Name: Assassin's Creed The Fallen NV

Author: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: Naruto was betrayed by his former village and was forced to leave to protect his precious people, he also discovers that he is the last descendent of a fallen order that was dedicated to the freedom of mankind. When he discovers that his ancestors arch enemies are also still alive he decides to take up the mental of his heritage and become an Assassin like his mother before him, they once fell now they will rise again. He is Washi Naruto Uzumaki Namikazu, and he is an Assassin.

Pairings: NarutoxYugito

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Assassin's creed.

(A/N: I have decided to write a new version of the story, many of the elements will be the same I hope to hear what you guys think.)


C1, Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


The cool morning air of the ancient city of Roma was a welcome feeling to Ezio's body as he moved along the rooftops of the city avoiding the guards as he went.

His destination was his sister's brothel to obtain the information Claudia and his mother had recently obtained for him. So far this morning nothing bad had happened to him but he knew that in a city still more than half controlled by the Templars it would not be a walk in the park for him.

As he made his way down to the street level to enter the brothel by the main entrance he noticed a family waking together, there was clearly a man and a woman who looked to be about his parent's age as well as the young man and what looked to be his wife who was holding a young child in her arms.

They looked very happy to him and it was times like this that made him wonder what his life would've been like had the Templars not killed his brothers and father that terrible day. Could that have been him with a child and wife with his mother and father at his side with his brothers as well and not the life he was forced to lead now as an Assassin.

He had lost many loved ones and good friends to the cruelty of the Templars and their desire to control the world in their own way which only lead to more death and distraction. He even often feared if he ever did have children that they would to lead this life as well one day. He wondered what his entire line from this point onward would be forced to fight this war as well.

But now was not the time to be thinking of what could've been. Now was the time to end another tyrant's rule and bring some level of peace back to this ancient city.

There were times that he wished that he was as free as the Eagles that soared in the sky of Roma. He then remembered that his name Ezio literally meant Eagle or the flying one. And he hoped that his descendants would be as free as those Eagles.


Naruto Uzumaki slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to look at his campsite, it had been more than a month since he had been forced to resign as a Leaf Shinobi.

He then cleaned up his camp and began to walk through the mountain trails that were still hugged by the cold winter air and snow upon the ground that gave this country its original name of Snow. The reason the 14-year-old was here all by himself was because of the Civilian Council and the Elder's Council of his home village of Konoha where he had been born. They had decided he was too much of a risk to be kept in the village and used his most recent mission to recapture his old teammate Sasuke Uchiha who had gone rogue to be with one of the village's greatest enemies, the Snake Sannin Orochimaru.

Naruto had refused to use deadly force to bring back his friend which the Council used this mission to remove him from the Shinobi program. While they could not banish him from the village and country they could at least keep him from being an active member of the military who had the protection of the Hokage.

Tsunade and Jiraiya had taken him into her office to reveal certain things to him so he can make his own choices about what he would do with his life from this point on as he could no longer be a member of the ninja program anymore.

The information they had revealed was stunning to say the least, it was during this meeting that his full name was revealed to him as well as whom his parents were. He was surprised to find out that his real first name was Washi and then to find out that he was the son of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and the last survivor of Hidden Whirlpool Village Kushina Uzumaki.

During this meeting Tsunade asked him if he had been having strange dreams about times long ago, what surprised him even more was that she was speaking one of the languages from his dreams that he instantly understood. She then told him that his bloodline known as the Animus had activated and allowed its wielders to relive the memories of their ancestors as well as to gain many of their skills and abilities, the second part of the bloodline was known as the Eagle Eye that allowed its user to see who was friend or foe and secrets hidden from view.

It was also at this point that they revealed that his parents had a backup plan just in case something like this ever happened to him, it was one of the reasons he was now in Spring Country's high mountains looking for a man named Raven Uzumaki. The man had been living in this country for some time now and was keeping something safe that had been entrusted to him to protect with his life if need be. It had taken him some time to get out of the leaf village without anyone knowing he was gone and then some more to find out where Raven could be hiding. His search had led him to Spring Country's high mountain range that was still held by the grip of winter and snow upon the ground.

