A/N: The characters Bella and Jacob belong to Stephenie Meyer. I just took the liberty of naming Jacob's sister after my best friend who means the world to me and Bella here is OOC and totally into Jacob, who wouldn't be?

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Bella slipped on her black v-neck dress, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her long, brown hair was tied up in a high ponytail and her delicate features were accentuated by smokey eye make-up and shiny lip-gloss. She looked really attractive but apparently not enough for the guy she liked.

Good girls don't get the guy in the end; that's the conclusion she came up with a few nights ago after crying her eyes out.

Her self-esteem needed some revival so she called up her -party animal- friends and decided to join their weekend of club hopping which she usually turned down.

"No more good girl, okay?" She convinced her own reflection which was now clad in red peep-toe sandals, hoop earrings and the shortest dress in her closet.

'Who are you talking to?'

Bella almost jumped in surprise, twirling around to see who the voice belonged to.


The guy standing at the doorway was her best friend's brother; two years younger and a totally hottie as well. She thought he was still in college for the weekend but apparently he was not.

'Hot damn..' He whistled, onyx eyes lingering on her slim body before reaching her face.

You don't look so bad yourself, she thought.

Jacob's broad shoulders and six foot frame weren't the only thing she guiltily felt attracted to.

He had those full, sensuous lips which were topped off with a straight nose and a pair of sexy eyes that shifted color every now and then.

"Your sister left for salsa class and I'm here just to borrow a clutch of hers." Bella explained her presence to him, trying not to ogle his biceps as he rested both hands on the doorway's wooden frame.

'Why? Where are you off to?' He asked, openly staring at her legs.

They usually avoided talking to one another since Jacob always seemed to try and start some kind of argument with her. When they were younger, he'd tease and annoy her until his parents were forced to send him to his room.

"I'm going clubbing."

He snorted, raising a dark eye-brow in a -yeah, right!- sort of way.

'No way. Miss goody two shoes is going clubbing? Now that calls for a big L-O-L.'

Bella grabbed her clutch and pushed past him on the way out, completely ignoring his remark. She descended the stairs extra slow because of her heels, giving him the time to follow her.

'Sorry, that was rude. I promised myself to behave in your presence.'

It was Bella's turn to snort.

"It's too bad that you didn't because you look ten times hotter with your mouth shut." She found herself saying right before opening the front door, giving him what she hoped was a sultry, seductive look.

Two hours later, Bella found herself lost in a haze of smoke and alcohol. The club her friends took her to turned out to be packed with party goers and loud with trance music. The pounding seemed to resonate inside her clutch and throughout her whole body.

A drunken guy tried to kiss her while they were dancing, proving just how bad this idea of clubbing turned out to be. Her head was throbbing with an incoming head-ache from the cloud of smoke surrounding her and none of her three friends were within reach.

All in all, her evening was coming to an end.

She carefully made her way to the exit of the club, fishing out her mobile phone. Her eyes were getting all blurry so she dialed the taxi service only to be put on hold for ten minutes.

Two bald, bulky-sized men approached her while she dialed yet another number, they offered to give her a ride on their Harley but she refused, telling them that her boyfriend was coming to pick her up.

Her brain decided there was only one person who could come to her rescue at this time of night so she quickly texted him.

He texted her back almost instantly, asking for the name and place of the club.

'So, that boyfriend of yours, he's coming?' Biker guy with the eye-brow piercing asked her a minute later, glowering at any stoned, drunken men who attempted to get closer to her.

"Yes." She answered in relief.

The two bikers turned out to be really nice, keeping her company until Jacob's black Camaro showed up. She said goodbye to both men and made her way over to the car.

The driver door opened and Jake got out, dressed in black jeans and a fitted white shirt that outlined his muscled torso. She wanted to drag her nails over it just to see how hard his abs were.

'You okay?' He asked in concern, surprising the hell out of her.

She glanced up at his face, noticing for the first time how long his hair was. It fell over his eyes as he towered over her much shorter body, tilting up her chin to get a better look.

Bella blinked, feeling the heat from his fingers affect her in more ways than one.

"I'm fine. Just get me out of here."

'Bless you!'

She thanked him right before sneezing, her eyes watering up again.

