C9, The Templars Greatest Cover-up

"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


Washi looked over the encampment from the tent where the old drunk Tazuna and his family were currently staying at; he was truly surprised to see so many of the citizens of Wave taking shelter in the ruins of the Whirlpool village.

He turned around and walked back into the heart of the tent where Tazuna was currently sitting on one of the sleeping cots drinking some of his liquor and looked up at the young man who had once saved his village from destruction so many years ago, he was now even more shocked to see that the young man before him was in fact both an Uzumaki and an Assassin.

"I never would've thought that you were one of the Uzumaki's or an Assassin when I first saw you all those years ago, but seeing you now I realize that you maybe this world's only hope if you can bring back the brotherhood that is?"

Washi was truly surprised to hear the old man say that, "You know about my clan and the Brotherhood, how?"

He nursed the drink in his hands a little bit and then took a sip from it and then looked Washi right in the eyes, "I was a young man when your home village was destroyed all those years ago, we were lucky to be spared."

"How did you find this place?"

"I'm a bridge builder by trade but I know how to build houses and buildings as well, I actually helped build some of the things here I know some of the structures so well and I also know some of the ways into this particular island from Wave."

He caught the curious look from the young assassin and then answered, "There was a time when this island was connected to Wave itself but that was before the event, after that it split in two and the half we are currently on developed the whirlpools as what gave it its name in the first place."

Washi was surprised by what he had just heard, "And you never heard my clan name when we were here on that mission so you would not know, but I have to know why did you choose the ruins of my village to hide, what has happened?"

"Our home is nothing but ruins right now so are a lot of other people in the village, it turns out that Gato had a brother who decided to take over the island and I'm sorry to say that unlike Gato this man is a monster."

Right at this moment both Tenten and Hinata walked into the tent, "I don't understand what's so important about Wave?"

"Wave and Whirlpool were known as the Waypoint of the Sea Washi, between the Land of Water and the Land of Spring."

"You're saying that this island is sitting right in the middle of the major ocean superpowers, looking back now I can see why the Templars were so interested in all three of them."

The two girls were surprised by his statement, but before they could ask any question they were interrupted by none other than Raven as he entered the tent, "It would make a lot of sense my young student; I can also see why they would be so interested in wave as it would be a perfect place for a military harbor."

Tazuna then seem to remember something and said, "Military Harbors? That would explain why there were those materials were here in the first place, they were using those materials to make a military harbor. Now I am so glad I stole the supplies to make the bridge in the first place."

Washi was surprised to hear this, "No wonder Gato wanted you so dead, I take it that they had people from Land of Water here?"

"Yes, but they left so that Gato could take care of the problem that I was causing during that time." The old bridge builder said.

Washi was surprised that so much was happening and then said, "And I take it that the situation is even direr than last time?"

"You could say that."

"Well in that case I am going to need some help, is she here with you?" Washi asked.

"She's in the camp and I know she will be happy to see you again, I know I am." Tazuna said.

His two childhood friends were curious about what was being said and asked, "Okay who is she?"

Washi turned and looked them right in the eyes and then said, "Someone who helped me along my path as a shinobi and then as an Assassin."


Jiraiya Yugito and the remaining Leaf ninjas walked along the streets of the district that not too long ago had been sealed up thanks to the tyranny of the Templars, the streets were now alive with people writing about their daily lives without a care in the world.

They all observed several samurai walking about the area keeping an eye out for any forms of trouble, eventually Jiraiya motioned them over to a group of samurai who instantly bowed to him and motioned for them to follow.

Within a couple of minutes they entered a large area filled with many homes, one of the homes was a massive mansion rather ornate looking with what looked like several makeshift kitchens out in the yard serving food to the many civilians and samurai in the area.

As they walked up to the front door of the mansion they were ushered in by a rather ornate looking samurai who motioned for them to follow him inside, they eventually entered a large study with an old man sitting in a chair reading a rather old looking book with rather beat-up leather binding on it.

At the sounds of the group entering the room he turned his head to look at them and smiled upon seeing Jiraiya's face and then said, "It is a true pleasure to see the old spymaster again, I'm to finally meet the assassins I've been hearing so much about but only one?"