A little bit later in the day he finally came upon a small cottage nestled up against the mountain itself, as he walked up to the porch of the cottage he then saw an old man sitting in a chair who turned his head to look at the young man who had walked up to his humble home, "And who might you be young man?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, are you Raven Uzumaki by any chance?" He asked the old man who then gave a big smile and said, "It's good to finally meet you in person Washi, tell me have the dreams started yet and can you control your Eagle vision yet?"

"Yes your blue and gold."

Raven gave the young man another smile, "Come inside young one, we have much to talk about you and me."

Washi followed the old man inside the cottage, Raven then motioned for him to come over and sit down at a small table.

"So how did you find me young man?"

"Tsunade and Jiraiya of the Sannin told me where to start looking for you, after a little bit of time I heard about your whereabouts here in the mountains."

"Do you know why they sent you to me?"

"I know that it was a backup and my parents created to keep me safe." Raven then got up from his seat and walked over to a wall that had a strange symbol on it, he then pushed on the symbol causing the wall to open before him and then motion for Washi to follow him.

Washi followed Raven into a large room that had been carved into the mountain itself, he took a look around and realize that it was a very large library and an armory with several rooms here and there. Washi also noticed that there were six statues of the people in hoods that reminded him of the people he'd seen in his dreams.

Raven then noticed him looking at the statues, "They are the statues of our family's ancestors, some of them I believe you have already seen thanks to the Animus."

"Yes, but can you tell me who they all are?"

Raven then pointed at the first statue and said, "This statue is of our ancestor Altair Ibn-La'Ahad, he was the first to truly fight the Templars. This statue here is of your ancestor Ezio Auditore."

Washi walked up to the statue and put his hand on, "I've seen so much of his life Raven, and I know there is much more to come."

Raven smiled and nodded his head, "Ezio did not choose the life of an assassin at first Washi, and in time he became one of the greatest maestros we've ever had. And after many adventures he finally met the woman he fell in love with and had a couple of kids and lived a good life until his dying day. When I look upon this statue Washi I sometimes see myself as well."

"Who is she Mentor?"

Raven turned his head to look at the third statute and smiled, "Oh yes this is Shao Jun, she became the Mentor of a set of Chinese assassins, at one point in time she and her master went on a journey to find Ezio. Eventually she met him and he gave her some much-needed help and advice. Many years later she to settle down and started a family of her own, had a couple of kids herself and helped out as many people as she could. She was a great hero and Mentor to her people.

The fourth statue was clearly of a man who had an aura of power and understanding at his core who held a small knife in one hand and what looks like a strange kind of battle ax in the other, "This statue is of our ancestor Ratohnhake:ton who was also known as Connor to the future leaders of the country that would be known as America, he was in a way a freedom fighter and helped a great many people."

Washi was impressed by his ancestor's deeds and the lives they had been forced to live and moved to the fifth statue. "This is our ancestor Desmond Miles; he wanted to live a normal life but was captured by the Templars. He was forced into a machine called the Animus."

"That's the same name as our bloodline."

"Yes, and its effects were similar as well, but the machine was far more dangerous young one. Our bloodline started with Desmond here, it was the great event that created the world we now know and Chakra. Had it not been for Desmond and his friends at the time none of us would exist, instead of giving us the power of Chakra it would have wiped out most of mankind. Luckily for us it evened out the playing field with the Templars in the end."

Raven then pointed to the last statue and said, "This last statue is of your great-grandfather Renji Uzumaki, and he led not our family's clan but also the assassin's brotherhood as well as the Kage of the Hidden Whirlpool Village. He was the one who sent me here to act as a caretaker and trainer for the future generations that were to come, a great deal of our history is hidden here for its own protection and for the future. I sometimes wonder if he saw the war that was coming that ultimately destroyed our home."

