Hey guys. No Klaroline again last night :( So I wrote another one of these. Enjoy!

Klaus had finally escaped his home. The glaring looks from Finn and Kol and Rebekah, the smug grin on Elijah's face, and his mother. His mother. When he had seen her standing there, he thought it was over. Truthfully, he almost felt like giving up. Everything was going to hell quickly. Nothing was working in his favor. After his mother entered and stopped his siblings from fighting, Klaus took off. He needed some time. He wasn't running away, he wouldn't do that. He just needed…something. Blood wasn't helping. He'd been hunting for over an hour. But all was quiet in Mystic Falls. Not a soul was awake. He found his feet taking him in an unusual direction.

Really it wasn't that unusual. He'd been here so many times over the past week he was losing count. It was amazing how no one had noticed. But really it was a testament to how inconsequential she was to the Salvatores. Not that Caroline really needed anyone to take care of her. She was strong enough in her own right. Klaus stood in the driveway leaning up against her car. One of his hybrids appeared from the shadows. Klaus had posted them as spies when all this had begun months ago so he would always have eyes no matter where any of them went.

"Bad night tonight," the hybrid man said, leaning up next to him.

Klaus scoffed. "You can't even begin to tell me about bad nights."

"Her dad died."

"What?" Klaus's head whipped toward the hybrid, his brows knit together in confusion.

"Just a couple of hours ago," he answered.

"Tyler?" Klaus assumed it had been more of the sire-bond breaking that had done the man in. After all, Tyler had already put Caroline's father in the hospital once during their sessions together, perhaps this time the older man wasn't so lucky.

But the hybrid shook his head. "No, apparently he died beforehand, with vampire blood in his system and he didn't want to turn. Man just let himself go."

Klaus looked toward the house, trying to hear anything going on inside. He was too far away to make anything out. He wondered what had happened. Last he heard, Caroline's father was going to be just fine. There was a soft glow coming through the window. One of the back lights were on. Someone was still awake.

"Why don't you take off for an hour," Klaus said shoving off the car, "go have a bite or something."

With that the hybrid ran off into the night. Klaus walked toward the house. He considered just walking through the front door, but he paused as his hand reached the knob. It rested there, touching the cool bronze as he rethought his actions. Caroline wouldn't want him there, barging into her life, making an already terrible circumstance even worse. He let his hand slide from the knob. Still, he had to see her. He needed to. Even if only just for himself.

Klaus turned from the door and walked around to the side of the house. The curtain in Caroline's room was still open. He could see that her bed was empty. He continued around to the back of the house. Unfortunately, that curtain was closed, but he could just make her out through the sheer white material. There she sat, next to her lifeless father, silent tears streaming down her face. She held his hand in both of hers, kissing his knuckles lightly.

He stood there for a long while, watching her, as she cried over her father. He found himself wishing that he could walk in and hold her the way that he did the knight of her birthday, be her savior once again. He wanted to smooth her hair back and dry the tears from her eyes. But he had seen and experienced enough death to know that there was nothing to be done. That she would have to go through this all on her own.

They had both been through hell that night. It was strange. Caroline had lost part of her family tonight and Klaus had gained his back, in a way. At least they were all awake and alive and together for the time being. Maybe hope was not lost yet.

Just then Klaus's phone chirped in his pocket. It was Rebekah.

"Where are you?" She demanded, the still angry edge present in her voice.

"Out. I needed some air."
"Well get back here. Our mother would like to have a few words with you."

Rebekah hung up before Klaus had the chance to form a sarcastic answer. He took one last look at Caroline, silently wishing her well, before he sped off into the night.

Hope you liked. I was really tempted to write them actually talking, but I'm trying to write as much in canon as I possibly can, as if this were a real part of the episode and I think that in the next episode the two of them will do A LOT more talking. Can't wait to see it.

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