So my friend said the little phrase at the end and I know I'm currently on a bit of a break from ffn but have broken it with the fic(Internet Censorship Protest(read it but it's now good to know they have been shelved again)) and now this but honestly I am only writing at the moment when inspiration hits me for a drabble or something longer if it's neccessary. Oh yeah, I don't own digimon.

The rain hit the ground like a million pennies on a glass counter all at once. Her little pools of brown stared into his blue eyes as they hid on a bench under a canapé of trees. The rain lessened slightly to not much more than a dribble but still his blue hooded jumper and brown shorts dripped with the water. She raised her pink, fingerless gloved hand and touched his thigh. "I think I should go" she muttered. He looked at her in her knee length yellow dress which was soaked through to the skin and his heart skipped a beat. "Bye T.K" she muttered, getting to her feet slowly and squelching around in her pink plimsolls.

She turned and walked out from the grove that they had sat in for what seemed like an eternity and began to run quickly away. He had to do something now. "Kari!" he exclaimed. She spun and looked back at him
"Wait there" he shouted above the downpour. She sighed and turned around to see him get up and walk over.
"T.K it's pouring down!" she exclaimed as water trickled down her soft cheeks.
"Just- come here a sec" he pleaded, softly. She sighed and walked closer to him until they met on the gravel path that ran through the lush park. She looked at him, at first with patience and then without
"What do you want?" she asked, with a sigh
"You" he whispered, he daren't say it any louder.
"Never mind…" he muttered.

Kari sighed and withdrew the umbrella from underneath her arm and began to put it up. "You'll get twice as wet if you kiss me, you know?" T.K blurted out, without thinking
"Wha-" she began but he locked lips with her and she melted, almost going weak at the knees. The rain trickled down their faces and around their locked lips, it dripped from their hair, it drenched their clothes but they didn't care. It was love.

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