This is something about them that I've loved for...forever and after reading Chris' interview I knew I wanted to write a little something based on it.:) Still getting my feet wet with these characters.

"The thing with Annie is a very specific choice that our writers have made, which is that these two people just have a connection. I think it goes beyond him having a very good sense of smell. He does have a good sense of smell and it is not a superpower. What he does have is a really good connection with this one person What they have done is made the choice that those two people just get each other and he just knows it is her. He can't explain it. But he can't do that with anybody else..."

She'd gotten dressed in a hurry, forgoing her usual perfume and racing out past the morning cyclone that was her sister and nieces getting ready for their day.

So, she was just a little surprised when she was greeted with a, "Morning, Annie," as she entered past the double doors.

"Seriously?" She laughed and shook her head. "What gave me away now?"

He smiled and she automatically linked their arms as they walked to his desk. "Haven't we already discussed this?"

She nodded. "Yes. And you still have me completely stumped."

Auggie flashed her a grin. "Just keeping you on your toes, Miss Walker."

Rolling her eyes, she let out a laugh. "Right," she answered, and nudged him for good measure.


"New shoes?" the voice greeted her one Thursday as she made her way out of the file room.

She blinked up with an amused smile. "As a matter of fact, yeah. Present from my sister."

Auggie nodded approvingly, and clearly pleased with himself. "Very nice."

"Should I even bother asking?"

"Oh you can certainly ask," he teased. "Doesn't mean that I'm going to tell you."

She sighed, feigning frustration, though the smile gracing her features just widened.

"Now," he beamed, placing his hand on the small of her back to inch her forward, "let's walk them on over to Joan's office."

She snaked her arm around his on a nod. "Let's."


Annie was leaning against the door frame as he sat at his computer, working through the encrypted data from Joan he'd received while she was on her mission.

She smiled letting out a content sigh; this was always one of her favorite parts of returning home.

"Walker," he took a sip of the coffee next to him before turning his head to face her, grinning. "It's really not polite to stare, you know."

She just laughed quietly, not bothering to argue – a lost cause with him anyway.

"As oddly mesmerizing as I am," he added, and she huffed as she stepped in front of his chair.

"Just glad to be back," she informed him with a smile.

"I can imagine." He sighed before leaning back in his chair. "Hell of a day."

"Definitely." She ran her hands through her hair, a sigh of her own escaping her before she heard her stomach rumble.

The day really hadn't left much time for nourishment.

"Hey-" She took a step forward, about to ask if he'd be willing to cut out for the day to grab a bite (and without a doubt a drink) at Allan's when he interrupted her.

"To the right of my monitor."


He gestured his head for her to look and she saw next to him the large blueberry muffin. She shook her head in amazement.


"Thank you," Auggie."

He smiled and nodded in response. "You really shouldn't forget to eat –– gotta keep your strength up if you're gonna be any use around here."

She laughed and patted his arm before she grabbed the muffin off the desk. "I am touched by your concern," she whispered over him.

"As well you should be."

Taking a bite, feeling her hunger, not to mention the stress of the mission, dissipate, she found herself staring once again.

She was still completely and utterly stumped.


She held out the beer for him to take, his hands barely grazing over hers – before she yanked it away from him.


"Not so fast, mister," she told him. His face grew in confusion and she set the beer down next to her. "Not until you tell me what I want to know."

He laughed. "Bartering beer for intel, Miss Walker? I thought we were off the clock."

"Come on!" She laughed back shaking her head, quickly resting her hand on the sleeve of his jacket. "I'll drop it after this, I swear."

He sighed before leaning in towards her. "Truth?"

"Yes, please."

He perused his lips and nodded. "I," he paused for what she assumed was supposed to be dramatic effect,"have absolutely no idea."

She blinked. "What?"

"Seriously, Annie. I have no idea how I know it's you - I just do."

A curious smile flashed over her."Yeah?"

"I don't know," he pressed on. "With Joan there's always the sound of her chain or her footsteps, light but with purpose –– most always in a hurry. And Jai, there's that God awful cologne-"

"I like his cologne," she teased.

"My point is," he continued, over her last statement, "there's always...something with everyone else. I mean, it used to be your perfume or heels. I've told you as much."

"You have," she mused, her lips curving.

"Now though, it doesn't really matter." He shrugged and exhaled quickly, meeting her eyes as best he could.

"For whatever reason, I can always just tell when you're around me."

The way he said it, like it was just a matter of fact, the inflection in his voice soft, and an uncharacteristically shy smile spreading across his face –– it more than tugged at her heart.

She released a silent laugh in wonderment, for once at a loss for what to say.

Crossing her arms on the table, she released a breath before leaning in to lightly bump her shoulder with his.

"You have an Annie sense?" she jested.

He laughed, tilting his head at her. "Yeah, I suppose I do."

She smiled, taking a swig of her beer.

Out of all the possible explanations, this one definitely satisfied her the most.

"Now," he held out his hand towards her with a sly grin, "give me my drink, Walker."

"...I think with the exception of Annie, he doesn't have that kind of sixth sense with anybody else."

If you guys are interested, I may want to write a companion piece with his POV of the "Annie sense," and their connection.