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Summary: Naruto is a prodigy in class and in team seven. Uchiha Sasuke is NOT happy about his skills and claims them as rivals from their first day at the academy. Naruto is loved by many~ girls, but he loves only one shy little Hyuga. Probably NaruHina SmartNaruto.

''Yo'' – Talking

'Hina-chaaaaaan' – Thinking

''Kit'' – Talking for Demon/Summoning/Inner Sakura/Jutsu.

'Kurama' – Thinking for Demon/Summoning/Inner Sakura/

Warning - May or may not contain spoilers.

Chapter 19 – Shukaku and Kurama

Loud clashes were heard from the two battling monsters. The whole village had evacuated and the ninjas were fighting for the sake of them all. In the name of Senju Hashirama, the first Hokage, they were protecting the village they all loved and cherished, but explosions from buildings all over the village made it hard for them to concentrate on just one opponent.

Though, in Naruto's case, he could only hear the loud clashes of the toad boss, Gamabunta, and the one-tailed dog raccoon, Shukaku, when the two amazing power sources fought. It was loud, and he was just barely hanging on to Gamabunta, every time he jumped.

Gamabunta looked relaxed, whilst he took a deep breath from his pipe. "You still there, brat?" he asked, laughing slightly. "I can slow down if this is too hard for you."

Naruto shook his head, no. "Don't worry, Gamabunta-san," he said. "I'm just hanging. But we'll need a strategy and soon, or else we'll run out of chakra before Sabaku-san and Shukaku-san…"

"Are you always polite to your opponent?" Gamabunta asked.

Naruto heard Kurama laugh, inside of his head. "It's true! You really are always polite! Must be because of me raising you! Come on brat, think! You can do it; you just have to use that genius brain of yours to come up with a strategy to beat that weakling."

(A/N: Which means, I'll have to come up with a strategy with that genius brain of mine…)

'We'll just have to wake him up, how hard could that be? He's just a heavy sleeper, right? Which means I'll have to punch him awake? Yosh, here we go!' Naruto thought. "Gamabunta-san, we'll have to get me over to Shukaku-san, so I'll just leave it to you to distract him, alright?"

As silence fell upon both Gamabunta and Kurama, Naruto began to wonder. Was his plan really that bad?

"That's too simple," Gamabunta suddenly said.

"And here I thought you would come up with something cool, like having Gamabunta transform into me to get a hold of Shukaku, and then you'll jump onto him and punch Shukaku's brat in the face," Kurama said, sighing disappointedly.

Naruto felt a vein on his forehead pop. "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, THEN DON'T ASK ME FOR A PLAN!" he shouted, annoyed by the two's comment. 'They get along too well for people who can't hear or see each other…'

(A/N: FUCK YEAH! Not like I can actually do much about it! I'm not that smart!)

With Sasuke and Neji

"Is he yelling at the toad?" Neji asked.

"Can you hear that?" Sasuke questioned.

"I have a good hearing."

"Me too, but I couldn't hear what he said."

"Then you don't have a good hearing, Sasuke."

Two veins on Sasuke's forehead became visible. "Excuse me, Hyuga? Who was it that couldn't even finish off an opponent before me?"

"If I tell you the answer, would you acknowledge that I'm smarter than you?"

"I already know the answer!"

"Then why ask?"

Sasuke sighed, in frustration as he looked up at Naruto again. 'Since when did Naruto get this much stronger? We just left the academy…'

With Sakura

"So, she's okay?" Sakura asked the nurse.

"Yes, she's stable, but she was crushed by those bricks and wood that she might not be able to do a lot of things on her own," the nurse said. "She might even lose the feeling in one of her body parts, we won't know until she wakes up."

'And I who thought we couldn't save her,' Sakura though as he bowed to the nurse and walked away into the waiting room. 'I should've listened to them and not have said those things about ending her suffering. But for some reason, I feel like I want to know more about this… I want to help people just as much as a doctor, or a nurse, helps a patient in a critical condition. I really want to help them…'

She shook her head furiously, as the nurse from before approached her again. "Sakura-san, could you please help the guards in front of the hospital? We're in need for some protection around the hospital."

Sakura looked at her. "Yeah, sure… of course, I could do that." And with a smile, Sakura helped protecting the hospital, already sure about her teammates being safe. 'Because it's Shikamaru and Kiba, they won't die that fast…'

With Naruto

"Hm, this is tough," he muttered. "I didn't know that thinking of a plan would be such a pain…"

"You alright there, Naruto?"the toad boss questioned. "I could help you think of something, but I'm pretty busy trying to keep the Ichibi at bay!"

