Hey guys I've written a couple little drabbles based on the happenings between Klaroline in the past couple episodes. I posted them on my Tumblr but I know not all of you read that so here you go. Not sure how the writers may develop it so for now I'll just go with these :)

This one is Klaus returning to Caroline's house later on the night of her birthday and leaving the gift. What I think may have been going through his mind when he came back.

He watched as the last light went out inside her house. Matt had left hours ago and finally the sheriff was going to bed. It had been a long night and would be dawn soon. Klaus walked forward out of the shadows toward the dark house.

He had to admit; he was surprising himself a little by being back here so soon but here he was. He had left earlier as soon as Caroline had passed out from exhaustion after drinking his blood. It was obvious that he was unwanted company and he had done what he came to do. He had saved the young, blonde vampire, earning him a bit of a reprieve from the sheriff and her friends. He would need it. If Stefan was going to play the villain, Klaus would take on a different role in Mystic Falls. Something different. Something he wasn't quite entirely sure of yet.

Klaus listened carefully as he approached the front door. He could hear Liz in her own room, sliding under the sheets. He grasped the doorknob and twisted it, pushing the door open and stepping inside. Now that he was invited in, he could come and go as he pleased, no one could stop him.

He stepped quietly down the hall to Caroline's bedroom, the floorboards complaining ever so slightly at each step. The house was dark, but Klaus could see everything crystal clear. Finally he reached Caroline's door, he listened first for her even breathing, and then opened the door.

She was still there, just as he had left her, curled up in her blankets with her teddy bear tucked under her arm. She looked so childlike and innocent, different from how he always saw her before. The only time he had ever really seen her was when she was fighting; fighting for her friends, her town, her boyfriend; trying to keep them safe. With that unwavering fire in her eyes, even in the face of the enemy. He'd seen even tonight, as she lay their dying, that fire refusing to go out.

Klaus stood over her bed, watching her sleep in the dark. He glanced down to the bite wound at her neck; it was merely a red spot now, almost completely gone. His blood in her system had worked quickly to erase her doomed fate. She stirred slightly, sighing in her sleep. Klaus stopped and held his breath, afraid she was going to wake up and catch him. Although that was stupid, she would know he had been here again soon enough.

Something had happened in that room that night. When he had approached a dying girl and she asked him if he was there to finish her off, something struck him. He pulled a long, blue box from his pocket. A white ribbon was wrapped around it and a card simply stating from Klaus. He had already given her her life, but he wanted to give her something else too; something genuinely beautiful, just like she was.

He placed the box on the table beside her bed and left without a single sound.

Caroline awoke the next morning, alive and well, and confused about a birthday gift she never expected to receive.