Ghost – Angel/Demon... inspired by 07-Ghost and a good deal helped by this - gallery/?q=ghost+writer#/d394x2c and motivated by Halfafan D, thank you for helping with my first fic! and thank you very much StarStreakedSky for helping with the wording! Hope it's more ease to understand now =^w^=

Species Change


Danny' POV

My back hurt like hell recently. I don't really know why, but I have a feeling it has something to do with my ghost side – I don't call them ghost powers, since they come from my... dead half. It's not merely a power- it's me. Half of me. Well, it just doesn't seem fair to say it's power and nothing more, they seem to have… life in its dead being.

The pain has been going for a week already, and I'm starting to worry, especially since the ghosts haven't shown their faces for some time now, not even Vlad. I would almost go into the Ghost Zone to ask them myself, but I can't move my arms at all and I'm afraid that I won't make it out alive.

Sam and Tucker are starting to worry themselves too, I didn't say anything 'cause I thought that it would pass in one or two days but it only got worse and I don't know what it is and they don't either. So why tell them? They already have lives to live and worry about, they don't need… THIS thing to think about, so I… don't know… wait until it wears off? No, I've already been waiting for a week, and it's not wearing off… Maybe I could go to someone that will know what it is, but who? My parents? No, it can be something just ghosts have, showing my secret through some sickness is not a good idea. Some ghost? No, they're not going to listen to me. Vlad? No, I'm not listening to him. But then, who? I don't have time and I don't know no one else who's- wait a second… CLOCKWORK! He must know what's happening! And I would have some way to see what happened with the other ghosts.

So it's settled, I'm going to see Clockwork today after school and understand what the hell is going on.