WOOOO! Gettin this done before the holidays. *Does awesome dance*

FIRETRUCK! Someone reported one of my stories! I hate the world...

Disclaimer: Blah blah not mine blah blah

Dear Fanfiction,

Now, I hope you didn't forget I APOLOGIZED TO MY FAMILY FOR BEING A PRAT. I ADMITTED it! So why do you people still HATE me?

It really ticks me off of how...angry you make me seem. I'll have you know, I've calmed down quite a bit since the war.

On to the...pairings. I'm not even going to talk about the incest. But...OLIVER WOOD? REALLY?


Percy Ignatius Weasley

Awww...but I like Olivercy! *Dodges glass bottle* MISSED ME!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Next: Um...I don't know...who do you guys want?

Your royal highness,