Washi looked into Raven's eyes and could see the hurt and pain there, "What happened to our home village Mentor?"

"We became masters of the sealing arts Washi, many villages attempted to obtain our secrets no matter the cost. One of those costs was me losing my left leg. I could no longer do parkour or as we call it free running. But I could still train people to be assassins. To think we were all but wiped out because of our sealing abilities, and not by the Templars."

"So you're a Guardian, a keeper of knowledge."

"Yes I am."

"That is so cool, what was my mother like?"

Raven walked over to table and pulled out a chair and sat down as he pondered what to say to the young man before him, "The first time I met your mother she was being sent to the Hidden Leaf Village to become the new host to the Nine Tailed Fox, a week later I lost my leg and was sent here to set up this sanctuary. Took a little bit of time but we ultimately had it set up and ready for use, and not a moment too soon as the third ninja war started, we had many assassins coming here to be safe or just to study the archives. Then one day they stopped coming altogether, and I got a letter from your mother telling me what happened to our home. We stayed in touch as much as possible, and then many years later I met her again as a young woman with your father when they came here to see me. I finished your mother's training as an assassin and even put your father through the training as well. The one thing he was happiest to see here was the sealing arts we have here. They both spent about four months here learning and ultimately falling in love with each other, a couple of years later they came back to tell me that your mother was pregnant with you. It was at this time that one of your mother's summoner's a baby eagle was sitting in her lap listening to her belly hoping to hear you. She also had that perverts book too, not the porn one's mind you but his first novel, it's right here guess what the main character's name was?"

"Naruto, Tsunade said my mother was inspired by certain events when she named me."

Raven nodded his head in a happy manner with a smile upon his face, "Your father also liked the names as well. Washi means eagle and Naruto has two meanings, the first one is a ramen topping but the second meaning is maelstrom which is another word for whirlpool. There were so happy at that time that I hoped it would never end but then I heard what happened to your home village and almost lost all hope until you showed up here."

Washi then pulled out a scroll and handed it to Raven to read, "This is from Granny Tsunade, she said it was for your eyes."

Raven opened the scroll and began to read.

Dear Raven, if you are reading this then Washi has found you in good health, Jiraiya and me have told him where to start looking for you. Eagle and Flash have requested that you begin training him in the ways of the brotherhood as soon as possible. We were hoping that one day he could be trained by you, but now it is more of a matter of survival that he is trained by you as those who follow the blood red cross have begun to try to control our country and Village. I only ask that you keep him safe.

Tsunade of the Sannin.

Raven put the scroll down and then asked him what he knew, "Did you read this Washi?"

He nodded his head no, Raven then decided to tell him basically what the letter was about, "They sent you to me keep you safe from the Templars. Read the letter and use what you know from your dreams and you'll understand what it's about."

As Washi read the letter he instantly came to the understanding of what had happened to him and his home village, the knowledge he had of what the Templars were capable of screamed to him that his home and friends were now in terrible danger. Washi then sat down himself and wondered what was to come in his life. "So the Templars were behind everything that happened to me and my parents, I don't know if I can do this Mentor."

Raven then opened one of the drawers on the desk and pulled out a small Jade pendant with the symbol of the brotherhood on, he then handed it to Washi.

"That necklace belonged to your ancestor Shao Jun and was passed down her line until it was your mother's, when she was here last she left it by accident. I was hoping to give it to her myself but I think she would want you to have it." Raven then placed it in Washi's hand.

"Should I do this Raven, truly become an assassin?"

"The choice is yours alone to make Washi, but if you wish to become an assassin then I will train you." Washi held the pendant looking at it intently as he pondered his choices, he knew that his dream to one day be the next Hokage was forever shattered by his enemies. He had few choices left to him, but to know that Raven was at least giving him a choice as to his future was a welcome change.

Washi then proceeded to put the pendant around his neck and looked hard into Raven's eyes as he said, "I have very few choices now, but to know that you would give me a choice in my future is something I haven't had a lot of. For that I think you, more than you'll ever know. I will become an assassin like my mother and father and ancestors before me."

