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Jackson watched as Scott McCall took off his lacrosse uniform piece by piece. He loved watching the boy's tanned muscles ripple as he stretched to remove his clothes, revealing the gorgeous body beneath. He couldn't help thinking that keeping something so beautiful under wraps seemed so unnatural. He had a feral, masculine beauty that should be shown off, not hid in embarrassment.

He banished these queer thoughts, though. He wasn't gay. And it pissed him off that McCall thought he could make him gay. That fucking faggot can't just be queer himself, he has to try and get everyone else to be, too. With his broad, hairless chest, and his cute, crooked smile, and those thick legs. He saw that Scott was now down to his underwear, and everyone else had already showered and left the locker room. McCall and himself got held back to talk about the team as co-captains, so they were a little later than everyone else getting to the showers.

He watched as Scott kept his back to him, slowly lowering his beige boxer-briefs to reveal his perfect, round ass. He had a cute little tanned bubble butt, and it drove Jackson wild. Jackson knew that he was the hottest guy in school, and that he could have any girl, or guy that he wanted. But he didn't want guys. He wasn't a faggot. He didn't have a problem with Danny being queer, he was fine with it. He liked to tease his best friend by exposing bits of skin to him every now and then. Once he even walked out of the shower completely naked while they were both at Danny's house for the night. Jackson said he couldn't find the towels, despite the fact that he'd been there a thousand times before. He liked the idea of being found attractive.

But Danny wasn't like Scott McCall. McCall tried to make him a fag, flaunting his body around and showing off in front of Jackson. Sure, Scott had a girlfriend, but he knew Scott wanted him. And he knew that Scott was trying to get him to ram his dick up that cute little bubble butt. But it wasn't going to work, because Jackson knew he wasn't queer.

McCall walked into the showers as Jackson stripped off the rest of his uniform and followed him. He watched Scott's cute little bubble butt flex as he strode confidently into the shower. Jackson caught a look of himself in a full length mirror and stopped to admire his body. He didn't have a single gram of fat on his body, and was all muscle. He had nice pecs and ripped abs. His butt was a tight bundle of muscle, and his legs were strong and firm. His chest was hairless, and he had a light dusting of dirty blonde hair around his cock and down his legs. His dick was half-erect from watching Scott walk around, parading his body. His low-hanging balls bounced against his thighs and half-chub as he stalked Scott into the showers.

Scott looked over at him as he entered, and seemed to notice Jackson's now growing erection. "See something you like, faggot?" Jackson asked, grabbing his seven inches by the base and wagging it at Scott.

Scott raised an eyebrow and turned back to his shower, lathering soap on his hairy pits. Jackson walked over and grabbed McCall from behind forcing his arms behind his head. Scott let out a surprised gasp. "Yeah, you know you like this shit, you fucking faggot. You know you want me to fuck you, that's why you're always trying to turn me on. Well, let's see how you like it," Jackson said as he slid his pelvis forward, grinding his raging cock into Scott's perfect ass.

"Jackson, stop, what the fuck?" Scott yelled as Jackson moved to hold Scott's arms with one hand while he slid the other one down Scott's smooth chest, past his defined abs, through the thick bush of black pubes, to his soft, six-inch dick. He rubbed the uncut meat as he rubbed his own cock against Scott's ass crack. He yanked the wet boy out of the showers and into the locker area. He forced him over to Jackson's locker, which Jackson opened to reveal the full-length mirror hung on the door. He smiled as he saw Scott struggle under his powerful grip. He looked at the submissive boy in the mirror, dripping wet with a huge, soft cock under a thick bush of dark pubic hair. His balls weren't as low as Jackson's but his flaccid dick certainly was.

Jackson grabbed his stretchy uniform-pants and tied Scott's hands in front of him, hanging them against the locker. Scott's protests got louder, so Jackson took his dirty jock-strap and shoved it in Scott's mouth. He stepped back and admired his handiwork: Scott was wriggling, tied up to a row of lockers, looking at his own face in the mirror as he was gagged by Jackson's underwear, tasting his ball sweat. Scott seemed to resist more and more, getting stronger and stronger. Jackson thought he saw his eyes flash yellow, but then, inexplicably, he seemed to calm down and concentrate, though Jackson didn't know on what.

He stepped forward to McCall, pulling his pelvis toward the raging seven inch erection. He opened up the perfect ass cheeks to expose a hairless little tight hole. He aimed his cock toward this target, and rammed with all of his might. He got half way in, and heard Scott scream in pain and jerk forward. Jackson grabbed the naked pelvis and began ramming his cock into Scott's hole. Scott continued to scream as Jackson barebacked him in the locker room.

Most of the water on Scott's skin had dried, leaving only his hair wet and little lubrication for the rough fucking going on in his asshole. Jackson pulled his dick out to the head and rammed it into Scott a few times, enjoying the other boy's squeals. He then pulled Scott's head up by his wet hair, arching the boy's back as he rammed into his perfect ass. He gave his bitch a little kiss on the cheek, and whispered in his ear, "Look at yourself in the mirror, faggot. You have the hottest guy in school pounding your tight ass. Isn't this what you wanted?" He then shoved Scott's face into the mirror and focused on pounding his tight bubble butt.

When he felt close to cumming, Jackson pulled out, and Scott slumped over. He then wrenched Scott's hands off of the locker and tied them behind Scott's head. He then stroked himself as he looked at the submissive Scott. He flexed his bicep, shoving Scott's face into his stinking, hairy pit. He pulled Scott's face out, and tickled Scott's balls, trying to make the six flaccid inches grow. Scott didn't have much fight left in him, and his cock began to grow in spite of the unpleasant situation. Jackson was surprised to see it grow into a huge, tanned, nine-inch boner. "Ooh, you've got a big cock, don't you McCall?" Jackson said. He then smacked it several times, and felt closer to cumming each time he saw it bounce around and Scott's face twist in pain. He stopped playing with his bitch and Scott's dick returned to normal size as his own erection continued to rage.

He kicked Scott in the balls with his naked foot, and Scott crumpled to his knees. Jackson got off on the sight of the other boy on his knees in front of him, with his hands tied behind his head and a sweat jockstrap in his mouth. He took McCall's chin, and turned his face towards the seven-inch boner in front of him. He continued to wank as Scott watched, and then blew a hot sticky load all over Scott's cute little face. Scott looked down in defeat as the hot ropes of cum drooled off of his face and on to his chest. Jackson followed his gaze to Scott's dick, which had once again raised into a nine inch boner.

"Holy shit, you get off on this, don't you McCall?" he asked, using his naked foot to play with Scott's raging boner until he came. He rose his foot to Scott's face and removed the jockstrap. Scott began licking the long toes, sucking up his own jizz.

Scott laughed as he put the jockstrap back into McCall's mouth and hung him up on the lockers, with his face out this time. He dressed, then took Scott's phone and began a mass text. "Looks like my co-captain has just called an emergency meeting of the lacrosse team in the locker room. I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they see you hung up, naked, and covered in cum." Scott didn't protest as Jackson gathered his things, put both his and Scott's uniforms in the laundry, and took Scott's clothes, too.

He walked out of the door and snuck around the building just in time to see the lacrosse team starting to head toward the locker room.