Jake handed her a box of tissues from the backseat. 'Shall I drive you back to our house or...'

"No! Don't even mention any of this to your sister!" Bella instructed him.

'Why not?'

"It's a long story."

Leaning back in her seat, she closed her eyes and took a deep calming breath.

Minutes later, they were parked in front of her apartment building.

'Why did you text me?' J blurted out after killing the engine.

Bella blushed, not knowing how to answer his question. "I couldn't think of anyone else really."

'Why not?' He prodded, eyes following the movement of her hands which were currently wedged between her shapely thighs.

"Would you like to come upstairs for a drink?" She asked him back, unable to tear her gaze away from his lips.


They stood in silence inside the elevator, just staring at one another. Jake had a new profound appreciation for little black dresses ever since he saw her earlier in the evening. He was fighting back the urge to push her up against the mirror and kiss her glossy lips.

Bella's body was begging her to do something about the sexual tension between her and Jacob. It was so obvious; you could almost taste it in the air as he followed her down the corridor to her apartment.

Opening her clutch, she fumbled with the keys and let out a shaky breath. No guy has ever stepped foot in her small apartment before so she felt a bit nervous. It wasn't because her place was untidy or disorganized; on the contrary, she was a bit of neat freak at times.

Once the lights were switched on, Jacob found himself in an IKEA catalogue living room. The walls were painted a light shade of pink with matching curtains and white furniture with floral print pillows. A pink plasma television was hanging from an apple green wall, surrounded by shelves lined up with books and CDs.

There was a arched doorway to the right which led to a corridor painted in baby blue, one of his favorite colors.

"So, what would you like to drink?" Bella asked, pushing past a swinging door to his left. She disappeared inside what he assumed was the kitchen so he did the same and almost collided with her tiny frame.

It turned out to be more of a mini-kitchen.

The white cabinets and pink linoleum surface mirrored the living room, making him smile. His sister's best friend obviously had a thing for pink stuff.

Nearly every cup, plate and utensil was in that color, even the dish rack!

'I've never seen so much pink in one place before.' Jacob remarked.

"It's my favorite color." Bella revealed, holding up a can of soda in one hand and a cocoa jar in the other. "Coke or hot cocoa?"

He grinned, one of his dimples making an appearance. 'Hot cocoa please.'

"You can wait outside if you want." She offered, watching him try and squeeze himself past the fridge. He was too tall and broad shouldered for her kitchen.

'No it's okay. I want to watch you make it.'

So for the next few minutes he leaned against the counter while she boiled milk and poured cocoa powder into their pink mugs. She kicked off her heels moments later, looking a lot more relaxed. Her toes were painted in pink too which made him smile in amusement.

When she opened a box of heart shaped sugar cubes and asked him if he wanted any, he refrained from saying anything inappropriate.

That was the first time he ever got to spend one-on-one time with her so he didn't want to screw it all up even though his mind was overflowing with sexual innuendos.

Bella almost laughed in absurdity at the entire situation.

She was drinking hot cocoa with Jacob and he was actually nice to her.

"Why aren't you out with your friends?" She wondered out loud, seeing as he was lounging on her couch like he had nowhere else to go.

He shrugged, finishing the last of his hot beverage. 'I was...then I got your text and decided to call it a night.'


Their eyes met and Bella's toes automatically curled into the lush carpet beneath her feet. His eyes were much darker in the light of the nearby lamp, so was his brown hair.

'Are you hungry?'

"Starving actually, I didn't have dinner yet." She confessed, wanting to crawl into his lap and snuggle into his inviting chest.

He leaned forward, gently placing his mug on the coffee table. 'What are you in the mood for?'



"Sure, why not?"

She got up, reaching out for her antique telephone. It was in perfect condition and one of her most precious possessions.

'Wow, does this really work?' Jacob inquired in astonishment.

"Yes. You can use it to make your order, I'll be right back."

He nodded enthusiastically and picked up the ear piece.

Bella closed her bedroom door behind her and headed for the bathroom. She slipped out of her dress, untied her hair then stood in front of the mirror.

"What on earth are you doing?"

Jini would kill her if she ever found out about the thoughts going through her head right now.

