Hey guys well im back and yes i am going to attempt to finish my two previous lewis stories in the meantime this popped into my head...I would love some constructive critism, well i hope you enjoy :)

This was the side of policing James Hathaway hated, speaking to the press about cases and other events in the police force seemed so pointless and cruel. The obnoxious reporters who thought 'their readers deserved' all the gory details. Fortunately today had been lucky for Hathaway after complaining to Lewis about his views on the media Robbie had finally found sympathy for his young Sargent and gave him his orders to 'stand and look pretty' it was then left to Innocent and Lewis to give the press conference while James stood in the background.

It had been going on for not even ten minutes when Innocent was interrupted by a loud surely man in the back row, "y'know the trouble wit you lot?" He shouted, obviously aiming it towards Innocent and Robbie who just ignored the man and attempted to continue with the speech while uniform got rid of the obviously drunk man. "No you don't get rid of me that easily" He shouted producing a gun from his jacket pocket pointing it straight towards the uniformed officers.

"Sir you dont want to do anything stupid" Shouted Robbie, trust him to jump straight in there thought James taking a step closer to his mentor almost without thinking.

"Now you listen and you listen good, me I was a good man went to work payed my taxes but that wasnt enough was it my wife and daughter died in that accident the driver was drunk but did you investigate did you hell, nope you said it was an accident, case closed was it hell an accident!" The man was shaking with anger pointing the gun towards Robbie.

Yet Robbie remained cool looking the man in the eyes he said "Mr Macldon? Your wife and daughter died 2 years ago didn't they, their car had gone through an orange light which had turned to red as they passed it and where hit by an oncoming car, all three involved died Mr Macldon it was just an accident trust me."

However as James looked towards his senior officer he noticed something a red dot on his chest he couldn't figure out what it was at first but then he realised the dot had a line which went up to the balconies. It was a laza target like on you would find on a secret service gun. Nothing else in the room mattered now James had to save his boss noticing the dot was now fixed he sprinted towards his oblivious boss pushing him with all his force as he heard two gunshots, that was all he knew as he fell backwards to the floor darkness engulfing him.

Robbie didn't know what had hit him quite literally as he was rammed from the side, completely losing all balance crashing to the floor pulling Innocent with him and then he heard it two gunshot's, followed by screaming and more gunshots then echo's of all clear. Robbie went to get up but he couldn't move his legs something heavy was lying on them, as he sat up his blood ran cold.

"JJJJAMESS" He stammered his young Sargent was lying face down across his legs surrounded by a pool of blood "James can you hear me?" He whispered as he gingerly reached out to Hatthaway's wrist to try and find a pulse there was one, but it was so very very weak he almost didn't feel it.

"James" Robbie heard Innocent gasp behind him.

"Hes not dead" was all Robbie could whisper before finally gathering the courage to roll the young man onto his back and off Robbies now blood soaked trousers.

"RING AN AMBULANCE NOW" Shouted Robbie as soon as he saw the state of his young Sargent from what he could tell through the blood James had two wounds one in his stomach and one in the side of his head as soon as Robbie saw this he had to move away as he vomited.

"James you have to hold on help is on the way" stammered lewis as he wrapped his blazer into a ball pushing it onto his stomach trying to stem the bleeding he didnt know what else to do.

"Robbie the ambulance is over 20 minutes away there was a pile up on the motorway what do we do" she explained through tears.

"I will ring Laura keep the pressure on this" explained Robbie as he got up and walked away he needed some space he was shaking and new he was easily going to slip into shock.

"Robbie what is it this better be import..." snapped Laura as she answered her phone only to be interrupted by Robbie.

"James, hes been shot twice in the stomach and...and his head, Laura what do I do theres so much blood, I dont even know how he has a pulse" the last bit was said in a whisper more of a confession to himself than to Laura.

'"Im on my way, I am already in the car give me 5 minutes, but you need to keep pressure on his stomach and head but dont put to much pressure on his head and make sure he is resting on something soft with his head elevated, ill be there soon" explained Laura automatically turning to Doctor mode this was no time to become worried and hystericall.

Robbie shakingly ran a hand through his hair covering more of himself in blood, he quickly looked around the now wrecked room finding two seat pillows and a bottle of water he ran back to where he had left his sargent.

"We need to keep his head elavated Laura said she is on her way" he explained although he new Jean was not listening she was staring at James head shaking as the adrenaline left her.

A stangled gasp left her throat "How...How did this happen Robbie he...he is so young and his head...how can he get through this, hes to young" stammered Innocent obviously going into shock.

"Jean...Jean look at me he will get through this I promise, James is a stubborn prat he wont go any where without a fight" He didnt know who he was trying to reasure more, Jean or himself.

No more words where needed between the two their main forcus now was to try and save James and well if the worst was to happen make him as comfortable as possible.