Hey everyone! Here's the other story I'm working on. If you haven't read "I Stand By You" yet I suggest you read it as this is a sequel to "I'll Stand By You." I'm going to try to update both this and my other story at least once a week. This story is about the first year of high school for Finchel's kids, plus some Finchel family moments and Finchel during Rachel's pregnancy. There will be storylines concerning both Emma and Ryan as individuals, as well as couple stories for Nicma and Ryva. Hope you enjoy the first chapter and let me know if I should keep going!

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Chapter 1: Changes

The first week of high school was over, and already Emma liked it so much better than her first two years of middle school. Her classes – Honors World History, Honors Biology, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Freshman English, 9th Grade Art, Singers and Honors French 2 – all were fine. She had good teachers and had at least one of her good friends in each class. She was on the soccer team with Ava, Lizzie, Lexie, Laura, Izzy and Meg. Ava had become part of Emma's group of friends from Roxbury by now. It was great to be back at school with Ryan, Nick and Ava again. The JV soccer team had won their first game. Ryan and Nick had both made the varsity boys soccer team and were starters. They'd won a game too, the day after the girls game, and Nick had waved to Emma in the stands, making her feel so special (though Ava claimed she felt more special when Ryan scored a goal and pointed to her in the stands).

The first week of high school was followed by a three day weekend, because of labor day. That Saturday night, Emma was hanging out at Nick's house. Nick's dad was out on a date with his girlfriend, and Nick's younger brother, Kyle, was upstairs on the computer, letting Emma and Nick watch a movie by themselves downstairs.

They were in the middle of the movie when they heard a ring at the doorbell. Together they went to the door to see Grace Hannon, the daughter of Nick's dad's girlfriend. Grace was in the grade below Emma at Roxbury last year, so Emma sort of knew her.

"Hey Grace," Nick said. "What are you doing here?"

"I don't know," Grace said. "My mom texted me and said to meet up with her here after her date with your dad tonight."

"That's cool," Emma said. She saw worry creeping on to Nick's face as they let Grace in. If Grace's mom wanted her here, it had to be something big.

Immediately, Nick's dad and Grace's mom opened the door and came inside. Emma looked at them, who looked thrilled, and Nick, who looked panicky. She thought he knew what was happening, and he didn't seem to like it, whatever it was.

"Nick, Kyle, Grace, Emma, we have some news for you," Grace's mom said, giggling. Nick's dad took Grace's mom's hand and held it up, revealing a ring on her finger. "We're engaged! I popped the question to her on our date!" Nick's dad said, putting his arms around Grace's mom.

"That's awesome!" Grace said. She looked at Nick. "That'll make us siblings."

Nick gave Emma a look of disgust and whispered, "My dad did not talk to me, or to Kyle, about this!"

"Nick, is something wrong?" Nick's dad asked, noticing.

Emma just let her boyfriend talk. "Yeah Dad, something's wrong. I don't remember you consulting me or Kyle about doing this!"

"Nick..." his dad began, "I thought you two would be happy."

"I am happy," Kyle said. "Now I'll have a mommy, and a sister, too."

"That's where you're wrong, Kyle!" Nick shouted. "She's NOT our mom! Our real Mom died when you were six and I was nine. Just because she hooks up with our dad and goes on dates with him does not mean she's our mom. So, guess what, Dad? You, and Wendy, and Kyle, and Grace can pretend all you want, but this is NOT our family."

Emma just let Nick talk. She felt sympathy for him, as if his dad was trying to replace the mom he'd had for nine years.

"Nick, you're being irrational," Wendy said.

"You know what?" Nick snapped. "Marry my dad if you want. But don't expect me to go to the wedding. Emma, come with me. Let's go pack my stuff."

"Where are you going?" Nick's dad shouted.

"I'm staying at Emma and Ryan's house for a few days!" Nick said, running to his room. Emma stood in the living room and stared at Nick's dad.

"I'm sorry he reacted this way," Emma said quietly.

"I should have seen this coming," Nick's dad admitted. "Maybe a few days will be good for him at your house, just have him sleep in Ryan's room and no funny business."

"Okay," Emma said, following Nick to his room. Nick was already starting to throw his bags together.

"I can not believe him!" Nick said. "He's replacing my mom! Well, if he wants to do that for himself, that's his business. But I am not replacing the woman who gave birth to me."

Emma sighed. "I'm sorry, Nick. You only get one mom. Even though your dad's getting married, Grace's mom can never be YOUR mom."

"Emma, after Jack died and your parents had Grant, did it feel like they were replacing Jack with Grant?" Nick asked.

"Not really," Emma admitted. "My mom got pregnant with Grant before Jack got sick, even though we didn't find out until after Jack died, so it's not like it was planned that way. I guess the main difference is that parents can have as many kids as they want, but there's only ONE person who can be the woman whose body you came out of."

"My dad's an idiot," Nick snapped. "I guess he couldn't find enough comfort with just having Kyle and me. And now he's marrying a woman with a daughter of her own... I knew my dad and Grace's mom were going out but I never thought it was this serious."

"Grace's mom is probably still grieving her husband, and your dad still loves your mom, I can guarantee it," Emma said. "It's just that you and Kyle and Grace will eventually graduate high school and go off to college. Your parents probably still want someone. I'm sure your dad loves Grace's mom. They wouldn't be getting married if they didn't think their kids were ready."