After splashing some water on her face and removing her heavy eye-make-up, she decided to change into her silky leopard print pajamas since her discarded dress smelled of smoke.

Once she was done, she sprayed on a bit of vanilla scented body spray and reapplied a dab of lip gloss before returning to the living room.

Jacob was staring out the large window behind her comfy arm-chair. There wasn't much to see since it was dark and the park below her building was dimly lit.

He felt her presence even before turning around to face her. She was wearing a pair of PJ pants with a matching top, reminding him of a sexy kitten.

'The pizza will be here in ten more minutes.' He informed her.

It was hard to read the expression on his face but Bella could tell that he was undressing her with his eyes.

She cleared her throat before taking a seat on the couch, not knowing what to do or say.

'Am I making you uncomfortable?'

Bella blushed.

"A little. I'm just not used to this." She then gestured back and forth between the two of them. "You being nice and us having a proper conversation...it's just surreal."

Jacob nodded in agreement, sitting right across from her on the petite arm-chair. It slightly creaked under his weight so he got up and sat next to her on the white couch.

'It's surreal because I'm no longer that teenager who liked to pick on his sister's best friend.'

She smiled. "You owe me a lot of apologies."

'I do.' He said in a serious tone, surprising her for the second time that night.

"You know, the only reason why I have your number is because Jini asked me to call you, demanding that you make amends to me for ruining my 20th birthday."

He instantly cringed at her words, remembering how he'd thrown her in the pool that night, completely ruining her dress which was both expensive and dry clean only.

Jini had warned him beforehand not to do anything stupid.

'That was ages ago but it's not too late.'

"No it's not."

He was just about to say something when the doorbell rang.

They both rose up at the same time but he insisted on answering the door and paying for their meal. She was glad that their food didn't take too long to be delivered since she was really hungry.

The smell of the pizza wafted from the boxes as Jacob brought them over to the coffee table. He made sure to open Bella's box first while she was grabbing some plates from the kitchen.

"I hope you don't mind dining in pink."

'Nope. Not at all.'

She almost dropped the plates when she saw her favorite pepperoni thin crust pizza with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

"Jake, how did you know what to order for me?" She asked him in awe.

He bit his lower lip, tanned cheeks getting red at her question.

'You uh..practically live at our house so it wasn't hard to figure out what you like.'

Handing him his plate, she nodded, letting this little piece of information sink in.

So he had been paying attention to her all those times he pretended not to.

"What else do I like then?" She challenged him before taking a bite out of her pizza slice. It was delicious.

He smirked, scratching his chin as if thinking about it. 'Let's see...you like chocolate raisins, watching British drama on TV and you adore cats unlike my sister.'

Bella was impressed and for the next thirty minutes they discussed their likes and dislikes, what movies they enjoyed watching and how Jini slept with the light on ever since she allegedly saw a 'ghost' in the basement a few months ago.

It was well past midnight when her mobile phone started ringing, interrupting the flow of their conversation. She instantly recognized the number and her mood suddenly changed.

Jacob saw her smile fade, face going pale before excusing herself and taking the call inside the kitchen.

"What do you want?" She hissed into the phone.

'I missed you.' The guy who broke her heart replied in a slurry voice.

"Stop calling me. You have a girlfriend now."

He sighed. 'I know...I just...'

"Goodbye Ryan."

'Wait! Bel..'

She hung up, burying her face in her hands.

Why did she answer the phone when she knew it would kill her mood like this?


Her eyes watered, turning away from Jacob who was standing in the doorway.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and opened the freezer for some much needed dessert. "Would you like some chocolate chip ice-cream?"

'Yeah, I definitely have room for that.' He replied, wanting to make her smile again.

She took out two pint sized tubs which they silently ate with pink spoons on the couch until he decided to break the silence.

'So, are you going to tell me why you decided to leave the club so early? I thought you were going club hopping.'

She held the spoon against her mouth before licking the last bit of chocolate chip from the tip. The cold dessert managed to calm her down and so did watching Jacob eat his ice-cream.

His full lips were definitely a turn on.

"You were right. I was too much of a good girl to go through with it." She sheepishly admitted.

He shook his head, leaning forward with a twinkle in his eyes. 'That's not the reason why. If you go clubbing with me, I can guarantee you'll want to do it again.'

