Uzumaki Prodigy

Me: Hello, My SECOND! Lol-! This time Naruto is a BOY! And a hell of a smart one too… and hot.

Naruto: OH YEAH! This one I support.

Sasuke: No, I'm the awesome character of the manga… Hell people like me better than the Dobe.

Naruto: I'm sorry I think you're the DOBE this time NUAHAHAHA!

Me: Nope, both geniuses!

Naruto & Sasuke: WHAAT!

Sakura: So… Naruto is hot, huh?

Kakashi: Ne, ne give Author some air…

Me: Kakashi~~! Anyway… Hinata got a big role in this one… She's awesome OH YEAH!

Hinata: A-arigatou.

Naruto: Hina-chaaaaaan~~~~

Hinata: *Add – Madly blush.*

Me: We'll start out with a prologue the start of the academy. I do not own Naruto or its character or else I would live a happy life T_T' But hell I live with my mother so I want to commit suicide every day…

Summary: Naruto is a prodigy in class and in team seven. Uchiha Sasuke is NOT happy about his skills and claims them as rivals from their first day at the academy. Naruto is loved by many~ girls, but he loves only one shy little Hyuga. Probably NaruHina SmartNaruto.

''Yo'' – Talking

'Hina-chaaaaaan' – Thinking

''Kit'' – Talking for Demon/Summoning/Inner Sakura/Jutsu.

'Kurama' – Thinking for Demon/Summoning/Inner Sakura/

Warning - … Eh, nothing much this is a pilot so I won't continue this unless I get some reviews.

BETA: Nienerz

Prologue – First day.

Uzumaki Naruto was standing in front of the ninja academy, at that time he was just seven and ready for anything. His hair was blond, spiky and with two bangs framing his face (Think Minato) he had deep blue eyes and whiskered cheeks. He was wearing a black t-shirt with an orange spiral on the back symbolizing the Uzumaki clan, orange pants and blue shinobi sandals. All in all he looked exactly like the fourth Hokage.

It was his first day at the academy and the ceremony was about to start he walked in quietly and shyly, taking a seat beside a boy with a pineapple ponytail. He smiled excited, but as shy as ever.

''Hey, I'm Nara Shikamaru, you?'' The newly dubbed Shikamaru asked, whilst Naruto turned his head around smiling a nervous smile and then answering; ''Uzumaki Naruto.'' Smiling they got to know each other better and Naruto also met an Akimichi Chouji, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino. Turns out he got along pretty well with all four of them.

''Oi! Hinata, over here.'' Kiba yelled calling a shy, cute girl over. She blushed noticing all four were staring at her, and walked over to them. ''O-ohayo Kiba-kun, Shino-kun.'' She said with a low voice playing with her fingers.

"Nice to see you again Hinata. This is Akimichi Chouji, Nara Shikamaru and Uzumaki Naruto." Shino said introducing each boy at the table. "O-ohayo, I-I'm H-Hyuga Hinata." She said smiling at the three.

Chouji and Shikamaru greeted whilst Naruto was staring, until a hand slapped him at the back of his head. ''Stop staring at her.'' Kiba said overprotectively. Naruto scratched the back of his head before shyly responding. ''Sorry, I have it with staring at pretty girls.'' Smiling nervously he looked over to Hinata who were now blushing madly.

"Oh, right… Here take a seat.'' Naruto said standing up allowing her to sit down where he sat. ''Look who's the ladies' man.'' Kiba said looking at all the girls who were staring at Naruto.

There sat on the middle table in the whole class; a blushing Uzumaki, a blushing Hyuga, a half asleep Nara, an eating Akimichi, a bored looking Aburame and a laughing Inuzuka. ''Sorry, I don't really talk to people often so I don't really know what to do or say.'' Naruto admitted, blushing.

In the background Naruto and the others could hear whispers like 'Who's the hunk?', 'He's such a gentleman,' and even 'I wouldn't mind getting that all to myself.' Hearing all this Naruto blushed even more.

''Arigatou Naruto-kun.'' Hinata said smiling a shy smile before sitting down.

Naruto, Kiba and Shino sat behind Hinata, Shikamaru and Chouji when their new sensei came in smiling.

''Okay class, I am Umino Iruka, your sensei. You way call me Iruka-sensei or Umino-sensei if you wish.'' He said smiling at the class. ''Now let's start with introducing ourselves, only have to tell us about your name and dream.'' He said pointing to a raven haired boy.

