Love is a Liability

Loving Sherlock Holmes is a heartbreaking affair, a gift and a curse, and one day it might just get Irene Adler killed.

A/N An idea that stemmed from what apparently happens in Sherlock Holmes 2, I wanted to write something more whilst my inspiration takes a 'hopefully' short break for Purely Platonic Sleeping. I wrote this whilst listening to Skinny Love (the Birdy cover) and would definitely recommend listening to it. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: Not mine, courtesy goes to Steven Moffatt and the BBC.

She knows it finally when she looks him in the eye that one time. She was steps from leaving him once more, when she'd turned and he's pleading with his eyes not to leave him again. She knew it wasn't fair, after Pakistan she'd visited him many times over the year and each time it had been harder and harder to leave him. She wasn't a woman to stay still, he wasn't a man to have a woman, she couldn't stay and he didn't want her to...But it all changed that one time.

They weren't the people to be emotional, to be passionate about games perhaps but not in love. They weren't the people to be affectionate, and yet right there, right then both their hearts tore as they declared their love for one another with one single glance. She couldn't turn and leave him now, but she had to and he knew it, that day they both declared their love for one another and promptly broke each other's hearts.

She knew as she walked away, what he meant to her. She'd continue to disguise her affections as games and he would happily play along, but they both knew that day they were in love with one another and it hurt.

She refuses to let it interfere with her work, life was a game and she was determined to let nothing getting in the way and that included Sherlock Holmes. She still flirted with whatever man or woman that stumbled upon her path, she still got rich from dukes and businessmen; just after each action she committed she couldn't help but think about him and how guilty she felt. Although the thoughts quickly left her mind, Sherlock Holmes and her were not and would never be in a committed relationship she had nothing to be guilty about...But the picture of his spellbounding blue eyes pleading with her would be painted in her mind forever.

She hasn't returned to him since then, since knowing, they've played games of course, the stolen painting from The Tate and the entire line of deerstalker hats from Harrods plus the texts, always the same yet always different. He's been ignoring her texts for a month now, but it's always fun to provoke him anyway. She knew all about Sherlock Holmes' buttons and which ones to press to make him squirm and he hated it. However he was clever, outstandingly clever and he knew how to get back at her and that's what made their games so fun.

It was her boredom however, after a month of silence from Sherlock Holmes that made her reckless; she suddenly did things, big things to make people talk. Perhaps a word would find it's way to him and she'd wake up one morning to find a text from him.

And then Moriarty came for her. She wasn't surprised they'd done mutual exchanges in the past, she'd worked for his employees and she knew he knew she was close to Sherlock. That was why she was here, waiting for her death.

"Love was your undoing Ms. Adler. Love is a liability, particularly when that love you hold is for one Sherlock Holmes."

She didn't deny it. Didn't bother defending herself. She loved Sherlock Holmes and if that meant she was a liability, she was glad it was because of him, he was always going to be worth it. Always.

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