Title: New Love

Rating: R

Genre: Drama/love story


Summery: Ch-Chi's dead and Goku must learn to love again, but the evil plots of the 'Ultimate Kias' threaten everything, even Goku's bond with his dead wife. Can the Ultimate kia of Solitude and his Saiy-jin assistant save Goku from a horrible worst than death fate

The rain drummed steadily, as if had for many days now. Always, the same sound on the tin roof, tap, tap, tap. The sky and land became one as everything turned gray and muddy. The air was thick with moisture and emotion. Nothing ever changed…nothing would ever be the same.

Alone in the house that once belonged to a lovely wife, Goku sat in silence. He was not the normal care free Saiy-jin that had roamed the country side as a child, nor was he the same man that raised his children and watched them grow. He was not the same man that laughed with the wild life, snored in his warm cozy bed or cried as his children got married. No that man was lost.  The last breaths of a love,  a dimmed and lost light from a soul had sealed his fate. His name was once Goku noblest of the Saiy-jin warriors, father of Gohan and Goten, husband to the late Chi-Chi, now he had no name.

When did this happen? When did the Goku that saved the universe time after time die? A wise man once said that "One cannot live greatly without grief even greater."  And so Goku learned this as the first year of the sickness was perhaps his greatest. And not because of fighting or training, not because he saved the lives of millions of people…no…it was his greatest because he learned to truly love…one year of greatness followed by 4 years of sorrow…

It had been five years since the day that Chi-chi had sat him down and explained to him what cancer was. He had never known that ones own body could turn on itself  like that. He wished that he still didn't know.

            At first it didn't seem real, it was a joke. How could someone as strong as Chi-Chi get sick. He was confident that she would overcome it. Just like she overcame every other problem in life. But the joke didn't last long…and as the days and months passed, Chi-Chi got sicker and sicker. Goku for once was very attentive and noticed every little change. And as Chemo worked its horrible magic Goku for once in his life was terrified. He noticed the lost hair, the lost weight and the horrible paleness that replaced Chi-Chi's flawless skin. Goku also noticed how the doctors, the nurses and even his own friends wouldn't look him in the eyes when he asked why. He never let Chi-Chi know how scared he was, how could he? She was dying and he was the one trembling. Chi-Chi swore up and down that Goku had never in his life spent as much time in the house as he did that first…and last year. He never left her side…and together they reformed the love that had grown stale by training, time, and death (Goku's). Every night Goku would look up at the stars though his window as chi-chi laid in his arms and pray. Pray that she would be back to normal and healthy once again. He never got his wish.  For one night as they laid there together chi-chi woke up, warm and feeling truly loved. With tears in her eyes she realized that it was time, each breath was becoming harder and harder to take. She looked up at Goku's beautiful face, sure they  had their bad times but never once in all the years that they were married did she regret her decision to marry him. She loved him with the strength of  a hundred super Saiy-jin…she only wished her body was as strong.

"I love you Goku…"

Goku heard those words whispered in the wind…as gentle at the summer breeze, filled with the passion of 46 years of marriage, tempered by love and pain, and seared into his soul with the love that filled it. Then as quietly at she whispered in his ear, she died. She died with pain, but without guilt. They both knew nothing more could be done. They had said all that was worth saying. Tears filled Goku's eyes as he felt her soul leaving her body. He knew King Yama would take good care of her…but he still hurt. The pain of emptiness settled onto his soul that night and remained there to this day.

Somewhere far away in the mist of the great city called 'Satan city'. A mother carefully lifted her new born baby from her cradle.  The child cooed happily as the mother smiled down at her. She was a beautiful child and not just to the mother, a hoard of family and friends had come to say congratulations and praise at the newest member of the family. Being only a few days old the child already had a thick full head of hair, the darkest of blacks. Her skin was a beautiful tan just like her fathers and she had her mothers dark black eyes. Everything about this child was perfect…even down to the black haired tail now wrapped around her mothers Pan's arm.

Pan: I just don't know Bra…my grandfathers still in mourning…I don't think he wants to deal with her right now.

Bra: Come on Pan! When are you going to take her to see him? It won't help any to introduce them when she's 40! Trust me pan I'm not just your doctor but a shrink too! I know everything!

Pan's best friend, baby sitter, and doctor flung her head full of blue hair to the side as she took the baby from Pans arms.  Pan smiled gratefully and sat down. It hadn't been an easy delivery, her daughter was born way too early…but she had to come out. Bra made this clear saying when a mother got toxicity it was fatal to mother and child unless the baby came out! But everything worked out thanks to Bra.

Pan: It's just that Grandpa isn't like other men…he's really hurting.

