Chapter 10 Branded And Broken

WARNING - This chapter contains disturbing themes

Cameron lied on the dungeon floor for the second night. Her ankle was once again chained to the floor. This is what she hated the most, them isolating and neglecting her for days until carrying out the brutal punishment. She was trembling but wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the fear of getting punished. She pulled down her small top, trying to at least cover her stomach. The ridiculously short skirt and small top was uncomfortable and the high stilettos were painful. She was dressed like a prostitute and felt dirty and ashamed especially after the night at the pit. It wasn't long till Dean and Diane came down the stairs making her jump at the sound of the heavy metal door slamming shut. Diane had a long pole with a burning symbol at the end. It looked like what ranchers used to brand their cattle with and she shivered at the thought of that burning her skin. Guessing what it was for, she sat up and scooted back to the corner, using it as some kind of shield. Her heart hammered hard in her chest and tears of panic threatened to fall. Diane smiled cruelly at her as Dean took the pole from her. He stood by the wooden table with a smug expression as Diane opened her cell. She went in and unlocked the cuff around her ankle. Cameron's eyes watched her every move as Diane knelt down and roughly took her chin in her hand.

"Look at me Cameron! You have been very bad and deserve to be punished but since I'm so considerate, we decided to let you off the hook only because this next procedure will hurt like a bitch." Cameron angrily moved away from Diane's cold hand and stood as she glared at her and then at Dean who proudly held the burning pole. There was no way they were branding her, at least not without a fight. "But don't feel special. We brand all our girls," she sneered.

"Screw you!" Cameron suddenly snapped and pushed her hard to the floor before bolting out of the cell.

"Dammit!" Dean yelled as he dropped the pole and went after her. She screamed in fear as she felt him grab a fistful of her hair and pull her back before she even had the chance to run up the stairs. She cried out in pain and frustration as she fell to the floor.

"You never learn, do you!" Diane snapped as she got up and shocked her. She couldn't even scream as they came repeatedly, not even giving her a chance to breathe. As soon as the shocks ended, Dean grabbed her. She then violently began to struggle and scream as he and Diane forced her onto the wooden table face down so she was lying on her stomach. She struggled against her bounds so tight that blood was dripping down her wrists and ankles.

"No! No! No!" she cried out through hysterical tears. She closed her eyes shut as Diane shoved a rag into her mouth, muffling her screams. Her breathing was fast and uneven and she felt so lightheaded that she thought she might pass out at any second. Dean suddenly grabbed her hair again, lifting her head.

"You deserve this you bitch! You belong to me!" She whimpered through the gag as Dean let her go and the next thing she knew, pain erupted in the back of her hip. It burned so bad and she let out a muffled scream. The pain was unbearable and the smell of burnt flesh was nauseating. She bit down hard on the gag, her whole body shaking. Once she stopped screaming, she weakly looked up at Dean and saw nothing but his cruel smile.

"Have Jackie lock her up and tend to the burn." Diane nodded as he gave her the pole before both heading upstairs. She lied there weakly as she heard the door slam close. It was quiet and all she could hear was her heavy breathing and her heart pounding hard in her chest. She didn't even realize Jackie had come in with the first aid kit and she jumped in fear when she felt her hand on her bloody wrist.

"It's ok, it's just me," she said softly as she released her from the restraints. She took the gag out of Cameron's mouth and began to help her up.

"Careful," she said as Cameron stumbled once her feet made contact with the floor. As she helped her to her cell, Jackie noticed she wouldn't look at her, let alone make eye contact. Cameron lied down on her good side as Jackie cleaned up her ankle and wrapped it up before chaining her. She then tended to the cuts on her other ankle and wrists, none of them saying a word to each other.

"What does it say?" she suddenly asked. Her was voice so soft, Jackie almost didn't hear her. She wrapped her wrist before looking at her burn, although she didn't have to look at it to know what it said.

"It's a circle that has property of D.W. inside of it." Cameron closed her eyes and winced when she felt the warm towel touch the raw flesh. Tears silently flowed down her cheeks as Jackie said she was sorry. "Once you're branded, you belong to them. This means you'll be going to the pit every month, get rented out, and you'll be satisfying the best paying customers."

Hearing the sadness in her voice, Cameron said, "You were branded too." It wasn't a question. Cameron sat up, facing her. "Can I see it?" she asked. Jackie sighed and turned, pulling up the back of her shirt and revealed the same ridged scar of Cameron's brand. Cameron's breath caught in her throat as she gently raised her shaking hand and outlined the rough ridges with her fingers.

