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AN/ This takes place somewhere after The first time but before Sectionals. Kind of AU. 'Cause there's no Shelby, Sam never left. And Puck and Quinn thus never got to see Beth. Also, no Finchel.

This story has been irking my mind for a while now, I couldn't help myself.

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They're losing.

McKinley High football team is losing.

McKinley High football team is losing, again.

She's not surprised, honestly. Or angry, or sad, or confused. How many times has it been anyway? Ten – twenty times – did they ever even win? Should she be shocked or just completely disappointed? Livid or simply sad. She's not. She never will be. It's a typical thing for them to lose. No worries, no anger.

But she will be honest, she might've, a little bit, sort of expected them to put out at least a little fight. She's not asking for a big one, or a gigantic one, just a little fight. Maybe make the effort or some kind?

They don't.

She's not surprised.

Lately she hasn't been surprised about a lot of things. Rachel suspects that it happened the moment Finn cheated on her with Quinn.

Surprised? Not at all.

She should've seen it coming, though. A boyfriend that blows off dates, never shows up at her house, doesn't even bother to pick her up for school anymore – well, that's a boyfriend that's up to no good. A boyfriend that shoots his ex-girlfriend longing looks, smiles at her when he thinks no one is looking (when he thinks she's not looking), and sometimes – just sometimes – brushes his index finger against her arm, oh so lightly. Cherishing her skin as if she's so fragile; that's a boyfriend thinking about banging his ex-girlfriend's brains out.

And to think that she gave him her virginity.


She's somehow not surprised when Quinn tells her – point blank in the middle of Glee rehearsal – that she's been sleeping with Finn ever since Sectionals (they reconnected or something, whatever). She's not surprised about the lack of denial leaving his lips. Not surprised when he shoved an 'I'm so sorry' look in her face. A wordlessly apology. She was devastated, of course. She loved him, obviously it'd hurt.

But surprised? Nope, never.

Its times like those that require chocolate (lots and lots of vegan chocolate) a good old best friend; Kurt Hummel whom might she say is really, really helpful (the movies he brought along with him to her house were perfect distractions, can anyone say; Funny girl). And lots of activities to put her mind off of it.

This brings her to the football game.

Another one of Kurt's ideas.

Kurt told her it would be fun.

But in reality he just needed someone to sit next to him while Blaine jumped up and down screaming; ''Go team! Go!'' And, ''All of you suck! Show me some balls!''

She's not surprised when Finn gives the team a good pep talk – he's always been the leader kind of guy – perfect for her. Because she too is a born leader. Her actions in Glee club are valuable proof of her skills. But then the screaming blond before her, pulls her into this dirty puddle of verity and Rachel needs to remind herself that he's not hers anymore.

Quinn's jumping up and down, blond hair rising and falling, holding her hands up at her mouth and curling it at the sides. ''Go Finn!'' She yells eagerly, clapping her hands.

She's still not surprised about the outcomes of their lives. She should've known. And she thinks, deep down in her heart, she did know. Maybe it was there all along, flashing before her eyes, moving with her body. Maybe she didn't want to look.

Perhaps it was too much to bear, looking in the eyes of truth.

She leans back in her seat, crossing her legs and arms over each other. ''Black widow.'' She mutters softly, as she blows out an exasperated breath. Kurt turns his head sideways, pursing his lips at her demeanor.

Okay, yeah she's still angry. Sue her.

''Despiteful, aren't we?'' Kurt says, the corners of his lips tugging up.

Rachel shrugs, eyes attached to the blond form. She's not entirely despiteful. Quinn claps her hands softly, slowly sliding back into her chair as she slightly moves over to the side and mutters something into Mercedes ear, causing both of them to giggle. She rolls her eyes. Attitudinizers. They're just throwing their happiness in other people faces. No one wants to see that despicable sight. ''Just stating the truth Kurt… It's obvious that she's known to chew her mates before spitting them out.'' Rachel grinds out, motioning a hand towards the subject of their conversation. ''Before anyone can even blink; she'll be over to the next man. Evidently not caring if he may or may not have a partner.''

Rachel doesn't even try to hide her bitterness.

''You know, Rachel...'' he breathes out, sitting up straighter as his eyes glaze over the field. Blaine shouts, flipping his own team off as he looks at the player standing completely free.

Blaine raises his hands in a mock wording. ''Are you guy's blind?'' She flinches, scowling at the field. ''I'm way up here and even I can see that!''

Poor Kurt, that's his boyfriend disgracing him.

He rolls his eyes at Blaine, leaning over his chair towards her. ''This might be a huge dot that you looked over, but surprise, surprise,'' he mockingly pitches in. ''Finn isn't innocent either. The way you make it sound it's like dear Finn is the poor saint in this situation – and Quinn's the sinner.''

''She is Kurt.'' Rachel replies bitterly, unfazed by Blaine's grunts.