Bra: Well what do you expect? He was married to your grandmother for how long?

Pan: 46 years

Bra: wow 46 years…I hope I find a man like that.

Pan: No you don't! Grandpa didn't make life easy for grandma.

Bra: But he loved her right?

Pan: well ya of course?

Bra: You see that's all that matters. Life wouldn't be fun without hardship. Love is all that matters in the end. Your grandfather just needs something else to love unconditionally, to get over his mourning…a new baby is just the ticket!

Pan: You're right…Grandpa just needs something else to think about.

Bra: Of course I'm right…by the way have you two love birds decided on a name yet?

Pan: Well kinda of…it's just we thought she was a boy and she came so early. We were kinda caught of guard.

Bra: Ya ain't kidding, guess what kind of fun I had being waked up at 3 in the mourning by my nurse screaming that you were dying. I didn't become a Doctor, especially yours for that kinda stress!

Ubuu: Please don't remind me.

Bra and Pan turned around as Ubuu walked into the nursery. Bra giggled like a young school girl as he bent over and kissed his wife gently.

Ubuu: So what are you two plotting now?

Bra: Plotting us? Why we would never?

Ubuu sent what he hoped was a menacing glare to Bra as he took his brand new daughter into his arms. It still amazed him how quickly things had gone down hill. Over night he had been faced with losing both his wife and child…and now?

 He didn't really mean the face he gave Bra, he owed her more than his life…he owed her his soul.

He wondered what gave Bra the notion to become a doctor in the first place. She was rich so money wasn't the reason and she was smart enough to be anything she wanted. And yet despite her father being against the decision, she became a doctor. Ubuu deep inside was sure it was because she like being in charge of someone's life. But that wasn't a bad thing and he thought that she made a wise choice. Being a doctor seemed to make her shine…so different than before.

Pan: we were discussing names.

Ubuu: I say just name her ubuu-net and be done with it

Pan: oh please! I'm not going to be one of those parents that every kid at school thinks is cruel!

Ubuu: I was just kidding shesh…you're touchy. I though women got over that after birth!

Pan: grrr…if you didn't have my daughter in you arms right now I would show you touchY!!!

Ubuu smiles sheepishly at his wife.

Ubuu: Ok I'm serious now…how about Chi-kou? You know chi from your grandmother and kou from your grandfather.

Pans face becomes sober as she thought the possibility over…

Pan: Ubuu you're a genius I love it!

Ubuu smirked as he handed Chi-kou back to Bra.

Bra: now all that needs done is to get her to her great grandfather!

Ubuu: I don't know about that Goku…is…

Bra: Oh come now I heard this before.

Pan: Ubuu she's right… I think we should take Chi-kou to see her grandfather.

Bra: I'm always right!

Pan just rolled her eyes as Ubuu burst out laughing

The next morning Ubuu loaded up the air car and gently laid his new daughter into a child's safety seat.  She cooed happily as she looked up at him with her mothers eyes.

Ubuu: There you go sweet heart.

Pan: Hey I thought I was your only sweet heart?

Ubuu turned toward Pan confused.

Ubuu: You shouldn't be up Pan.

Pan: Are you kidding I'm going to visit my grandfather too!

Ubuu: The hell you are! Doctors orders Pan! You're still to sick!

Pan: Oh chill out Ubuu…I know that, but she said if I take it easy I'll be Ok. Ubuu's mouth dropped open at the thought that Bra could betray him like that. Knowing that he was defeated Ubuu shook his head sadly. He didn't like it, but what could he do. He may be stronger physically, but she was a monster with a mouth. Just like her mother is and grandmother was.

Ubuu: Alright you win…but you are going to lay down in the back the entire trip! And I'll make sure you don't move around too much. OK

Pan: OK OK…sheesh….who would have guessed that you would become such a worry wart after I married you?

Far far away, in the deepest darkest part of space the dealings of Earth were of surprising importance. Deep within this place sat a tiny planet. Strangely of the same color and size of the Earth. A place were no heart has ever beaten. The entire planet is covered with thick foliage and the hum of insects, but nothing more evolved than a butterfly has ever set foot on this planet. There is only one city, cut out of the forest in a place where the vines and trees dare not try to reclaim it. It is a grand city built out of the rarest and most precious materials ever discovered and some which have not yet been. The streets though built for thousands of people were never used, and the buildings built to warm thousands of bodies were never warmed. And in the middle of this place sat a large temple. More grand than anything ever built and would ever be built. The only soul to even know of its existence is the Supreme Kia, but he is unable to set foot on the small planet. For this place, this planet was called  Planet Akrakis home of the four brothers…the Ultimate Kia's. They are the true rulers of the universe, of all planes, all dimensions. In their hands the fates of all souls alive and dead rest. They play with the lives of millions for their own enjoyment and spin the webs of future games. Each has their own plans on how thing should go in the universe. Unlike the four king (and one queen) kia's, the Ultimate Kia's do not rule over parts of the universe, they rule over emotions. Ultimate Wrath, Kia of anger, Ultimate Pain, Kia of Pain, fear and Hate, Ultimate Solitude, Kia of loneliness and loss, and Ultimate Soul, Kia of love and friendship.