''I'm Uchiha Sasuke; my dream is to surpass my brother.'' Sasuke said (A/N: This is before the Uchiha massacre). The round went to a pink-haired girl, ''I'm Haruno Sakura, my dream is to… um… haven't thought about it yet.'' then to a pale blond, ''I'm Yamanaka Ino, my dream is to surpass my father.'' Then a certain dog boy, ''I'm Inuzuka Kiba and this is Akamaru, my dream is to become a great shinobi with Akamaru by my side.'' Then Aburame… ''I'm Aburame Shino, I don't have a dream.'' He simply said, moving on to our favorite blond, ''I'm Uzumaki Naruto; my dream is to become Hokage and protect this village no matter what the situation is.'' After that it was Hinata, Shikamaru and Chouji. And the rest of the class finished quickly.

''So, I want to know if anyone of you knows what a ninjas' life energy is.'' Iruka asked watching a few students raising their hands. He looked at Naruto and motioned for him to talk.

''It's called chakra; it's the energy a ninja needs when performing a Jutsu. That energy has two parts. The body energy there is in each of the billions of your cells, and the spiritual energy gained through training and other experiences. These two types are combined, so by bringing out and releasing chakra, you can use a Jutsu. This is done through performing seals with your hands.'' Naruto explained with a gentle smile.

''That's correct, Naruto. Good job.'' Iruka said happily.

''We're friends with a genius Shino.'' Kiba said elbowing Shino, whilst Naruto blushed faintly by the praising.

-Lunch break-

Naruto was walking out alone looking for his new friends. That thought made him smile. ''OI! NARUTO!'' Kiba yelled waving at Naruto. He looked over at his direction seeing Shikamaru, Shino, Chouji, Kiba and Hinata sitting on the lawn.

Naruto ran over to them smiling like never before, sitting down talking small talks with them.

''So, Naruto… how do you know so much?'' Chouji asked munching on some chips. Naruto had answered all the questions in class and were now seen as a smart guy.

''I read a lot. It sort of gets stuck in my head after I read it.'' Naruto answered smiling faintly.

''You mean like a photographic memory?'' Shikamaru suggested.

''No, more like me 'arresting' this information making me the jail.'' Naruto grinned.

''Oi, Naruto… all the girls are looking at you, you need a haircut.'' Kiba said.

Naruto looked around and indeed all the girls were staring at him, making him blush bit by bit. He looked over to the raven-haired boy who dubbed himself as Uchiha Sasuke. The thought of someone having the rest of the girls' attention made him sigh in relief. ''Sorry, Kiba-san I like my hair and I'm attractive.'' Naruto bluntly said.

''Show off. Hinata, want to exchange?'' Kiba asked holding an Onigiri.

''B-but Kiba-kun, I only have onigiri.'' Hinata stammered.

Naruto packed out his lunch, about to eat when getting interrupted by a drooling dog. Feeling pity for the dog Naruto sat his bento box down and smiled. In the box was Teriyaki Chicken and rise. The others looked at him and he just blushed at the attention. ''Sorry, wasn't I supposed to do that?'' he asked looking down at Akamaru.

''You gave up your lunch for my dog?'' Kiba asked, then walked over to him handing Naruto an Onigiri. ''I like you man, you're my new best friend.'' He continued as Naruto grabbed the onigiri. Kiba sat down next to him still noticing all the girls starring at the gentle blond.

Akamaru ate happily Narutos lunch barking at the taste. It was good of course. Chouji and Shikamaru were staring up at the sky watching clouds; Kiba was talking about him and Akamarus adventures, Hinata was listening to Kiba, Shino played with a bug or two and Naruto was blushing at all the attention and looks he got from the girls.

''Shino-san, why do you like bugs so much?'' Naruto asked smiling at the silent boy. ''Bugs are misunderstood creatures, always seen as disgusting and ugly. I see them as fascinating and strong creatures. Why? Because they take care of themselves at a very young age, proving to us that we are the weak ones.'' Shino answered sounding like he had it under control, which he did.

The break was now over and the six friends walked in again.

''Okay students; now let me see how good you are at Taijutsu. Everyone knows what that is right? For those who don't know; Taijutsu is hand to hand combat. No Kenjutsu, no Ninjutsu, no Genjutsu. Understood?'' Iruka asked looking his students over outside the academy.

''HAI SENSEI.'' The children confirmed.

