Chapter Nineteen: Invitations

"Oh Haru, I wish I could come along. But I have to study for this Tuesday's test. Which is only in 3 days, I need to get going. I'm sorry." Haru had decided to ask Mitsuki first since he felt that she would in no doubt come to his parents' New Years party. Sadly, Haru was wrong. He accepted her polite refusal however. At least I got Yamashito, Akemi, and Akio, he thought. "It's okay," Haru, stated, "Nobody can be prepared for everything." He walked away, "I hope you have a good weekend." Mitsuki smiled and replied, "You too, I hope you have fun." As he was walking, Haru was looking for a sight of Akemi, Yamashito, Akio, or even the Harimas. He took a corner and saw that Akemi Immoto was standing near the library entrance. Haru preceded to her and stopped in front of her and bowed, "Good morning, Akemi." She was reading a novel in her hands. The print was in English; Haru was surprised that she could read such fluent English. She looked up at him, "Oh hey Haru." The two of them were silent for about ten seconds, and then Haru decided to break the silence, "What are you reading?" The book didn't seem long, but it was full of English words, many of which Haru didn't understand. "Well," Akemi said, "I have excelled at English so my English teacher recommended me to read a book that is full of big English words. I'm reading Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming. It's pretty interesting so far, it's about a British secret agent named James Bond who tries to bankrupt a paymaster for a sinister trade union." Haru tried to dumb down what she said in his mind so he can understand it. He continued to speak, "Well, that sounds exciting." Akemi looked up, "I'm sorry, is there something that you needed?" Haru tried to think of what he was going to say, and then quickly remembered, "Oh yes, my parents are throwing a New Years party, its going to start at 3:00 PM on Monday which is New Years Eve and will continued until 4:00 AM on Tuesday." She was still reading as she was listening to Haru. "Sure I'd like to drop by," she said, with her eyes still on the pages. Haru smiled, "Are you sure? Yamashito might be there." Akemi dropped the book and looked at Haru vengefully, "Why?" Haru backed up defensively, "I don't know, I guess he would want to come as well."

Akemi looked down, "Damn it," she picked her book up, "I lost my spot. But anyway, why do you think it is a good idea for me and Yamashito to be under the same roof during a party, don't you know he can easily get hammered on alcohol and try to make a move on me."

Haru lowered his eyebrows, "My parents wouldn't give alcohol to minor." Akemi looked down again, "I don't know." She was a silent for a couple of seconds and then looked at Haru, "One wrong move and I'll be the hell out of him, okay?" Haru bowed, "You have my permission.

"Done and done," she said. She put her eyes on the book again and said; "I'll see you then." Haru walked and looked around for Yamashito, he was nowhere to be found. Wait a minute, Haru thought. He rushed over to the school nurse's office and opened the door, he scanned the room with his eyesight until he saw Yamashito sitting on a chair with Kyoko Miyamoto sitting in front of him putting a band aid on his finger. "Oh, hey Tsukamato," Yamashito said. Haru was baffled at what he was seeing, "Did you really hurt your finger so bad that you needed the nurse to fix it?"

Yamashito nodded, "When I was looking through my assignments, I got a paper cut." Haru made a face palm in his mind, while in real life; he had an incredulous look on his face. He then continued to speak, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure," Yamashito said, standing up and leaving the room with Haru. Once they were out of earshot, Haru turned around, "First of all, what the hell are doing in the nurse's office?"

"I told you," Yamashito showed his index finger, "I got a paper cut."

"How old are you?" Haru said, dumbfounded. Yamashito quickly said, "Seventeen, why?"

"You are seventeen years of age and yet you are still going to the nurse's office because of a damn papercut?"

"What did you need?" Yamashito asked, dismissing the conversation.

"Ugh," Haru sighed, looking down. He then looked back up, "My parents and I are throwing a New Years party, I wanted to know if you'd like to come along."

"Oh, I don't know," Yamashito, said, "I'm not sure if I have enough time.

"I'm going to ask the Harimas," Haru said walking away. Yamashito bellowed out to him, "If they decide to go, I'll go too."

Whatever, Haru thought, he kept looking throughout the school and finally went up to the rooftop to find Akio. Akio Hashimoto was standing with his hand over the balcony. Haru walked up to him and stood behind him, "Hey."

"Hey, Tsukamato," Akio said back.

Haru didn't want to start a random conversation and then break the ice, he decided to bring it up immediately, "My parents and I are throwing a New Year's party, I wanted to know if you'd like to come along."

"I'm not sure if I have any reason not to go," Akio said, standing beside him, "Anybody else going?"

"Yeah, Akemi, maybe Yamashito, and probably the Harimas," Haru answered. Akio looked over the balcony-seeing students on the ground, "Where do you live?"

"Tomorrow, I'll give all the people I invited directions," Haru said.

"That sounds good, I guess I'll go," Akio said.

"Alright then," Haru said, walking away, "See you then."

Haru later was looking around for the Harimas, he kept looking and looking until he finally saw the Harima girls Mai, Kyo, Kiki, and their brother, Kaito.

He proceeded up to them, getting Kiki's attention, "Oh, hello Tsukamato."

"Hello," Haru said, "I wanted to know if you four wanted to come along to a New Year's party that my parents are throwing."

There was a pause.

Kaito Harima broke the silence, "I'm sorry, I don't think I can, I have test I need to study on Wednesday." Haru looked at the triplets. Mai and Kyo both denied claiming they have a lot of schoolwork to finish. Kiki was the only one that agreed to come along.

"Great, I'll see you later then." Haru walked away, it was almost time for school to be out. Which meant another treacherous night in the guest room.