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1. Jealousy – Harry/Charlie [Weasley]

Harry glowered from where he sat in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, sitting next to his best friend - Hermione Granger. He was staring at his lover, the one talking to a girl who was so obviously flirting with him that it hurt to look at. Sighing in frustration, Harry jumped when Hermione poked him in the side.

"Harry, are you listening?" She huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and frowning. She obviously hadn't noticed yet, Harry couldn't help but think. He nodded absently.

"Yeah, 'course Mione. SPEW and all that…" The raven-haired boy trailed off, still glowering at the girl flirting with his lover. When Hermione looked over to see what he was glaring so harshly at, she gave a small, amused noise in the back of her throat. Harry looked back to the book-worm, huffing at her before his eyes once more, and unwillingly, moved back to the one he was in love with.

"Be right back," Harry finally said, standing from his seat and walking forward. Hermione smiled serenely.

"Go for it, Harry!" She called to him, turning to Luna and starting a conversation, ignoring the curious looks people were sending her from all around.

Harry walked forward with a purpose, ignoring anyone that called out to him. Standing behind the red-head, he poked him on the shoulder and he turned, grinning. The girl turned to Harry and looked at him in awe, a star-struck look in her eyes.

"Hey, Harry," Charlie Weasley said happily. "What's up?"

Instead of replying, Harry leaned down and placed his lips against Charlie's – hard. His tongue probed the others lips and he was granted entrance, the kiss deepening. When they both needed air, Harry pulled away, wiping some spit from his lips.

"You're mine, Charlie."