''Good. First pair, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.'' Iruka announced whilst the two boys got over to the field.

''Now that you're here, make the symbol of ''combat'' it's the proper protocols.'' Iruka said showing them the sign. Naruto and Sasuke both made that sign and began.

Naruto swung low landing a kick in his stomach, only for Sasuke to fall over on his hands and quickly get up. Sasuke then sent a barrage of punches at Naruto, but he dodged them all except one hitting him en the jaw, making him fly a little up. When Naruto was flying a little he took the opportunity to kick Sasuke in the head sending him to the ground.

Now Naruto was standing over Sasuke with a fist only inches from his face, and a smile when he realized he won. ''Winner Uzumaki Naruto.'' Naruto stood up listening to the fan girls squeal and yelling his name.

''HN, lucky shot.'' Sasuke defended.

''Actually, you lack of speed.'' Naruto said bluntly not realizing what he said until he replayed it in his head.

''GRR, THAT'S IT! FROM NOW ON YOU ARE MY RIVAL!'' Sasuke yelled out obviously angry.

''Um, Uchiha-san, I'm sorry, really.'' Naruto raised his hands in surrenders.

''NO! YOU ARE MY RIVAL AND WE SHALL STAY LIKE THAT!'' Sasuke yelled out again totally out of character.

Naruto gulped a little nervous to how Sasukes fan girls would react to it. He held out to fingers in the sign of ''Harmony'', and so did Sasuke whilst growling. Naruto stepped over to his friends again, with his head down. ''Great fight man.'' Kiba commented. ''Very strategic.'' Shino said. ''G-great fight N-Naruto-kun.'' Hinata blushed.

''Thanks.'' Naruto smiled at his friends looking over to the now fighting ones… Shikamaru and Chouji.

''Umm… Sensei…?'' Chouji looked at his sensei.

''Yes, Chouji?'' Iruka asked.

''I really don't want to beat up my friend.'' Chouji said smiling.

''That's not what we're doing Chouji. This is a traditional Shinobi Spar,'' Iruka explained holding his tablet, ''even the Hokage and his friends did it to get stronger.''

''It's okay, I lose by forfeit. It's too troublesome anyways…'' Shikamaru stated.

Iruka sighed. ''He got no drive at all. He'll be a Genin forever.'' Kiba said bluntly. ''Not necessarily, why? Because he may live a very long life and thing-'' Shino got interrupted by Kibas annoyance. ''Don't be such a nitpicker man.'' Naruto could only sigh at his friends.

''Stupid Shikamaru, HE'S the troublesome one, and Chouji's spineless.'' Ino exclaimed.

''Ino-chan, you know them?'' Sakura asked.

''Yeah our parents…''

''Fine; Shikamaru, Chouji, the symbol of ''Harmony''.'' Iruka said moving on to the next one.

After the matches Iruka began telling the students about their abilities. ''Okay, the best fighter I'll have to say is Naruto. Congratulations Naruto, you thought about your moves, and when Sasuke thought he had you there you surprised him with that kick. Sasuke, don't underestimate your enemies, they might come back and bite you in the ass. Sakura, Ino… You both need work and to take this seriously or else you'll die on your first mission. Chouji and Shikamaru; there comes a time when you'll have to fight someone dear to you, for the sake of the village, keep that in mind. Shino, you showed good strategy but you lack of power. Kiba, very good but you need a brain… (A/N: SO RANDOM!) Hinata, pretty good, the best girl till now…'' The list went on and on and stopped when he was done and the bell rang for them to go home. (A/N: In other words... I'm lazy.)

After school outside.

''See you guys tomorrow.'' Naruto said waving at the 5 others before splitting up.

'Yup, today was awesome, so much acknowledgement and so little time… through its kind of embarrassing how all those people stared at me. Hinata-san is so adorable… Uchiha-san is scary… Kiba-san, Shino-san, Chouji-san, and Shikamaru-san are great… Yamanaka-san and Haruno-san are pretty scary when they want to be.' Naruto thought on his way home.

''Oi, gaki. Don't show off too much, the villagers would only hate you more for being dangerously strong.'' Kyuubi warned.

'I know, Kurama-nii. But I don't want to be dead-last. What am I going to learn today?' Naruto said sounding like an awesome dude.

''How to take a nap? Lie down on your couch and fall asleep, then wake up later same day felling like shit.'' Kurama lectured.

