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The word seemed so common and yet it hit him like a brick wall. A coma, Jim was in a coma. The doctor had said there was no way to know if he would ever wake up and if he did then there was no way to know how much damage had been done by the bullet.

He supposed after a while, that he should have been slightly relieved at least James was alive and he was breathing on his own that seemed a miracle in itself.

Jean and Laura had arrived two hours after Robbie was pushed into the family room but Jean had to leave soon after that to deal with the press leaving only with the promise that they would ring as soon as they had news. That's what Robbie found himself doing as he wandered the long sterile corridors of the hospital trying to find the exit.

'Robbie what's going on you promised to ring it's been five hours since I left!' explained an exasperated sounding Jean.

'He had to have brain surgery, he...he is in a coma they don't know if he will wake up' stammered the elder man hands shaking as he pushed open a door which led to the hospitals special remembrance garden.

Laura was trying to stop the medical side of her brain from working out the possible outcomes of James condition. Flicking through old magazines she found herself returning to the idea of brain damage, it was a huge chance that James would come out of this very differently compared to how he went in. Then she realised that was if he came out of this at all. She saw the possible outcomes of stuff like this every day why would it be any different this time, yes James was pretty much like family to her but all those she dealt with were like family to others that didn't stop them from dyeing. She was thinking too much she needed to occupy herself so she went in search of Robbie.

As she went to open the door she almost collided with the man in question and his two coffee cups.

'Sorry, here' he said handing her a cup

'Thanks, what did Jean say I hope they caught the bastard that did this!' she asked taking great interest in the cup in her hand.

'mmmm he was shot dead on scene some disgruntled costumer we assume' replied Robbie attempting to make a joke but Laura was to stuck in her previous thoughts to even notice.

'He may die Robbie, what...what do we do?' stammered Laura tears beginning to fall.

Robbie moved to sit down beside her putting his arm around her shoulders he pulled her close to him muffling her sobs with his chest.

'ssssshhh Laura we do what can do. We talk to him, stay with him and pray for him, Jim is strong and a stubborn sod he won't go anywhere without a fight. You and me both know that, and I'm also sure the promise of a free pint or two will get him up and about in no time, aye that's right he'll be up and about in no time.' Neither of them believed his words but the reassurance was all they needed for comfort.

After a while a very young looking nurse came into the room telling them they could go see James. Robbie held Laura's hand as they were lead to a room in a glass ward the door had I.C.U printed along it however they couldn't see James he had been put in the room at the end with private written across the door.

They both paused neither wanting to really see James making it a lot more real. The nurse quickly reassured them, whilst warning them about what they would see.

It took a couple of moments but finally Robbie walked forward opening the door and moving into the room.

'Dear god' he gasped he was stopped in his tracks when he saw the state of his sergeant, he was no longer covered in blood but this emphasized just how pale he was.

The amount of wires, tubes and other machinery that was attached to him seemed alien and foreign compared to how Lewis usually saw James; the logical side of his brain told him every piece of equipment was keeping the young man going however his heart ached for the fact that the machines had to keep him alive. It was all so wrong.

Moving forward again Lewis lowered himself into the chair beside James' bedside and ran a hand over his face. He really was getting old, why was it James here in this bed and not him. Jim was so young with so much life ahead of him, yet he was sat here with not a scratch at his age he had lived his life had so many experiences he just hoped James would get a chance to live his life.

Lewis sat there through the entire night and next day talking and encouraging James to come back to him.

He continued this vigilante over James for the continuing weeks and months, Jean granting him compassionate leave and making sure along with Laura that he ate and slept.

It was 5 months after James had been admitted to the hospital that he slowly began to show signs of improvement at first breathing on his own, then one night as Lewis told him a story about his time with Morse that he noticed slight movement from behind James' eye lids.


Lewis stood reaching for the alert button and grabbing James hand, 'Jim if you can hear me squeeze me hand son' it took a while but eventually Robbie felt a slight pressure on his fingers.

Then looking up he saw a sight that made his heart do summersaults, a pair of sparkling blue eyes looking straight at him.

'Sorry m'late sir'