Chapter five {Grell's POV}

I looked over the rooftops of London watching the puny humans go about their short, daily lives. This was the first real free day I've been able to steal in...Well, a woman never reaviles her true age now (wink, floaty hearts). But I had felt the delicious force known as Bassie; such is the force of my love, that I couldn't possibly pass up such an opportunity to see him. I jumped from Big Ben and flew over the city in search of my perfect slice of demon beef cake.

{Sebastian's POV}

I was curled around the neck of my new master as the train pulled into the station that acted as a gate way from the 'muggle' world into the wizarding world, when a shudder ran up my spine. A trickle of foreboding settled in my stomach as the young master and his red-headed companion cleaned up the exploding card game they had been playing. I wasn't sure what had caused this feeling of dread to overcome me, but I knew I was not looking as forward to going 'home' as I was but only a moment ago.

{Harry's POV}

Uncle Vernon was waiting for me just around the corner of King's Cross Station, looking just as swollen and purple as ever. A small, sly smile spread over my lips as I thought about the demon currently wrapped around my neck and the reaction my relatives would have after discovering him. I wasn't stupid enough to let them know he was a demon, but ever since that time at the zoo (of course Aunt Petunia was never a big fan of snakes) Aunt Petunia has gone on a personal crusade against any snake that dared come near number 4.

My smile quickly faded as I realized that Sebastian would be witness to his home life; something I had hoped that for as long as I was alive that nobody would ever be witness to. It was humiliating for one, degrading for another. He probably shouldn't be worrying about the opinion of a demon, but he could help it. He was so used to being what others wanted him to be that he wasn't sure how to take someone who saw him as he really was. He wasn't strong - not physically, barely emotionally - he didn't have some ultimate hidden power; he was a weak, scared and lonely kid held at the mercy (or rather lack-there-of) of his physical, emotionally and mentally abusive relatives.

Sebastian squeezed my neck gently. It was rather soothing. Could Sebastian feel his anxiety and was trying to comfort him? Can demons feel empathy? Maybe I was imagining things and he was just trying to get comfortable after staying still for so long. Could demons feel physical discomfort? I was going to drive myself crazy if I didn't stop with all of these questions.

As I got closer to Uncle Vernon he took my trunk from me; 'accidentally' hitting my ankle as he went to put it in the boot.

It starts.

Slightly limping, I got into the back seat on the passenger side (as far away from his uncle as the car would allow).

The ride 'home' was mostly a quiet one. Uncle Vernon had dug his fangs and claws in almost as soon as we pulled out of the station, calling me his usual slew of names (worthless, insect, burden and of course freak) and complaining about how much of an inconvenience I was so ran out of thing to 'talk about' pretty quickly. Since he did typically didn't like repeating himself within the same hour, he made jabs about my friends and school. I just looked out the window at the passing scenery in an attempt to tune him out. I had heard this same tirade in - different versions - so many times it should have been easy, but it wasn't. I felt the familiar burn in my eyes and thraot as the venom continued to spill and it took all of my will power to keep my face blank and - when I had no choice but to answer - my voice emotionless. I was better then Malfoy ever hoped to be; yuck!

Soon Uncle Vernon pulled into the drive way of number 4 and I grabbed my trunk and practically ran inside.

- Two Months Later -

{Harry's POV}

I laid as motionless as possible as Sebastian tended to my latest batch of lashes. Uncle Vernon had lost a deal (he's been doing that a lot lately) and decided he didn't like the supper I had made which only made his bad mood worse. I wasn't going to be able to move well tomorrow I knew and knew I was going to get an even worse beating because of that.

It was vicious cycle that sadly I had become accustomed to over the years.

{Sebastian's POV}

I must say I was quite impressed which doesn't happen often.

Over the centuries I have been in contract with many humans and almost all of them have been disappointing. I can count on one hand the number of times I have entered a contract and was pleased with the master whom summoned me. Ciel Phantom hive had been one that I had been impressed with.

The quiet strength both these young boys possessed was simply delectable.

I finished cleaning and bandaging the wounds on my young master's back and went to prepare a small meal for him, reminding myself of our guest that will be arriving and staying with us tomorrow.

- After the blow-up incident -

{Still Sebastian's POV}

I was still laughing inside about what the young master had done to take care of his aunt as I curled around his neck. It sent thrills down my spine as I thought of the power he had demonstrated, how it crackled in the air. I could practically taste his soul and the kind of meal it would provide me.

{Harry's POV}

I was having the time of my life. No relatives, no scrambling to do my school work in secret, no chores. As long as I made it back to the Leaky Cauldron before dark, I could go where I wanted when I wanted. Mr. Fortescue would give me free ice cream every hour or so and helped me with as much of my homework as possible in between customers. This was Heaven I was sure and knew I would have to enjoy it while I could because I didn't know how long I would have to live, not that I ever really did, not with school and Uncle Vernon.

Hopefully, even with Sirius Black on the loose, this year would be a bit better.

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