"Very well my student, in the in the morning we will begin your training, for now get some rest and I tell you more about who and what we are to this world."


The morning had come faster than the two had expected anywhere. The crack of dawn outside in the forest their breath visible to all who saw them, Raven stood directly in front of Washi studying him intently. It was cleared to Raven that Konoha had neglected a great deal of the boys training in the Shinobi arts, it was time to see just what he knew and what he didn't.

"Now Washi tell me what Ninjutsu's do you know?" He asked the boy.

"I know the Academy basics like substitution and the disguise Jutsu that I improved upon so wouldn't be a simple illusion anymore, I also know my father's Rasengan and have mastered the shadow clone Jutsu for combat purposes."

Raven was surprised by the list of Jutsu's the young man knew and had a feeling that his teachers had neglected to tell him about the shadow clones secondary ability, "The list of your Jutsu's is small but impressive Washi, they did not know or care that they had a diamond in the rough among them do you know why?"

He shook his head no, "The shadow clone Jutsu was originally created to act as a scout for a squad of ninjas, the advantage of this Jutsu is that the person who uses it gets back all their memories and experience that the clone had, so someone thought why not use it for training purposes. If a person could make just two of these clones a day, they could cut their training in half. So I have to ask how many can you make?"

"With my own chakra, I lost count at about 200 clones. I didn't even break a sweat." Raven's mouth was now hanging open in shock and amazement at what his student could do, the leaf villages loss was now his gain. He realized at this moment that in a matter of years he could turn this young man not only into an assassin but a master assassin. "Create 50 clones and let us begin."

Washi did as his Mentor instructed him to, Raven then proceeded to separate the clones into groups of five with 10 clones to each group, and he then gave instructions to each group of clones to train in different areas. The first group was sent back into the sanctuary to read many of the books that resided there on battle tactics and strategy, the second group was sent to practice free running in a special course designed for assassins to use. The third group was sent off with a clone of Raven himself to teach them hand-to-hand combat, the fourth group was sent into the sanctuary to begin learning about the sealing arts that made the Uzumaki clan famous. The fifth and final group of clones along with Washi walked up to Raven as he opened a shipping crate that contains several types of weapons that were used by the assassins in their line of work.

By the end of the day Washi was exhausted thanks to the training regiment, he now knew more than he ever thought he would and realized in one day he had completed a weeks' worth of training. Raven walked up to his student helped him up from the ground he'd been sitting on, "I think you know what you can do know with this technique, but the question I have to ask you is how far you are willing to go in this kind of training?"

"As far as I can Mentor, as far as I can."

"Make 75 clones instead of 50 for tomorrow; you have so much to learn and so little time to do it. Now go get some sleep, you earned it." Raven walked back to the cottage with a smile upon his face at how well Washi had endured the training he'd been put through.

As the week progressed Washi's training was stepped up quite a few times, by the end of week he had increased the number of clones from 75 to well over 125. His knowledge of seals had gone from the basic level to the more advanced levels. His knowledge of hand-to-hand combat and the weapons that the assassins used on their missions have become adequate enough to give Raven a bit of a workout now.

Raven walked into the main library of the sanctuary to see Washi and his clones reading as many books as they could, Washi walked into a section that bore the name of Shaun Hastings and looked more like a workstation then a section of a library. Washi was holding a picture of a man and woman, who looked rather happy together. The woman was holding a young child in her arms that looked rather happy as well. "That is your ancestor Desmond and his wife Rebecca Crane; they met when Desmond was freed from the Templars. After the event they fell in love and started a family."

Washi was surprised by what he had just found out; he put the picture down and looked into his mentor's eyes, "Is this whole section about them?" "Yes and no, a great deal of their lives is recorded here Washi. There are quite a few things here that both Shaun and Rebecca recorded during their lives; many of those things were recovered from the Animus during Desmond's sessions."

