Ultimate Experiment Bandicoot 3

Chapter 1

Months after Crash and Tawna's honeymoon, Crash was at Wumpa City doing his job as a hero. Then a human named Ezekiel who had the powers of a bandicoot came to Crash and said that his powers are not from science and evolution but magic and evolution. He tells that years ago, he was looking at a temple from Wumpa Island to see the secret of the bandicoot. The tribe who mysteriously kept themselves safe for centuries tells him about the secret of the bandicoot. Then they gave him the bandicoot powers because hes righttous and stuff. They did this by cutting his chest and put a wonder drug with a bandicoot's blood in it. After he told his story Crash and Ezekiel quickly became friends. Later the next day Ezekiel warns him about Morlun a vampire who stels the powers of anamals. Crash tells him he battled him last night and after that Morlun comes to try to kill Crash, but Ezekiel and Crash teamed up to defeat him and drove him away. After that they went to Africa to study about their powers and they faced the Black wasp who is Morlun's wive and threans to kill Crash but they kill her. Then they went to Wumpa Island to go to the Temple where Ezekiel got his powers. He tells Crash that they are doing a ceremony, but hes actually trying to kill him to become the bandicoot the ceremony progress a bandicoot demon god tries to kill Crash for hes his dinner, but Ezekiel finds that this is wrong, so he saves his friend and it costs his the battle was over Crash relized that Ezekiel saved his life and sees that himself is the champon. Later as he got home Crash sees that his wife is about to give birth to his child, so he comes to her. Then as that happens, Crash was wodering what will be his be like will it be healthly or it will died. As he thinking those, the nurse comes and tells Crash that his Twin boys are born healthly. Crash was glad to hear that and comes to Tawna,smiled at her and the boys and Tawna says that hes now a a minute later they were thinking what to name them, Tawna tells Crash that the first born will be Crash because hes strong and brave like his dad. Crash smiled and says to Tawna what to name the other child, she names the other boy Seth to remember the person that helped her at Cortex Castle and her family while at captive by Cortex years ago. Then suddenly Ezekiel comes to Crash and says that hes proud of him and Crash wants to know how hes still alive, Ezekiel says that he just heals quick and tells Crash that they will meat again. He leaves and goes to his family while Crash and Tawna look at their new born boys.