He nods, agreeing. ''She is. Just not the only one.''

''Even if that may be… She should've learned from her mistakes.'' Rachel sits up, whipping her hair over her shoulder. ''The first time she cheated, it escalated into a pregnancy. The second time she cheated, she got mono… When will she ever learn? Apparently, punishment for our deeds doesn't do squad because some just turn around and do it all over again!''

She exhales breathily, eyes falling back to the field. Searching for the quarterback. ''He's wrong too… just… Quinn probably said something to him that caused him to do this to me.'' Rachel shrugs one shoulder, jutting her head sideways. ''Other than that he would've -could've- never cheated on me.'' Her eyes fall onto his lean form bending over to the ball and whipping a trail of sweat off his forehead. She finds herself smiling.

How can she not love that?

He purses his lips. ''It feels like you're trying to convince yourself, instead of anyone else.'' Kurt nudges her with his shoulder. She frowns. ''We're here to enjoy ourselves, remember? Not think about ex-boyfriends and vicious sluts with double agenda's. It's all about the game.''

''Come on! Foul play dammit! That's a freaking foul play!'' Blaine threads a hand in his hair, finally falling back into his seat. ''Why does our team have to be so… so… so…''

''Outrageous?'' Kurt finishes.

Blaine nods. ''Sadly, you have described them perfectly.''

Rachel sighs, eyes following Sam Evans as he runs away with the ball. His blond locks brushing through the air.

Kurt has always told her that he looks oddly cute while in completely focus. A serene vibe washing over him.

He kind of does.

Her back leans deeper into the chair. Giving up at following the game when Sam loses the ball right before throwing it into those poles like thingies. Her eyes turn up to look at the sky and her head softly lies down on the railing of her chair.

As her gaze swiftly shifts across the heavens and the clouds invade her sight, she notices a sparkling light moving its way down. It's quite big, not enormously big, or gigantic big. But just big.

She's hundred percent sure, as the object moves closer and she spits her eyes, that it's nothing but a star.

A shooting star.

A bright shiny blue, saturated, shooting star.

Rachel sits up straight. She's never seen one up close. But if she recalls correctly she needs to wish before it vanishes for good.

What should she wish for? Broadway? No, already in the back pocket. Fame? As if, fame will be wishing for her instead. Her mother? Maybe it's better if she doesn't have her at all. Don't get her wrong, she would love a mother daughter bound. But just not now. Just not for a while. Finn? Maybe – maybe… She would love to wish Finn back, but perhapsshe should be wishing deeper. Look into the core of her heart. Like, wishing love. Unforgettable, endless love.

If he's the one – wouldn't love give him back?

She takes one look at the nearing object, forgetting everything around her, as she closes her eyes tightly, exhaling deeply.

She smiles softly, pressing her lips together.

Make a wish.

When her eyes flutter open and a frown cascades over her forehead, she's certain, as sure as the thought that Barbra Streisand and she will meet once in her life time, become her mentor in some way and name Rachel as her other half – that the shooting star shouldn't be coming at them, but moving away. It's a clear fact that it should be happening. Her eyes widen and her lips part, the smile fading from her face like a sun hiding behind the rainclouds.

This can't be, can it?

Reality shows her otherwise, marks in big red broaches that there isn't a star in sight. She warily loses sight of everyone before her, because suddenly, it nears faster and faster and racecars have nothing on this alleged shooting star and speed becomes part of this story tail clashed in a book for infants compared to the rate of this one.

Could this story just end now, follow lineal with it's reign and 'they lived happily ever after' at last?

The footballing man of her dreams halts in his steps, squinting at the object in question as if it portrayed Quinn Fabray in full size. It's bigger now, even brighter. Brighter than thousands of Fabray's together.

That's when she hears a deafening scream.

And they lived happily ever after.

It happens like a flash. Like a blink. It happens unexpectedly before eyelids touch, because the next blink blacks it all out.

There's thunder and screams and cries and she's numb. Then there's a face that she's never seen before and light falling ahead of her. It's a beautiful, blue white, warm light and she thinks that she's reaching out to it. There's blood and exhaustion and she's so completely still that she can't even hear her own name above all the sounds. But someone is calling and she is reaching out, and her fingers. Almost. Almost… Then there's falling minus rising and tears minus grief.

She's for the first time – after all that she has witnessed – surprised.

The world falls before her, breaks into pieces like her heart had prior done. Shatters like the ancient vase that slipped from her fingers when she was cleaning her house. And just like the shards, it lies immobile on the ground.

She blinks.

Rachel wakes up in a white room.

She's lying on this bed with her hands flat next to her and her eyes barley managing to open up. But when they do she's blinded by this vicous white light attacking her sight and her eyes snap just as fast close.

She exhales. It hurts. Even breathing hurts.


