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Their moment together was inevitable. They have such great chemistry between the two actors and the two characters, and we felt it would be false to find a contrivance just to put off their relationship for another year. It felt organic, it felt natural to get them together. -Chris Ord

Now we're here, far away from yesterday; let's begin again.

Let's begin again.

The steady beat of the rain cascading down on her windows is the only other sound in the room against their shallow breathing, and she's not quite sure how they're managing this talking so well–

Because neither of them can stop grinning.

But then his hand slipped to cup her waist, and she's letting out a sharp gasp.

She slowly relieved him of his jacket, looked up to see the want in his eyes – the warmth...maybe even love?

On an exhale she pressed her lips to his again and backed him up with her hands to his chest until his calves met the edge of the bed.

He pulled her down with him slowly, fingers tailing up to her back under her blouse as hers worked the buttons of his shirt.

When they reached the head of the bed, his lips are peppering kisses against her jaw, along on her neck.

God, she can't breathe.

His mouth left her skin, the warmth of his breath still lingering as she blinked her eyes open to see him about to speak.

"Aug?" she rasped, softly.

She laced her hand around the side of his face and leaned her forehead down over his.

"If you're about to ask me if I'm sure, the answer is yes."

"I was just going say – that I was right," he clarified, his eyes finding hers. "...You're absolutely beautiful."

Her cheeks warmed and she thanked him by leaning in for a kiss, his hands reaching out to wrap around her neck.

And if diving into this now is another mistake,

At least they're make this one together too.

Legs entangled, with his arms wrapped around her stomach, she can feel the rise and fall of his breathing against her back.

The rain's quieted and everything just feels so still, like the universe has stopped just long enough to let them to have this.

She feels like it owes them that much.

He brushed her hair aside, pressing a kiss to her shoulder.

"So, good talk?" he whispered, his voice thick and warm and his breath tickling her skin.

She smiled and shifted her head back to face him. "Great talk."

His cheeky smirk made her roll her eyes, but she just tucked herself further into chest while he tightened grip around her.

Pretty much perfect actually.

She woke before him – which for whatever reason surprised her.

She released a breath and rose her hand to run her fingers through his hair, positive that a hopeless smile is plastered on her lips as she looked at him.

And it occurs to her that the only strange thing about this, is how not strange it feels –

– waking up to the sunlight streaming inside, warm in his arms.

Like it's the most natural thing in the world.

He started to stir beside her, his lips slowly curving.

"You are thinking far too loudly for so early in the morning," he teased, groggily, eyes still shut.

"Mmm," she hummed. "I'll try to keep it down."

She surprised him with a kiss and it only took a second before he responded, tracing lazy patterns along her spine as he did.

He flashed her a bright grin. "And now I'm up."

She let out a short laugh. "Good."

"Which means," he continued in a low murmur, his fingers continuing to leave a trail of goosebumps, "this wasn't a dream."

"Not unless I'm dreaming too," she whispered.

"So – those thoughts that were swirling around that pretty little head of yours, keeping you up..." He trailed off, his fingers brushing against hers as she handed him the cup of coffee.

"You're okay with this, yeah?" he finally finished.

She's never seen him quite so nervous before.

Not in this way, at least.

"Do I not seem okay?"

He gave her a sleepy smile punctuated by holding his free hand out for her to take.

She took a step closer and accepted, before dropping her eyes to the floor and then back up at him.

"The timing was a little unexpected," she told him, giving his hand a squeeze. "But a good unexpected."

"So, you did have an idea?"

She nodded. "I had an idea."

"And here I thought I was being subtle," he joked, and she couldn't help but shake her head at him with a smile.

"I...thought I heard it in your voice on that phone call when I was in Russia," she spoke, her voice suddenly quiet to her own ears.

"You thought right."

"And then I kind of just got caught up in everything else that was happening –"

"Not your fault, Walker," he told her, earnestly. "Life's got a nasty habit of getting in the way. Especially our lives."

"When we were at Allen's the other night..." Her words hung in the air and she watched his face as the realization hits.

"My telling you I was leaving for Iraq wasn't exactly the news you were expecting," he finished for her with a short sigh.

"Not exactly." She bit her lip. "I guess after that, maybe, I wasn't sure if...I was only seeing what I wanted to see. Didn't want to get my hopes up again."

He blinked. "Again?"


His head tilted at her.

"Right..." She looked up for a beat and a harsh laugh escaped before she took a deep breath.

"I, uh – I've wanted to have this conversation before."

"Annie..." His hand found the curve of her back while she put their coffee mugs down on the small table.

"I really had...no idea," he breathed, the apology laced behind his words.

She spun around to face him slowly and pressed a hand a to his chest. "And you like to pride yourself on reading people," she mused.

She's went for levity, trying not to taint what's happening now by thinking of the past –

It doesn't quite work, the smile he returned was slightly strained and didn't reach his eyes.

He took a hold of her wrists gently, blinked down to try to meet her gaze. "I am sorry. Truly."

"Don't be." She released his hand to cup his face and brush her thumb across his cheek.

"Timing, remember?"


"You were happy," she told him, cutting him off, quietly. "Don't apologize for that."

When the words leave her lips, the look in his eyes makes it clear he knows that she's not just talking about him.

"It doesn't take anything away from right now."

"No, it doesn't," he agreed, and she noted that the tension seemed to have left his shoulders.

Stepping up on to her tip toes, she captured his lips before puling him with her as she took the few steps backwards towards the bed.

She tugged him down towards her while her back hit the mattress, more than a little breathless when their mouths parted.

"And in case you were wondering," she murmured, reaching down to link their fingers.

"You're the positive thing I was thinking about too."

The look in his eyes that she's already come to cherish is what she gets in response, the warmth it's causing immediately coursing through her body.

He tightened his grip on her hand and leaned his head down to kiss her again slowly.

They still can't stop grinning.

This could be our happy ending, after all,

This could be the love that we've been waiting for...❤

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