Jiraiya rolled his eyes at his very old friend's way of thinking and then spoke, "There are several assassins left in the world now, they are no longer fallen."

"Well that's good to hear, but I assume they're here for a reason?" the old man asked of him.

Jiraiya walked over to one of the many chairs in the room and sat down and then began to explain their reasons for being here at this time, "They're here because they need to know the whole truth behind both the Assassins and the Templars plus unfortunately I have terrible news to tell you."

"They killed him didn't they?" he asked only to see Jiraiya nod to him.

"I have a feeling the old Shinobi did not go quietly into the night, did his research fall into their hands?"

It was Shikamaru who then spoke, "He gave all of his research to us before they got to him, and he seemed to know something was going to happen to him."

The old man sighed in relief at hearing this, "Think God, the Templars will do everything in their power to obtain that knowledge. Tell me how much do you all know about what's really going on?"

Kakashi was a little confused by the question since he was still trying to come to terms with what was really going on, "It's still a little confusing but we seem to know a little bit more about the Assassins then the Templars."

"Then have you come across anything about the Precursors or the Ones Who Came Before?" the old man asked him.

The old men sew the look on Shikamaru's face, "It's so troublesome but I have been reading through the material and I find references occasionally to something called the precursors?"

The old man smiled at him and then said, "Very good Nara, my old friend and I are responsible for researching the history of the Assassins and the Templars and I mean the complete history as much as we can but it's difficult as this story has two sides to it that tell their own tail on their own but when put together they tell a completely unique tail in its own right."

Ino suddenly realized there was another side to the tail they had been told, "You're saying that there is more to this tale than just the Assassins?"

The old man nodded his head to her and then said, "Exactly, the tale of the Assassins Templars and the Precursors is like a giant puzzle. Each piece is a small story in the bigger picture and when put together even with massive holes they still tell a rather unique story, however this is not your typical puzzle as it is in two pieces that on their own tell their own story with small pieces that hint at the other story and when put together tell an even bigger and even more amazing tale. You have only been told one part of that puzzle's story."

Shikamaru came to a realization, "Your friend was researching the Assassins while you were researching the precursors."

The old man gave a genuine smile and nod it as he pointed at Shikamaru, "Exactly young men, the truth is we all have seen or heard stories of the ones who came before or the first civilization as they have been known to some."

Kurenai was no very confused by what he had implied, "I've never heard of these stories you're talking about?"

"Of the course you have my dear young lady, stories of legends of Gods and grand adventures. The old saying "all legends have a basis in fact." Is not just a saying it's the truth my dear."

All of the Konoha Shinobi and Kunoichi were in total shock as the old man continued his lesson to them, "For example take the story of Adam and Eve and the expulsion from Paradise all because of an apple, but the Assassins discover the truth that the Apple was really a weapon and the human race was nothing more than a slave race created in their Master's image."

Ino's eyes went wide as she heard the old man said this, "What the hell are you talking about, are you saying we were created to be nothing more than slaves and look like our masters?"

He looked her and then all of them in the eyes and continued, "From what I have been able to piece together as well as others who have helped me in my work my young lady that is exactly what they sauce at first but some of them fell in love with our people as well, after all they were the inspiration for the Roman and Greek gods of ancient times."

Shikamaru was beginning to formulate a theory about everything and just needed to know a little more before he could speak his mind, before the old man could continue a young woman no older than 20 walked in the caring a tray full of tea for everyone's enjoyment and began to pass it around.

Everyone was surprised at the service of the people of the mentor were showing them as the young woman who had brought the team then asked them, "would anyone like some lemon cake or perhaps some meat pie that is quite fresh we have quite a bit of food thanks to the blockade being over now and no longer have to ration it as much to feed the people of this district."

The ninja were surprised to hear this as the old man then said to her, "I would like a slice of the lemon cake if it's not too much trouble my dear."

She nodded her head and looked at the room is everyone said they were fine and went about her duties.