"Is that an invitation?"

'You bet it is.'

"Seriously?" She arched an eye-brow, thinking it was some kind of joke.

'Yep. I'd be honored to take you.'

"Okay, I'll give it one more try."

Jacob flashed her his most dazzling smile, it brightened his whole face. She smiled back and got up to clear the coffee table from the pizza boxes and plates.

'Let me do that for you, pink lady.'

So he did, carrying everything back to the kitchen while ignoring his vibrating Blackberry which had over ten missed calls from his friends in the last two hours.

'Your bedroom is nothing like I expected.' He blurted out when she led him inside.

The walls were painted a chocolate brown except for the one behind the queen sized bed. It was a bright shade of pink with a painting of different pairs of sexy shoes in various shades of red.

The bed sheets were also a mixture of those colors but the rest of the furniture around the room was black, which he thought was incredibly sexy.

"I'll take that as a compliment." She responded, swinging open the door leading to her en-suite bathroom.

The wall tiles were aqua blue in contrast to the sand colored floor, sea shells decorated the glass shelf below the oval mirror and a small sailing boat housed the soap on top of the sink.

Jacob felt like he was in an indoor beach.

Even the shower curtain had a light house and sea shell pattern!

It was obvious that Bella had an eye for design and was very organized.

A bit of a neat freak too, he observed while washing his hands.

In the meantime, miss neat freak was lighting a scented candle; something she usually did before going to bed. She also played her ocean sounds playlist on her ipod, allowing a wave of calmness to wash over her nerves.

Closing her eyes for a minute, she imagined walking along the beach, sand tickling her bare feet; the sky was full of grey clouds but she felt warm and happy.

'Is this your bedtime ritual or are you trying to seduce me?' Jacob's voice interrupted the moment, causing her to jerk back to reality. She opened her eyes to find him watching her through half-lidded eyes.

"I'm way too tired to seduce anyone right now." She rolled her eyes at him, drumming four fingers against the edge of her dressing table.


"Yes, are you?"

He stalked over to her, strands of his brown hair falling into his eyes. He knew he was crossing the line; testing boundaries.

'Is that an invitation?'

Bella shrugged coolly despite the butterflies fluttering in her chest. She wanted to play along just to see how far he was willing to take his flirting.

"My bed is big enough for two."

He smirked.

'Great then, I'll go first.'

He then proceeded to take off his white shirt before crumbling it between his large hands and tossing it on the nearby love seat.

"Oh my God, I was only kidding!" She cried out, unable to resist staring at his broad, tanned chest and the defined muscles of his flat stomach.

'Really? Because judging by the looks you've giving me lately I know you want to.' He cockily replied, a hint of amusement in his grey orbs.

"Jake. Stop."

Her serious tone only egged him on. He stepped even closer, not touching her but waiting for her next move. 'I'm not doing anything.'

She licked her lips, feeling embarrassed at her own reaction to his body; the huskiness of his voice as he whispered those words low enough as the ocean waves played in the background.

"You're toying with me." She whispered back.

His head automatically denied it, but seeing the hurt in her face made him recall that night he overheard her crying in their kitchen. Concerned, he later found out rather discreetly from Jini that some jerk had led her on only to reveal that he had feelings for another girl.

'I swear to you I'm not, and that shithead who hurt you is going to get punched in the face if I ever saw him.'

Bella didn't really care how he seemed to know all those things about her. She felt touched by his offer to cause physical harm to Ryan, imagining him lying on the ground with a black eye and a broken nose.

"You'd really do that for me?"

He nodded, his gaze dropping to her lips.

'I'd do anything for you.'

Heat rose to her cheeks, fingers itching to touch him. He was so close.

Her breath hitched when he took hold of her wrist, bringing her hand to his chest. 'You can touch me, I won't bite.' He told her.

Instead of roaming his chest, she ran her palms across his shoulder blade and down his strong, solid bicep.

"That's so hard." She blurted out before realizing how wrong that last word sounded. "I meant..uh...muscular, you must bench press a lot."

'Yeah, I do.' He huskily concurred.

"How often do you work out?"


Her hands daringly moved to his smooth chest, trying not to look nervous while doing it.

"Have you ever thought about kissing…me?"