When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew.

'I suddenly have a bad feeling in my stomach,' Naruto thought, 'what just happened?'

"It wasn't me,"Kurama said, "you might just be tired."

"Naruto, Ichibi is getting stronger for every time!" Gamabunta yelled. "Figure something out, and fast!"

'I'll have to confine him with the Leaf style!'

Kurama sighed. "Is that all you can think of? Naruto, you brat, a tailed-beast's weakness is the base of the tale, that's where you'll make the most damage!"

Naruto felt a vein pop on his forehead. "Why didn't you say that before?!" he yelled, confusing Gamabunta with his outburst. "Alright, I have a plan! Gamabunta-san, you have to aim your attacks at the base of his tail!" And as Naruto gave the instructions, he collected a bunch of leaves with his chakra and turned them into three clones of himself. The three clones jumped down from Gamabunta and surrounded Ichibi, but Naruto's plan was greater than just that…

"What the hell are you planning, kit?" Kurama questioned, but sighed when he didn't get an answer. 'I'm guessing the brat is concentrating too much.'

'Hm, if the base of the tail is his weakness, then he might actually be more focused on protecting that part than any other,' Naruto thought. 'He can't jump, and he can't move. If he does, Gamabunta-san will just find the exact timing to get him down, and he knows it. He's not as stupid as Kurama-nii thinks. I'll have to catch him in the leaf ropes!'

The three clones that stood on each side of Ichibi formed their hands to, first the tiger, and then the ram sign. They were surrounded by trees, so they had an unlimited use of leaves, if that's what they needed. Naruto felt kind of strange, when he watched this, almost as if it was too easy. Well, there was nothing he could do about it, this was his absolutely last resort, and he wasn't going to miss it, no.

And so, the clones formed the ropes of leaves, and tied the tail and the legs. Though, it was tough for them to hold him down, they didn't give up. They just put more chakra into it.

Ichibi looked around at the little brats that were surrounding him. 'What the hell are they doing, that won't hold me down, if that's what they think,' he thought. 'Wait, I can't be fooled by that brat; he probably has a back-up plan… He has me surrounded… I've been cornered by that brat, so not fun.'

'Great, it's working!' Naruto thought with a small smile. 'Now, it's my time…' With a quick jump, as the three clones kept pulling the Ichibi closer, he landed on the nose of the raccoon dog. "This time for sure, Ichibi! I'll stop you with this!"

As Naruto ran along the top of Ichibi's nose, he was stopped by a massive weight on his right foot. The sand had stopped him from moving, but he didn't give up that quickly, no he hadn't! He struggled to free himself from the sand, which was holding him back, but when luck had abandoned him he drew out and explosive tag attached to a kunai and threw it in the sleeping Gaara's direction.

Of course, Naruto had been precise and he had refrained from causing any serious harm on Gaara, and himself, so when the tag exploded, Gaara had awoken and Ichibi was being torn down bit by bit, until all the sand under them had disappeared.

"Well, I guess it's about time for me to disappear as well," Gamabunta muttered, as he vanished in a cloud of smoke. 'Good luck, brat.'

The two people, who shared a similar past with a similar burden and a similar world, were falling to the ground in a fast pace. If they hit the ground from that height and that speed, they would've died, but with a feeling of someone holding on to them, they landed safely.

Gaara was still awake and so was Naruto, when they were caught by two leaf ninjas, Sasuke and Neji. "In a world where cruelty is a part of life," Naruto muttered as he looked at Gaara, with a slight smile tugging his lips. "I didn't believe in peace, until I noticed my own world change…"

With those words said, Gaara, himself saw the true reason for Naruto's strength. The comrades who trusted him and the comrades who would die for him, that was the answer to the powerful being, called Naruto.

Inside of their heads two other people were having a conversation as well: "In the end, you chose the wrong path, Shukaku," Kurama said, laughing. "But my host is right, cruelty is a step to peace, and a step for us monsters, as they call us, to live without worries."

"Kurama," Shukaku growled, "you chose the wrong path as well, how come you're so relaxed?!"

"Because my fellow tailed-beasts were seen as monsters, I was seen as one as well, but don't worry, with Naruto here, we'll be free one day… With the others, too, with Matatabi, Isopu, Son Goku, Kokuou, Saiken, Choumei and Gyuuki," he answered. "You and me, too, Shukaku and Kurama."