The old man took a sip of his tea and then explained, "When the district was sealed off from the rest of the city we were basically left to starve to death however since I was a student of the Uzumaki and their sealing arts I used those very skills to begin suing away large amounts of supplies everything from weapons to food and other supplies which has been the only thing keeping the people here in this district alive which is it turns out also made my home here quite a tempting target if the daimyo decided to launch an all-out invasion of this district."

Yugito was impressed and then had a moment of clarity and revelation, "That's how you and your friend know so much about the Assassins Templars and the First Civilization?"

"The old ninja and myself were both students of knowledge but we also decided to apply ourselves in other areas, for him combat training and for myself the art of sealing. We both proved that we could be trusted much as Jiraiya here, because of our knowledge and abilities we were chosen to hunt down this very knowledge and keep it from falling into the hands of the Templars if they were still around because if they were able to find just one Piece of Eden it could be the end of the world."

Ino was curious at the last part that he said, "Wait you said if they got their hands on just one Piece of Eden, are you actually saying that the Apple of Eden is real?"

He nodded to her, "Yes I'm afraid it is very real and it's not the only one their culture was destroyed by the same type of event that happened 500 years ago but theirs was 10,000 years ago and nearly destroyed their entire culture today there are hidden temples and technology which have been found from time to time, and sometimes the Templars have actually got their hands on the Pieces of Eden and the results have been terrifying to say the least."

Shikamaru then realized just how serious the situation they have been drawn into was and just how important the Assassins really were, "The Templar's conspiracy is more dangerous than anyone can possibly understanding unless they are involved and the Templars are doing everything they can to keep it hidden from the world."

"That's right young man and as much as it pains me to say this to you all but you are all now witnesses to the greatest cover-up in human history, as long as you were ignorant you were all safe from their wrath but now they will be keeping an eye on you all and may decide to just eliminate you."

Kiba couldn't believe what he was hearing, "That's bullshit, and they would never be able to get away with that."

Shino however turned to his teammate and then said, "I'm afraid to say that it's not Kiba, if anything it makes a tremendous amount of sense. My Clan as well as Shikamaru's have always suspected that there was something more to the Uzumaki clan then anyone could have ever realized and that when they were supposedly wiped out the balance in the world changed dramatically Kiba."

Shikamaru then continued for the bug user, "Shino's right Kiba, after the Uzumaki clan was killed off those in Konoha who suspected the truth of the assassins noticed they seem to vanish from the world and with their departure from the world many nations within a decade suddenly began to either destroy themselves or become dangerous military powers that helped spark the last great ninja war that all of our parents fought in before we were all born. And even after that within our lifetimes many other nations have begun to become corrupt or controlled by foreign forces and let us not forget the increase in the activity around the Jinchūriki and even the attack on our village by the Nine Tailed Fox."

To everyone's surprise it was Kakashi who spoke next, "They're all right, it's as if the attack by the Fox was planned to either destroy our village or to weaken it so we could not be a threat in the future. What they weren't counting on was us to begin to rebuild our village and forces so fast and for the Uchiha to do everything in their power to protect Naruto, it's all starting to make even more sense since I'm one of the few people who knows that it was the two elders and not Danzo who ordered the execution of the clan and even provided the evidence that eventually doomed them."

Ino was now in shock at what she had just learned, "So both Naruto and Sasuke were nothing more than pieces in their twisted game for one reason or another, but they changed everything and now you're saying we have a chance to write our own new destiny."

The old man nodded to her, "Unto that you're absolutely right young lady, I've heard the stories of how young Uzumaki not even an assassin yet and he still managed to do the impossible or inspire people to change their lives was in that respect alone he has been a major thorn in their side's in their plans. Now that he is an assassin have even more to fear and yet they still need him alive for whatever new plan they have and that right now is one of their greatest weaknesses."


Naruto Hinata and Tenten walked through the encampment on their way to what was known as the medical tent by the misplaced citizens of the country of Wave, the two young girls were curious to meet whoever it was that their childhood friend or brother figure was desperate to meet and why?

As soon as he entered the tent he made sure that his hood was lowered so that his face would be visible to all, a young woman not much older than them was tending to quite a few of the injured citizens from the last attack and was therefore too busy to notice the newcomers.

"It's good to see you again Haku."

End of C9

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