"Well, I'm not ready, and they're still doing it," Nick said. "Come on, let's go to your house."

Emma picked up one of Nick's bags and began following him out the door. As they were leaving, Nick called to his dad, "You know, Mom wouldn't want you to be doing this if I wasn't ready."

Emma decided there was no point in trying to reason with her boyfriend. Sometimes when you were stressed, you had to just let it out.


Finn felt the baby in Rachel's stomach kick as he ran his hand up and down her stomach. It was hard to believe child #6 was in there. In two years it would mark twenty years of being in love with each other. So many people in high school doubted they would go the distance, and now here they were, with their sixth baby on the way. Other than Grant sleeping in his room, they were home by themselves right now, as Sarah was at a sleepover with a friend, Ryan was out with Ava and Emma was at Nick's house.

"I wonder if it's a boy or a girl," Finn said as he felt another kick.

"We'll be finding out next week," Rachel said with a giggle. "And then it'll be easier on the kids to choose a name."

"No matter which it is, it's bound to go better than when we were trying to pick out names for Ryan and Emma," Finn said.

"Oh God, don't even remind me of that!" Rachel laughed. "I can't believe how many Broadway names I had on my list!"

"Well, I was just as bad!" Finn laughed. "I probably had every famous athlete's name on the list."

"I ultimately like the names we chose," Rachel said with a smile. "For all the kids."

"So do I," Finn said, kissing Rachel.

They heard a heavy bang downstairs as the door opened. "I'll go down and see what that is," Finn said.

"All right, be careful!" Rachel called as Finn walked downstairs to see Emma, Nick and about four bags.

"Emma? Nick? What's going on?" Finn asked.

Emma looked at Finn. "Dad, Nick got some upsetting news and needs some time away from home. Can he stay here for a few days? His dad said he can if he sleeps in Ryan's room."

"Sure he can," Finn sighed. "But what's going on?"

"My dad has decided to get married," Nick groaned. "I'm not okay with it, but he doesn't care."

Finn immediately had a flashback to when he found out about his mom and Burt. It was upsetting to him at the time, but he eventually grew to see Burt as a father, and Ally's birth had really helped them all grow closer as a family. But it wasn't exactly the same situation. Nick had known his real mother for nine years and been taken from him when he was young. To see his father with another woman was probably traumatizing.

"Yeah, he can stay as long as he needs to," Finn said. "And Nick, listen, I know what you're going through. When I was in high school, my mom started dating another man and it was hard on me. If you need someone to talk to, you can always come to me."

"Thanks Finn," Nick said.

"No problem," Finn said. "Emma, your mom and I are in our room if you need us."

"Thanks," Emma said. As Finn began heading upstairs, he heard Nick say to Emma, "I like your parents. I wish my dad was like them."

Finn smiled to himself as he went back into the room. "What's going on?" Rachel asked.

"Nick's dad's getting married and that's not going over well with Nick," Finn said. "Emma offered to let him stay here for a few days."

Rachel looked down. "It must be hard to lose a parent at such a young age and then see your other parent replace them."

"Yeah, that's why I'm letting him stay here," Finn said. "For a few days at least."

"I hope he can accept his stepmother, eventually," Rachel said.

"He'll come around," Finn said. "As I was coming upstairs, I heard Nick tell Emma how he wished his dad was like us."

"That's so sweet!" Rachel said. She giggled. "Finn, this baby's been kicking like crazy!"

"Well, all our kids are pretty active," Finn said. "It's hard to believe that we ended up having so many."

"I wouldn't want it any other way," Rachel said. "It's so hard to believe our oldest are now in high school."

"That's when we met and fell in love," Finn sighed. "All these years later, Rach, you still take my breath away."

"And you do for me," Rachel said. "During the past week I've had lots of flashbacks to high school… probably because Ryan and Emma are in high school now."

"Yeah," Finn said. "I actually remember, we were lab partners in science freshman year… we had to dissect a frog together… and you hated the idea because of the animal cruelty."

"They'd better not make our kids dissect anything!" Rachel shouted. "Oh, and remember the time my locker was jammed freshman year and I needed you to help me with it?"

"I'd forgotten about that," Finn said. "Ah, Rach, we have so many memories."

"I love you," Rachel giggled.

"I love you, too," Finn said. "You and Ryan and Emma and Sarah and Jack and Grant and the baby who's on the way."

Rachel placed Finn's hand on her stomach as they felt another kick. She'd dreamed of Broadway, he'd dreamed of the NFL. They originally had planned to end up in New York, but they couldn't be happier than they were here in Cleveland.

"I just hope everything works out for Nick," Rachel sighed.

"Don't worry," Finn said, kissing Rachel's forehead. "I know Emma will take good care of him."

"I just worry more than usual with my pregnancy hormones, you know?" Rachel said.

"Rachel, you don't have to worry so much," Finn said. "Hopefully, it'll all work out."

Chapter 2 preview: Finn and Rachel find out the gender of the baby - anyone have any preferences? :) Something happens to change the course of the season at Emma's soccer game. Nick's dad tries to reach out to him.