito quickly turn around and, coincidentally say at the same time, "Yes Hirohata-sensei!"

"Good," The principle started, "Good luck with the play, Tsukamato."

Haru turns around and responds, "Yeah, thanks."

Yamashito looks down, disappointed, "God, is that Hirohata-sensei stillprinciple?"

"Apparently," Haru said in a smart tone.

We then cut to the two friends in home room, Haru focussing on the sensei, Yamashito focussing on Mitsuki, with her short cut black hair.

The bell rings a few seconds later, as quickly as it rang, the entire class stood up.

"All right, that takes care of the first day of school, remember your text books, study, study, study," The sensei says.

Haru stands up, puts his text books in his book bag, and walks toward to door.

The sensei stops him, "Except you, Tsukamato, i need to talk with you."

Haru turns to the sensei, "Of course, Asukai-sensei."

Asukai-sensei smiles, when everyone but him and Haru left the room, he pulls out a chair, "Sit."

Haru sits down on the chair.

"Haru, the cultural festival is coming soon and-"

"Oh don't worry, I know I have to get ready."

Asukai-sensei nods, "Yes, but there is something else I want you to do."

"What might that be, sensei?" Haru asks.

Asukai-sensei takes off his glasses, "I need to you to get in touch with Mitsuki Takahashi, she plays the princess and you're one of the six heroes, and you're the one that kisses her, so I suggest you get a long with her so you two can trust each other when that part in the play happens. Is that clear?"

Haru bows,"No problem." He gets up, picks up his bookbag, puts on his backpack and leaves out the door. While walking to his locker, he sees Mitsuki Takahashi, doing what his sensei told him, he calls her name, "Mitsu-" But Haru stopped, he knew it wasn't polite to call someone he never spoke to by their first name, so he called her by her last name, "Takahashi!"

Mitsuki heard her last name yelled and turns around. Haru runs up to her. "Hi," Mitsuki says, smiling, "You're Haru Tsukamato, right?" Haru takes a breath, "Yeah, that's me."

"You're also in the Cultural Festival school play, right," Mitsuki asks innocently. Haru answers, "Yeah that's right, I also heard that you're in it too."

Mitsuki shyly nods, "Yeah, I play the sleeping princess." Haru tells his role, "I play one of the 6 heroes. I'm the hero that kis-" Haru blushes, not able to finish his sentence.

Mitsuki finishes his sentence, "You play the one that kisses me?"

"Yeah. Heh..." Haru blushed again, "Anyways Asukai-sensei believes that we should get in touch with each other so we could-"

"Hey Tsukamato!" Haru turned around, it was Yamashito.

Yamashito was about to say something to Haru, but then he immediately laid his eyes on Mitsuki. Haru snapped his fingers, and Yamashito snapped out of it.

"I have to go," Mitsuki said, she picked up her bookbag and left the hallway. Right when Yamashito was about to say something, another girl caught his eyes.

Haru and Yamashito were both looking at a girl walking down the hallway. "Oh my God," Yamashito said.

"What?" Haru said.

"That's Akemo Immoto. I try to talk to her. But she never responds to me, it pisses me off at times." said Yamashito.

"Yeah, I think she heard that, douchebag," Haru retorted.

Yamashito continued, "Everybody likes her because of her breast size. I can't blame them."

"Then why do you have the hots for Mitsuki and not her?"

"Well, the thing is... she doesn't really like boys in general. Whenever someone tries to be nice, she doesn't do anything." Yamashito answered. Haru nodded.

The school chime got their attention.

"Damn, thats the chime. I gotta get home," Yamashito said, "See ya, Tsukamato!"

"Yeah, see ya!"

Haru watched Akemi put her books in her book. He admired her long blonde hair as it waved as she walked.

Their eyes met.

"Uh...hum," Haru stuttered.

Akemi lifted an eyebrow.

Haru put his hand out, "My name is Haru Tsukamato."

Akemi smiled and shook his hand, "Akemi Immoto, 3-C."

"Oh! Your a junior! So am I."

Akemi asked, "What makes you think I wasn't?"

Haru was going to say that she looked older but she interrupted him.

"I know. I seem older even though I'm not."

Haru's eyes widened and he thought, Can she read minds.

Haru continued, "Sorry that they feel that way. I think you look like a junior."


"Yeah see ya," Haru exited the school and walked home. She is pretty, thought, but I have to get to know Mitsuki, or the play will suck.

Haru walks into the sunset.

To Be Continued, until chapter 2.