Title: Snapshot

Author: veiledndarkness

Rating: G

Pairing: None, really, only if you squint.

Summary: A picture tells a story.

Disclaimer: Not mine, no harm intended, no profit made.

Written for the fourbrothers100 on livejournal


In a box that belonged to Evelyn, Jack found a treasure trove of photos.

He sorted through them, falling through time and memory. Pictures of Angel, of Jerry, and of a world weary Jack, Bobby and his angry eyes, of the boys at various family celebrations, of birthdays and Christmases, of happier times…

Jack filled the unfinished albums. He saved his favourites of his brothers and one of Bobby at age sixteen, a rare smile on his face, and one of the boys with their mother.

These he needed, having these memories of when their lives with Evelyn had begun.