Triggers: One Mature Reference.

They walked through the park with the sun's rays beaming down onto the back of their necks. People throughout the park played and enjoyed the sun loudly, filling the air with the sounds of summer. This didn't last.

The rain hit the ground like a million pennies on a glass counter, all clattering down at once. Her little pools of brown mirrored the pools all around the two as they hid under a canapé of trees. She looked into his blue eyes as they sat on the mostly dry wooden bench, lost in a sea of her own thoughts.

The rain lessened slightly, becoming not much more than a dribble. However, the damage was done. His blue hooded jumper and brown shorts still dripped with the water, making melodic plops into the puddles at his feet. She slid her pink, fingerless gloved hand up his thigh and patted it softly. "I think I should go," she muttered.

He looked at her in that knee-length yellow dress, which was soaked through to her china-like skin beneath, and his heart skipped a beat. He opened his mouth to speak but she was already on her feet.

"Bye, T.K." Slowly, she squelched away in her pink plimsolls. With each soggy footstep, she got further away from him.

He watched her walk away from the little grove they had sat in, for what seemed like an eternity, until the rain intensified again. She began to run, her feet beating the ground in time with the rain. He had to do something—it was now or never.


She spun back, the rain dripping down her face, and looked at him. The water trickled down from her lips as she opened them to speak. "What?"

He quickly tried to think of what to say. "Wait there!" he shouted, trying to be heard above the downpour.

Kari sighed, watching him get up and walk over slowly through the rain. He sure was taking his time considering she was more water than herself at the moment. "T.K, it's pouring down!" She saw a water droplet fall from a tuft of blonde hair, plopping onto his nose with a splash and smiled.

"Just— just come here a sec!" he pleaded softly.

Sighing, she walked back towards him, across the gravel path that ran through the lush green park, until they met face to face.

She looked at him with patience at first, and then it quickly faded. "What do you want?" she asked, sighing.

Clenching his fists, he whispered, "You." He daren't say the word any louder due to his fear; but what exactly was he afraid of? He needed to be brave now, but how could he when he couldn't even slow his breathing enough to form the words that he so desperately wanted to say? His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest and he couldn't give it the relief it needed.


He looked down at the ground, gritting his teeth. "I— never mind…" he muttered.

Kari rolled her eyes and withdrew the pink umbrella from underneath her arm and began to put it up, she was definitely going to catch a cold now.

"You'll get twice as wet if you kiss me, you know?" T.K blurted.

She looked at him, unable to comprehend what he meant. "Wha—?"

His lips connected with hers and she melted, almost going weak at the knees. She dropped the umbrella onto the floor with a thump and raised her arms to touch his face as they kissed. The rain trickled down their faces around their locked lips. It dripped from their hair and their clothes but neither of them cared. This was more important. This was love.