Author's Rant: The plot bunny is such a bastard. Oh well its too late now lol. I recieved word that readers wanted something to read on the side while waiting for an update on my stories. So here's something to read five to seven days a week my loves. I hope it brings a smile to your faces. ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own or make any profit from the use of the Naruto characters. I'm simply borrowing them for enjoyable reasons.

Dear Fans of Fanfiction

Despite so many of you wanting me to be a feminine, prissy bitch with an attitude, sorry it ain't happening. My sexy jutsu is only for emergencies; not for screwing my teammates.

Signed Naruto

P.S. In case anyone's still in denial, let me simply put that I. AM. A. BOY.

TBC: Well? Yah, Nah, What do you think? I can make it worth your while. ~tempts with cookies~ ^_^