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Chapter One: {Harry's POV}

"I can't believe that 'Mione was petrified! Now what are we going to?" Ron asked.

"I'm going to take the cloak and check the restricted section, see if I can find anything else about that snake." Ron nodded.

"I'll make sure no one sees you sneak out. " Striking up a casual conversation, we made our way to the common room and sat down, waiting until everyone else had gone to bed. Ron nodded and went up. Once he snuck up, he held the door while I snuck in and grabbed the cloak. I slipped it on and tiptoed out while he closed the door.

'So far so good.' I thought, making my way towards the library. I passed many sleeping photos and a teacher or two. I let out a sigh of relief when I made it to the room. Stepping quietly over to the restricted area, I muttered the unlocking spell Hermione had taught us. Slipping in, I shut the gate as gently as I could before turning to the shelves. Finding an interesting book, I pulled it out and opened it. It let out a shriek before I quickly closed it and shoved it back in its place. I looked around, afriad the sound had been heard and then glanced down. There on the ground was a small, leather bound, black book.

'Must have fallen out when I grabbed that other book.' I mused, leaning down and picking it up to look at the title.

"Contract Demons?" I murmured aloud, cracking open the book.

'This book is a compendium of the strongest and deadliest of Demons. The rituals within are considered extremely Dark Magic and should not be used by the weak willed or arrogant. Use of this information has a high price, the loss of one's soul. Within these pages, one can find all of the information needed to summon the various demons. These demons, if one is able to make a contract, are bound to their masters until the contract is complete.'

"This could help me defeat Volemort!" I whispered to myself. I hid the book under my cloak and read all the way through the very short information.

'So all I have to do is enscribe this array on the ground and then one should show up? But I have to be on the verge of dying for it to work...' I slid the book back into place before walking back out and back towards the common room. I nearly bumped into Snape but managed to avoid it. I walked in silence towards the common room and than up to the dorm room. Once making it in I put the cloak back into its hiding spot, then slid into bed and under the covers. Slipping my glasses off, I put them on the beside table and fell asleep.

Later that night, I woke up when I felt someone shaking me. I opened an eye and reached for my glasses. I looked at the person and saw that it was just Ron.

"What is it Ron?"

"Ginny! She was taken into the Chamber!" I sat up right away, far more alert.

"We have to go save her! We'll take Lockhart, he's a dealt with things like this before." I said. Ron nodded. Quickly changing, we ran out and right to Lockhart's office. Once we got there, we saw that he was mostly packed.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm leaving!"

"You're supposed to be this great wizard and you're running away?"

"I didn't do any of those things in my books! I took the credit from others and Obliviated them once I had what I needed. Once I oblivate you two, I'll be in the clear." Ron and I pointed our wands at him while he pointed his at both of us. I yelled the disarming spell and took his wand while he was focused on Ron, snatching it out of the air.

"I think that your going to come with us. After all we know where the chamber is." We forced him to walk to the second floor girls lavatory. Walking in Murtle floated out.

"Murtle, you've been in here since you died right?"

"Well, except for those years I spent haunting Olive Hornby, yes. Why?"

"We want to know... How did you die?"

"Oh it was horrible. I'd come in here because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. After a while, I heard a noise, like someone whispering really softly. I thought it might have been Olive, back to torment me some more, so I yelled at her to 'GO AWAY!' After a moment's quiet, I looked out and then... I died."

"What? That's it?"

"All I can remember is seeing a pair of great, big yellow eyes, over there by that sink." She pointed. I walked over and looked at it. One of the sink spouts had dried blood on it, and a small snake insignia directly below them caught my eye.

"How do we open it Harry?"

"She said hissing right? What if I try that Parseltounge?" I said, staring hard at the snake, willing it to look real enough.

"Open up...Open...Open!" The whole thing rose a little bit before splitting down the center and spreading to reveal a tunnel.

"Good job boys I'll just be going-"

"You first." Ron and I pointed our wands at him again. He protested, raising his hands and attempting to back away, before we pushed him down the pipe. Next was Ron and Finally me. After we all got down there I reminded them to close their eyes at the sign of movement. We walked until we came to a giant snake skin, stretched across the floor.

"I'd hate to see what that came from." Ron muttered. We walked on for a while until Ron tripped. His wand fell and Lockhart picked it up. He pointed it at us once again.

"Now, I will wipe your memories and you two will become a simple blemish on my resume, two fools and a little girl I couldn't save. Obliviate!" He shouted the spell, only to be thrown back into the wall, courtesy of Ron's broken wand. The sudden blast seemed to trigger a rock fall, and i dove out of the way as they tumbled form the ceiling, covering the chamber in dust and debries. I backed up and once it settled down I climbed up to a small hole, searching to see where Ron was.

"Are you two okay?"

"I think that Lockhart got hit with his own spell, he's gone mad."

"I'll go on and get Ginny, you stay and try to make this hole big enough for us to get back through." Ron nodded and I turned around and started to walk towards what could be my death.

To Be Continued:

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