Raven motion for Washi to follow him into another room that was filled with nothing but weapons, several were already laid out for him to study, Raven picked up the first one which was of course the hidden blade and said, "This is perhaps our most famous weapon, the hidden blade. Every one of your ancestors at one time or another has used this weapon against our enemies, or in a different form. For the most part it's an effective weapon against our enemies; it allows us to kill silently and stealthily. We've also been known to use one on each arm; we even have a version that fits in our combat boots. This is yours, go ahead and put it on."

Washi tested out the blade seeing that it was quite functional, Raven then moved over to another item that looks similar to the hidden blade, "This is an Ottoman hook blade, this blade has two functions to act as both a hidden blade and the hook they can allow us to gain access to new areas that would've been impossible for you before. The next item is one of my personal favorites; a poisoned blade that allows us to kill someone in stealth like manner up close and personal, the blade also doubles as a medium-range weapon when we can't get close enough."

Raven then picked up another item and handed it to Washi, "This weapon is the hidden gun; it's practically a lost weapon in today's age. It can hold up to 6 rounds of ammunition and has a greater range than the poison dart system that we use. This weapon Washi is very loud when used, and can give away our position so you must be very careful when using."

Washi nodded to his mentor as he watched him pick up two rather strange looking weapons that reminded him of the hidden gun in a way as Raven then said, "Like the hidden gun young warrior these are practically a lost art in today's time they are known as handguns and in time I will show you how to be deadly accurate with them."

He then moved to a another weapon and said as he picked it up for his young student to see, "Another long-range weapon that we use is the pump action crossbow; it can hold up to 15 arrow bolts and is very easy to use, but we also have one of the most impressive long-range weapons of all, the assassin's sniper rifle."

Raven then picked up a weapon that was extremely long and deadly looking. "Your grandfather was an excellent master of this weapon; he could hit a target for more than 2 miles away. His best kills were from a mile away, nobody's perfect. Now these are just a few of our assassin's grenades, unlike explosive tags that use Chakra, these use a fuse or a detonator. Now there are several different kinds of these grenades for example we have two different kinds of smoke bombs that can hide us from view, and with our Eagle vision we can still see while in it. The next one is an explosive type that can kill or maim, and this one creates a very loud noise they can act as a distraction."

Washi nodded as he looked at all the weapons before him, Raven then walked up to him and said, "Washi, in the span of just one week you have ready completed at least two months of training, from this moment I'm going to increase your training tenfold. Now, we have much work to."


One year later.

Yugito Nii former Shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village of Lighting Country was now running for her life she as was followed by the mercenaries who had been hired by the corrupt political members in her village that wanted her as nothing more than a weapon or breeding stock.

Because of the threat by the Akatsuki organization her Kage had decided it was safe for her to be on the move as much as possible, the reason she was currently in Spring country was because of a rumor that a certain man that had saved her mother's life long, is currently residing here somewhere in the high mountains that were still gripped by Winters touch. She was secretly hoping that he could help her the way he helped her mother long ago, it was just at this moment that she felt a spike of Chakra and quickly ducked behind a tree just as a hail of knives and kunais came flying by. Had it not been for the tree she would most likely have been a bloody mess thanks to being impaled, the tree could take it of course.

She was currently breathing heavy as she turned her head to look at the other side of the tree only to see to the mercenaries maneuvering into a position to capture her, unfortunately her Chakra reserves were now dangerously low preventing her from using her more powerful attacks to get out of the situation.

She counted at least 10 of them who look like they were ready to go in for the kill, the leader of the group walked up to her and said, "You know Cat, I've been looking forward to this for some time now. They only said we had to bring you back alive and in one piece little girl, but that doesn't mean we can have a little fun with you first."

Before he could reach his hand out to grab onto her they all heard what sounded like gurgling sounds coming from directly behind them, they all turned around to see that two of their members were missing. The only thing left of them was bloodstains upon the ground, they all started to look around trying to figure out what had happened and if they were under some kind of attack.