This is what's on my skin, she thought in shock and humiliation. She pulled away as Jackie turned to face her and noticed the sudden flash of fiery in Cameron's eyes. "They can torture me and brand me but I'll keep fighting. This changes nothing."

Cameron jumped as soon as she heard the heavy metal door open and shut just as Jackie rushed down the stairs with what looked like a chain leash. Cameron stood up as Jackie came into her cell. "What's that?" she asked, looking at the chain with disdain.

"A leash. Dean is renting you out for a couple of days." Jackie couldn't even look her in the eye as she said that. Cameron just stood there, fear and anger flashing in her eyes. Jackie sighed. "You're going to fight me, aren't you?"

Jackie pulled a struggling Cameron into Dean's office where he, Diane, and another man were waiting. It was a struggle getting the leash on her shock collar, let alone bringing her here without choking her to the death. Dean chuckled as Cameron instantly froze when she saw who the other man was. It was the man they referred to as doctor. The man who first raped her. He looked her up and down with a predatory look in his eyes.

"Yeah, I'll break her for you. Just give me a couple of days."

"You're nothing but a whore!" an older woman yelled in her face. Cameron was locked in a room chained to a chair as three prostitutes yelled in her face. This was the doctors way of breaking her, by getting his girls to yell at her and beat her. She cried out in pain when another girl, a pretty but tough African American woman about her age socked her in the eye. The other two instantly followed pursuit. The older woman who was white with blue eyes and black hair, smacked her as the younger of the two, a small red headed woman socked her in the stomach. The African American woman grabbed a hand full of Cameron's hair, pulling her head up so she would look at her.

"You think you're all tough? Fighting is going to get you nowhere you little skank! You need to except that you're a whore! You're never going back to your old life! You belong to Dean now! You're his fuck toy!" She socked her on the mouth and Cameron spit out blood as all three of them started yelling in her face at the same time while hitting her every few seconds. She couldn't cry. She couldn't let them see her tears for the fear of what they'll do if they see her crying. Her eyes where full of unshed tears as they continued to violently interrogate her. Suddenly the woman with black hair and blue eyes grabbed her throat, choking her. She gasped for air as the tears finally streamed down her cheeks.

"Are you broken now bitch?" she yelled as the other two started laughing and hitting her.

"Oh we made the tough bitch cry," the red headed woman taunted her just as the blue eyed woman released her throat and socked hard in the face.

"You fucken crybaby!" she yelled but the words were coming out distorted and her vision was suddenly blurry. The African American woman suddenly hit her hard on the back of her head and all she heard was them yelling at her, their voices mingling together and she couldn't tell who was who as she suddenly plunged into darkness.

"I told you to rough her up a bit not give her a fucken concussion!" Cameron suddenly woke up, fear welling up inside of her as she heard the doctor's voice but sighed in relief as she realized it was coming from outside of the room. She then began to panic as she realized she was naked and restrained to the bed. Ignoring the voices in the hall, she instantly started to struggle, not even noticing the doctor coming in. He chuckled and she instantly stilled as he came over to her.

"Please, just let me go," she said quietly as he invaded her personal space by getting on top of her. She started to weakly struggle, her head pounding.

"You know I can't do that," he said in a sickening fake sweet voice. "You have a concussion and I have a way of keeping you awake." He kissed her hard without warning and the next thing she knew, he entered her making her scream.

After 24 hours of on and off rough sex, the doctor carried her weak and aching body to the room where his girls slept. He knew she was close to breaking and one more integration from his girls will finish her off. He laid her on one of the beds and left her in the darkness.

Hours later the door opened and Cameron whimpered in fear as the three girls walked in. One of them was carrying a bottle but she couldn't make out what it was. "Well, well girls. Look who's back and on my bed," said the blue eyed woman who seemed to be the leader of the three. She gasped as she was violently pushed off the bed and dragged to the wall. She was pinned between it and the women. The blue eyed girl smacked her in the face, pissing her off. Ignoring the pounding pain in her head and body, she pushed her away and struggled to get up but the pain was too much and she just ended up stumbling to the floor. The girls laughed and the red head grabbed her by the hair and kicked her in the face. She cried out as all three of them started beating her until the blue eyed girl finally ordered them to stop.

"Kayla, get on top of her!" she ordered the African American woman.

"No! Get off of me! Please stop!" Cameron started to panic as Kayla got on top of her, holding her down.

