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- Chapter 14 Part 1-

Even after their kiss broke none of the boys wanted to let go of the other. As a result Shindou and Kirino were just standing in front of each other, the brunette gently holding the hand of his friend as if he were afraid the defender would run away.

"So what are we going to do now?", the the pink haired defender asked after a while. His voice was insecurely questioning and he hesitated before he continued. "Maybe … ."

"Do you … want to go- hang out with me Saturday?" Shindou blushed angry at himself as he had intended to say 'go out' but lost confidence halfway. Everything regarding Kirino was so difficult these days.

The pink haired boy didn't miss his friend's words and blushed even harder. "Sure", he managed to whisper, hiding his face. "Idiot, of course I want … ."

Shindou was happy the other boy couldn't see his face, as it clearly showed how relieved he felt. The brunette didn't know what he had done if his friend hadn't agreed. But then again, wasn't it normal for friends to hang out? He really should have said what he initially had intended to make his feelings clear. At least the Raimon captain would have known Kirino's feeling for him depending on the answer. However, it was too late now …

"To be honest there is a place I want to go on Saturday, Shindou", the defender began carefully, keeping his voice silent. He stopped, looking at his friend. It was so nice being close to him, so close that he could smell the shampoo the other boy used. And close enough to find his body naturally drawn to the body in front of him. In this situation Kirino just felt the desire to touch his friend, being even closer than now and never let him go away again. However there was something he had to do first, and the pink haired boy was painfully aware of that. He had never shown his 'other side' to Shindou. There were just too many things his captain didn't know about him. "And I want to show you- … I want to go with you, if that's ok with you." Kirino watched his friends face, trying to find out his reaction before he hesitating continued. "Kariya- he might come, too."

Immediately Shindou froze. He knew it. The other boy had misinterpreted his words. Well, not exactly misinterpreted, because "hang out" did actually mean what it meant. Damn, why was talking about things so difficult while kissing had become so easy between them? Something was definitely wrong with them. Somehow he managed to nod and express his consent, not without pressing the hand of Kirino's hand, which he still hold tightly. He wouldn't lose him to that blue haired disturbance who seemed to be frantically obsessed with his best friend.

"Shind-.", Kirino wanted to tell the brunette that his hand was hurting under the pressure but a sudden noise stopped him.

"Captain! Are you in here?!" The loud voice made it undoubtedly of who is owner was and only seconds later, too fast for the two boys to react, the door opened with even more voice. "I knew you'd be here, captain!" Hamano's smiling face turned into a more unrecognizable expression as he realized who his captain was with and what he was doing.

Hamano's biggest dream has come true - or maybe not?

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