With team Nara

"Ichibi has fallen," Genma said looking in the direction of where the big fight was being held. "They're retreating…"

"Mm," Shikamaru mumbled looking at the running ninjas, but his eyes were attracted by the Rock ninjas. "Why did Iwa join the war, too?"

Genma and Aoba looked at the Rock ninjas, as well. "They wouldn't join unless it would've gotten them something, but what can they find in Konoha?" Aoba questioned. "We have nothing they can use…"

"Maybe they just wanted to obtain some date on us," Genma suggested. "They watched our young ninjas fight, and they've seen what we can do against three villages at once… What I wonder about is why they didn't use their Jinchuuriki's, like the Sand used theirs."

Shikamaru perked up. "What's a Jinchuuriki?" he asked.

They were startled at his question, so their eyes widened slightly and they jumped a little. "U-um…" Genma stuttered, "I-I… really want some gin... and tonic."

"What's that?" Kiba asked, joining the conversation.

"It's alcohol, Kiba," Shikamaru answered, sighing. "I heard you say Jinchuuriki, don't even try to lie about that. What's a Jinchuuriki and why did you lie?"

The two Jounins looked at each other, and then sighed. "A Jinchuuriki is a host for a tailed-beast. If one is sealed within a human being, you can officially call them that," Aoba replied. "Jinchuuriki is just a fancy word for prison, if I had to say it."

"Don't Konoha have one?" the Nara asked, pressuring them for more answers.

"Nope, when Kyuubi died, so did all the opportunities of having a Jinchuuriki," Genma said, quickly. 'Stupid curious brats…'

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The war was finally over and a few days later the funeral for the most important person in the village began. Although, they were also mourning for the sake of the ninjas who lost their lives in the battle against the three villages.

One particular boy was having it tough. He broke down crying in the middle of the silence part. Sarutobi Konohamaru, the boy who was very close with the Hokage, who has lost his life as well. Naruto was standing beside him, as he watched Iruka trying to calm him down.

Naruto bit down on his lip, to prevent himself from crying and looked at the sky. "Hold your head up high, Konohamaru-chan," he said without even glancing at the crying boy. "Dying for your village is honorable, and we should honor the ninjas who have died in this war, without crying."

Konohamaru looked up at Naruto. 'He's not even showing emotions, he must be sad as well,' he thought with slight admiration, as he looked up to the sky and tried to do the same thing. 'Grandpa would be sad if I cried, so I shouldn't cry… I should be like Aniki; I should be strong as well…'

But Naruto wasn't being strong. Actually, he was breaking down slowly, but he tried his best not to show it. Hinata was standing behind him, watching his every move. 'He's trying too hard,' she thought, and placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to turn around quickly. "N-Naruto-kun," she stuttered, averting her eyes at the same time, "I just w-wanted to say that, Hokage-sama's death has affected us all. W-We're all trying to stay strong, but we'll break down any minute now… So, if you want to cry, then just do cry, nobody would laugh…"

"I won't cry, Hinata-san," he said, firmly. "I'll honor their memory with peace in my mind."

After the funeral, with Naruto

Although he had tried to stay strong in front of Konohamaru and Hinata, when he sighed and fell onto his bed, he couldn't stop the tears from falling. 'I guess they had to come out at some point, huh?' he thought, bitterly as the tears kept streaming out.

He sat up on his bed to try and stop them, but it only got worse. "Stop it you stupid tears," he muttered, trying to rub them away. "Why are you even falling? I shouldn't be sad… I'm proud of them all… I'm proud of Grandpa Hokage… I-I'm p-proud…"

He stopped talking as he felt the pain in his heart, which he had felt earlier as well, growing. 'Is this… This is the same pain I felt when I was younger… I felt lonely at that time… This pain is unstoppable, why did it have to come back? Why did it have to exist along with tears?'

A sob escaped from his mouth and he clasped a hand in front of it. "Don't cry you worthless eyes!" he shouted. "No, no… It's not my eyes' fault… Why did he have to die?"

"Kit, please relax…"


"For the same reason the fourth died," Kurama interrupted. "You're in pain because you lost something you held dear… You're in pain because you couldn't do anything about it. But don't worry Naruto. That old man is where he belongs. He's with all the other heroes of this village. He's with the first, the second and the fourth. He probably died with a smile on his face, knowing that he would be able to see them all again."

Naruto sniffed a couple of times. "You're pretty lame-" a sniff interrupted him, but he went on, "when you try to cheer me up, Kurama-nii…"

"Shut up, I'm trying my best here…"

A smile graced Naruto's lips, as he leaned back on his bed once again. "Your best is enough…"

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