"Emma, hold her head," she told the red head. "

Yes Kristy," she answered as she held Cameron's head roughly in place. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. She had no idea what they were going to do and she was terrified. Kristy grabbed the bottle of vodka and took a swig before pushing it to Cameron's lips. She refused to drink it but Kristy smacked her hard.

"Drink it bitch!" she yelled as she forced it into Cameron's mouth. She tried spitting it out but it was useless as Kristy poured it down her throat. She tried not to choke on it as it burned her throat and her head started swimming.

"This is your life now," said Kristy as she placed the empty bottle on the floor. She smirked as she noticed Cameron's eyes were glazed over. She leaned in close and kissed her on the lips. "This is where you belong," she whispered when she pulled away. If Cameron wasn't so drunk then she would have screamed and fought when she felt them pulling down her skirt and underwear. Instead, she only whimpered in fear as Kristy plunged two fingers inside of her.

"This is all you're worth. You're nothing but a good fuck." She thrusted harder and all Cameron could do was take it and cry. She was so wasted, she barely even knew what was happening. All she felt was the thrusting and heard Kristy's words swimming around in her head and in that moment she gave up. She was broken. As if she read her mind, Kristy leaned into her ear and whispered, "Are you broken?" Cameron started to cry harder as Kristy started to thrust harder. "I didn't hear you bitch!" Kristy yelled. "Are you broken!" She wanted to scream no but the alcohol was clouding her head and the thrusting that Kristy was doing was making her more and more confused. She nodded slightly, feeling Emma's grip on her head loosen and Kayla getting off of her. She wanted to push Kristy away and run but the pain and disorientation from the alcohol held her back. Kristy then pulled her fingers out of her and stood, looking down at her coldly.

"Put her clothes back on and put her on my bed," she ordered the other two before picking up the empty bottle and walking out of the room.

She closed the door, the guilt weighing heavily on her shoulders. She's never done this before but had seen what it could do to a woman, to her mental state.

"Is she broken yet?"

Suddenly startled, she turned facing her captor, Dr. Richard Evans. "Yeah, you can take her back to Dean now."

"Damn, and I was hoping to have a little more fun with her. Good work Kristy. You and the others will eat good tonight."

Biting back a retort she sighed, whispering, "Thank you sir," before slowly walking away.

As she walked into the kitchen she sat down the bottle on the counter and desperately started washing her hands. The look in that poor girls eyes as she raped her, beat her, and verbally abused her haunted her and she couldn't help but pick up the bottle and scream as she threw it in the sink. Glass shattered everywhere and all she could do was cry.

"Oh my god! Allison!" Jackie exclaimed when Diane opened the door, helping a beaten and weak Cameron into the bedroom.

"Help me get her to the bed!" Diane snapped. Jackie instantly obeyed and helped Diane lie her down. At that moment Cameron groaned.

"I think I'm... I'm going to... to be sick," she struggled to say as Diane rushed into the bathroom, grabbing the trash can and bringing it back to Cameron who instantly threw up in it.

"Is she hung over?" Jackie asked.

"It doesn't matter. She's broken now," Diane smirked as she headed to the door. "You have the day off to take care of her." Jackie's eyes were full of fury as she watched Diane leave and heard the click of the lock. Cameron whimpered, pulling her out of her thoughts. She went over to her, noticing the smell of sweat, vodka, sex, and throw up so she went into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water before going back out.

"Allison," she said, putting her hand on her shoulder but instantly pulled back when Cameron jumped in fear. "It's ok. I'm not going to hurt you. It's just me, Jackie." Cameron looked into her eyes and all Jackie saw was fear and hopelessness. The determine spark to fight and escape was gone and was replaced by brokenness.

"I need to get you cleaned up." Cameron nodded and as Jackie moved to help her, she jumped. "It's ok," she whispered as she helped her to the bathroom. Jackie slowly started stripping Cameron's clothes, noticing the big bruises and wounds all over her body before helping her step into the tub.

"Woh, careful," she said as Cameron stumbled. She helped her sit down and Cameron winced when the warm water touched her wounds.

"It hurts," she mumbled, not making eye contact as Jackie started scrubbing her. She didn't like the sound of her voice. It was weak and full of sadness that tore at her heart.

"Jesus Allison. What did they do to you?"

"I don't know!" Cameron cried, suddenly bursting into tears. "His girls interrogated me and beat me and then he raped me and after I was with the girls again and they were beating me and after that I don't remember. I don't remember anything!" She cried hysterically and Jackie embraced her, not caring that she was getting wet.

That's it, Jackie thought in anger. I'm getting you out of here.

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