The leader of the group quickly grabbed Yugito by her throat and used her as a human shield while trying to figure out where the attack could come from only to watch in horror as a man in a strange black outfit with a hood jumped down on top of his two of his men, them instantly collapse under his weight and was clearer that they were not getting up.

When the man was coming up he could see that there were two blades extending from his wrists they were dripping with his men's blood he then quickly moved like lightning cutting down another one. The warrior then quickly drew two swords and quickly began to cut the remaining mercenaries down like they were nothing to him at all.

The warrior then flipped both his swords backwards ready to still be used and began to walk up to the leader and one last mercenary who were now scared beyond all measure, the leader then said, "Come any closer and I will kill her!"

While the leader cannot see the man's face clearly he could still just make out a enough of the man's face to know that he was not amused in the slightest, before the leader could make any other kind of demand or warning to the warrior his head literally exploded. The remaining mercenary then received one of the warrior stored directly through his chest and heart killing him essentially. Yugito was in shock at this point; she turned her head to see the warrior walking up to retrieve his sword from the dead mercenary's chest and then began to try to get her attention by moving his hand in front of her face.

It was at this point that another man wearing the same clothes but this time in white walked out of the woods it up to them carrying a long strange looking weapon; it was at this point that Yugito noticed that the man in white was a great deal older than the one in black. The older man instantly recognized her, "What is the host of the two tailed cat doing here in Spring Country."

"How do you know who I am?"

"We are the ones who work in the shadows to serve the light." The old man said to her.

"Your assassins, then do you know where I can find Raven Uzumaki?"

Raven then gave the young woman a once over and smiled knowing exactly who this was, "You're her daughter, aren't you?"

Yugito was surprised by what he said to her, "It is you, please Master Uzumaki I need all the help I can get. You saved my mother long ago when she was just a child, she told me when I was a child that if I ever needed help I should look for you. She still told me this evening knowing that your home village had been wiped out long ago, somehow she just knew that you were still alive."

Raven gave her a smile and said, "I think you need to tell us what's going on, follow me."

About 20 min. later all three of them were inside the cottage as Yugito wash the blood off her face and body then walked out into the living room sitting in a chair directly across from them both. Raven then decided to make the introductions, "Well young lady you already know who I am but in the interest of good manners my name is Raven Uzumaki."

"Yugito Nii, former shinobi of the Hidden Cloud Village."

Washi then pulled back his hood revealing his face to her for the first time and then said, "My name is Washi Naruto Uzumaki and it is a pleasure to meet you, my fellow host of a tailed beast."

Yugito was surprised to find out that the missing Jinchuriki of Konoha had been hiding here in Spring Country all this time, Raven then decided to start asking the questions that they needed to know, "Why are you a former shinobi Yugito?"

"About six months ago members of our civilian counsel managed to gain a significant amount of control over our military forces, the Raikage also discovered that they had plans for me and my fellow host Bee. They couldn't touch Bee at the time, but I wasn't so lucky. Our Kage discharge me from the program and told me to run since the council was planning to sell me out to the Akatsuki."

Washi had a feeling that her experience was similar to his in a big way, "So they will do everything in their power to get you back and use you for whatever purpose they have in mind. No matter the cost, sounds a bit like my lot in life."

"More than you know, there is currently a very large bounty on your head Washi. For some reason your village want's you back alive and in one piece just like me."

Raven have been studying them both and realized just how much they were alike in many ways, "Yugito I have to ask since you no longer a ninja of any village would you consider training to become an assassin. This training may help you both combat the members of Akatsuki who will be coming for both of you in time. So will you become one of my students?"

A choice, this was something she had not been given to many times in her life and it was a welcome change for her. She knew the of story's about the assassins from many of the old-timers in her village describe them as being both powerful and kind and knew they have the power to disappear like ghosts in the night. The fact that her mother had been saved by one as well made her choice even easier.

"Yes I will become one of you, because of them I don't have very many choices left. But I trust you; you did save my mother after all. When do I begin?"

End of C1

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