'TO GRANDPA IT IS!' Naruto then ran off to the Hokage tower.

At the old man's office.

''Jii-san?'' Naruto said looking around.

''Ah, Naruto-kun… come here for a moment.'' Sarutobi said motioning for him to come over.

''Ojii-san I want to talk about my first day! I made some new friends, and some new enemies…. SO AWESOME!'' Naruto exclaimed.

''Well, Naruto-kun… sounds like you had a great day. How was the teaching?''

''Easy… I'm number one at everything already, but I want to graduate at the same time as my friends.''

''Tell me about your new friends, Naruto-kun.'' The Hokage said smiling.

''Shino-san is really quiet, but deep when it comes to his bugs. Chouji-san eats a lot but has a good heart, he sees underneath a person not outside. Shikamaru-san is really lazy, but funny at sometimes. Kiba-san… I think that dude is crazy… he scares me… Hinata-san…'' At this Naruto blushed. ''Is very adorable and kind… and pretty… and strong… really a lovely girl.''

''Seems someone has a crush.'' Sarutobi teased.

''N-no JII-SAN!'' Naruto blushed like crazy.

''Oh please Naruto-kun, you'll realize it and stop fighting it when you get older.''

''Kurama-nii taught me how to take a nap…'' Naruto and the Hokage sweat dropped at this.


-At Ichiraku's ramen stand-

''Teuchi-san, large miso ramen please.'' Naruto ordered sitting down on the chair at Ichiraku's ramen.

''Coming right up, Naruto. How was your first day at the academy then?'' Teuchi asked.

''Awesome, I made some new friends and I'm the smartest in class.'' Naruto bragged.

''Ne, ne, Naruto-kun don't brag.'' Ayame said.

''Sorry Ayame-nee-chan, it's just great to be acknowledged.'' He said smiling warming. ''Though, I could avoid the stares from the girls… It's scary.''

''BEWARE OF THE FAN GIRLS KIT!'' Kurama teased.

Naruto chuckled in his mind at the comment. 'I got you to save me, right Kura-nii?'

''Of course Kit, always.''

Naruto finished his the ordered ramen and the thirteen others… and paid. He then went home to get some rest. 'Guess I'm going to try that nap thing out, nee Kurama-nii?'

''BWUHAHAHAHA! Good luck Kit.'' Kurama laughed a little and took a nap.

Me: Sucky ending I know… As you know… or don't… I don't give a damn… This is just a pilot. So tell me if you want more or if this was a one-shot that couldn't count as a one-shot…. X.x'?


Naruto: I'LL KILL YA' ALL!

Kakashi: Nee, relax please…

Me: Now if this story will continue I have to decide a special ability to Naruto. NO NOT A BLOODLINE! Like the wood element… or Sais painting thingy… or Gaaras sand ya' get it?


It's an original, thank you very much…

Ninja arts: Card to action;

Naruto has a stack of Suit cards… you know with the king and queens etc… taking a card out he can bring the thing to life, by saying the words ''Ninja Arts: Card to Offense'' (Laaame, I know…?) the king, queen, jack will come to life and fight for the Jutsu caster, in offense, whilst from 2-10 and ace will come out like little slaves in defense. ''Ninja Arts: Card to Defence''.

This art can be used in 'Kinjutsu' and 'Ninjutsu', in Kinjutsu Naruto will use wires to control the cards – there can cut through trees if wanted. Also used as shurikens and can enlarge themselves if the user want to.


Iron style;

The iron style can be used to a lot of things; in this Jutsu Naruto uses all five elements to make it as strong as it is, it can be used to trap someone, making weapons on the place, 'iron fist' as an actual iron fist making Naruto incredibly strong. So Nin- Tai- and Kinjutsu. However the Iron style got a weakness, if used too long transformed parts will not turn back to normal again, and it is weak to Genjutsu.

Ninjutsu will have no effect on this one; use fire it will weaken the wind part of it, but make the earth part stronger and the water part will defeat the fire that's been attacking it. Use wind, weaken the lightning, strengthen the fire and be beaten by the same fire. Use lighting, weaken the earth, strengthen the water and die by the wind. Use earth weakens the water, strengthens the wind and killed by the lightning. Use water weakens the fire, strengthens the lighting and killed by the earth.

So simple… e_e'!



Think Gaara… when I say this. You know how the sand always protects Gaara? Think of it in LEAVES version. Same techniques, same reason and same automatic shell. You like it? I do xD!

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