Together they kept the threads of the universe in balance.

However something was wrong…the balance was in danger for the first time since the universe was created. One of the Ultimate Kia's, Ultimate soul had disappeared. And despite all of the powers of his brothers, they were unable to find him. That is why the Earth was being watched, the planet and one of its warriors were soon to be part of something greater.

Solitude: I don't like it! Why is this mortal so important to you…he's just a mortal?

Ultimate Solitude, stood beside the looking pond. Staring at the images of Earth it sent them. His light green hair and eyes shone lightly from the soft light of the great hall. Adjusting his Gi he tried to calm his nerves, no use in letting his brothers see how angry he was. But that didn't keep the coldness out of his eyes as he turned his attention back to his Brother, Ultimate Wrath. Wrath's smile was just as cold as his, his long blue hair whipped around his face from the draft the pool created. Unlike his brother Wrath didn't tie it in the back. He preferred to be freer, not restrained by any type of bonds. Wrath walked lightly in his brown and black Gi, it resembled his brothers but had more flair, more decorations. Solitude was so boring, always following every rule, even when they were the gods of the universe.

Wrath: Oh shut up brother. He is more than a mortal. You see the signs…you know what will happen soon.

Solitude: NO! That can't happen! I won't let it!

Ultimate Solitude no longer tried to hide his anger, and only grew madder at his brothers smug smile. Suddenly a cold voice slither across the great Hall causing both Brothers to jump, but only one cringed. It was a low soft sound slightly distorted by a face plate that the owner wore. Ultimate Pain entered like a soft cloud, without noise and without seeming to move. Not a single ripple of his black robes betrayed this illustion. Solitude stepped back from the pool allowing Pain to glimpse within its depth. Pain nodded once to his brother and stepped back awaiting the argument that was sure to follow.

Ultimate Wrath smiled and walked over to their brother. They had aligned themselves when Ultimate Soul disappeared and now Solitude was alone in his view points, and found himself being out voted again and again.

Pain: You have not choice in the matter. What we wanted done, has been done! And it's two against one.

Solitude: Not if Soul was here. He would be against this. That mortal has done everything for the other. It was cruel to separate them!

Pain: He needs to feel my cold fingers too my brother. It's no fair that you have all the fun with him.

Solitude: Ahhh You Know that you had your turn already! What the hell do you think happened to that mortal 4 stellar years ago! It wasn't no picnic for it, you ripped its soul in two!

A deep despair settles into Solitude. He was losing…he could lose this one too. 

Wrath: Quite Solitude…he's ours, most of its live he has lived with Soul. Now he's our pawn. We chose him since you and Soul were going to just going to waste him. And now Soul's gone. You have no one to back you up, step aside Brother you know the rules. He feels only our influence now.

Solitude: That's because you broke the rules and separated their souls at her death!

Wrath smiled and tossed a tiny pebble into the pool breaking the images of Earth and returning the water back to normal

Wrath: What rules? How can we rule the universe while being restrained by stupid rules?

Solitude: How dare you!

Pain: Silence Solitude don't waste your breath there is nothing you can do to stop this so why try.

With that Pain signals Wrath to follow and they left Solitude alone in the great hall.

As soon as they left Solitude hit the side of the pool as hard as he could. Damn it!! Don't they know what they are doing!

Solitude knew that Pain was right. He could do nothing, at least not without Soul.

Solitude: Damn Soul, where are you?

Solitude sat beside the pool willing it to work for him alone. But that was impossible, long ago when they were one, they decided to make the pool only work when at least two were present. It was a safety measure in case any of them became corrupted.

Solitude: Hard to believe, I'm the only pure one left….If only Soul was here. If we were united we could over come the mis-deeds of our brothers.

Suddenly Solitude sat up. As he stared into the pool something came to mind…a plan. It was against all rules…but if the rules hadn't broken in the first place... The pool glimmered slightly as if pushing the thought along. Showing him the way without showing him anything. Solitude smiled and silently thanked the magical pool, it seemed that that his brothers were not the only ones that could bend rules.