Her eyes open, but not fully. They're not ready yet. She turns her neck ignoring the sting shooting throughout her body. It's a hard quest, but she succeeds. And then she sees him. ''Daddy?''

He smiles as an answer and she smiles back.

It doesn't look like a smile – it looks like nothing to be honest – but it's still there. The thought alone lingers in the room.

''I'm so glad you're awake!'' He moves forward to launch his self on her, but her dad is fast and grabs onto his shoulder before he nears any closer. Daddy shoots a curious look at his husband, wondering why he had stopped him from holding his daughter against his chest. Has he forgotten that they've almost lost her? It's a time for rejoicing and damn straight that he will.

When dad looks at him point blank, his eyes shifting from his husband to his daughter, realization finally dawns upon him.

She has just woken up and attacking her with hugs and kisses will only deem the pain to enlarge. ''Oh…''

Dad nods. ''Yeah.'' Hiram walks up to her bed side and lays a protective hand on her knee. He squeezes it lightly, barely able to make her feel. ''Baby, how are you feeling?''

She can't shrug so she settles for answering with a; ''Better.''

Talking hurts.

Her dads pick up. ''You're a fighter baby.'' Daddy says, brushing a soft thumb against her head. She relaxes. ''So strong…''

''What happened?'' She settles on asking.

They look confused, scared. Fearing that the accident might've given her memory loss. It hasn't. She's just in a daze. ''A meteorite attack.''

But this surprises her and shakes her all together.

Then, what the hell is she doing alive?

''What?'' Her squeaky voice asks instead.

Dad brushes his fingers against her knee, looking at her lovely. He's never been happier about something than seeing his daughter's chocolate eyes again. Nothing matters for him than this moment. ''At the football game?'' He asks, instead of telling. Wanting to know if she still remembers.

But she doesn't really remember it.

She vaguely remembers something hitting her; she remembers the pain taking dishonest bites out of her flesh. The exact attack isn't in her mind – but the flash of light, the sparkle of lightening, and the voice calling out her name, is. It's like she's reaching out again. Her fingertips almost gracing light.

Does that even make sense?

''How could this –'' than it hits her like a ton of bricks caving from an avalanche. It slams her against a wall and pins her on her stands. Where are her friends? Why aren't they here? ''W – where's Kurt and Blaine?'' And, oh God. ''Where's Finn? A – and Sam, Noah, Brittany ''

''Calm down honey.'' Daddy reminds her, shushing her when she tries to talk again. ''One of these days you're going to swallow your tongue in if you keep talking like that.'' He humorously puts in. She closes her mouth, leaning back against her pillows. She can do what he asks out of her, but not for long. ''They're in the ICU.''

Something stings behind her eyes. ''ICU?''

Oh God no. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Daddy nods sadly. ''They're going to be alright.'' He tries reasoning. The sting feels familiar. Does it taste just as salty as it did before? Feel just as hopeless as it did prior? ''Kurt has luckily only suffered a minor black out, a few scars and bruises, as does Blaine… But the others, the ones on the field…'' He exhales. He needs to fetch the words. She doesn't think she'll be able to hear them. Take them like a man. ''Baby, they suffered the most.'' His voice cracks like it's one of his children going underneath surgery. He can't say it without blinking back his tears.

And she can't listen without feeling pain.

She shakes her head, a lump forming in her throat. She swallows, once, twice. It won't go. ''How do you mean,'' thrice. It's still there. '''Suffered the most'?''

''Don't scare her Leroy! She needs to focus on her own health right now.'' Hiram scowls.

What she needs is the truth.

''Would you rather have me lie to her instead?'' Leroy bites back, narrowing his eyes.

Hiram shrugs. ''It could've been better.''

It wouldn't. It really wouldn't. She doesn't know what she's capable of if she figured out that they lied to her or held back any information.

''Just tell me the truth.'' She pipes up, raising her eyebrows as far as she can, which is not far. Perhaps it never even moved. Maybe it's her mind saying 'it moved', shoving an illusion down her throat, because sometimes it's fun messing with the victim. ''What's happening to them?''

Daddy breathes in. His eyes momentarily moving to the ceiling and as he breathes out his eyes shift back to their former position. Looking right at her. ''Operation.'' Her breath hitches in her throat. Almost suffocating. ''As I said they're going to be fine.'' He says right afterwards. ''It's just… All of them – they've been harmed. But so have you.'' She looks utterly helpless. He shakes his head as he looks down at her. She thinks he regrets telling her the truth. ''Your father is right. You need to focus on your own health right now.''

She knows she should.

But oddly she feels like it's her duty to know if they're alright. And she just can't take comfort in the little that her father has told her. She needs to hear all of their voices, see all of their faces and feel all of their touches for prove. It kind of is her duty as the female lead of their Glee club.

They depend on her. She can't fail. Not while they need her the most.

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